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[Story] Blondie: Alex And Mom's Home Invasion

Blondie: Alex And Mom's Home Invasion (MM/F,ncon,inter,inc)
by Wilcox

I woke up just before dawn. I didn't know what time it was exactly, but there
was a little light coming through the curtains. I'd heard my dad's car start
and drive away. It was Saturday, and I remembered that he and my s****r
Cookie were heading off to a charity father/daughter golf tournement. Dad was
one of the guy's running it. He had collected all the money and had to be
there early to make sure that everything was all set. It was a one hour drive
to the country club and they wouldn't be back until late in the... Continue»
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[Story] South American Mom fucked in French Quarter La.

concatenate of stories.

I am Fernando from Brazil. In my third semester of University of São Paulo,
I took 6 months aboard study at University of Louisiana. Kent and I room
together at school, and thanks to hanging around with him I've had some
wild experiences with a lot of women. But this last Summer , I had an
experience that I never thought would have been possible.

You see, My mother went to a conference in New Jersey for five days,
and she decided to visit me in La. on weekend before return... Continue»
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