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I was shopping at the local whole foods when i notice a older women needing some help loading her car with some bottled water. I walked over and caught the case just before ii hit the ground. She thanked me for helping and loaded the other five cases into her car. Once all were in she bent over into the car to straighten some other items and her skirt rode up so being the pervert that I am I took a quick peek and I saw the juiciest white panty covered booty I have seen in a while she began to stand and I think she knew I had snuck a peek. She smiled and wanted to pay me. I jokingly said thanking me with those lips was enough. She smiled and said oh you devil. She said my name is Sadie I said my name is Dexter. She thank me again.

I began to walk away when she said how am I going to get these out I said when I’m finished me and friends can help unload for you, she looked over at my truck and noticed three of my friends pointing and shaking their heads, she smirked and said i bet. Can you follow me to my workshop i said sure, I ran in the store got what i needed and came back out to find her parked next to the truck talking with hector who was trying to look down her blouse like I was earlier We followed her for about 10 min when got to this warehouse looking building. She backed in and we pulled next to her as she was getting she gat call that was pretty heated , when she was done I asked if she was ok she said yea my husbands an 65yr old jerk who needs his ass whooped I said we guys can be jerks sometimes she just said yea we women can be jerks to I said you said jerk she laughed and said speaking jerking you guys, jerk these cases of water out and put them over there. She move to corner bent over grabbed some stuff and move that big mature ass all four of was looking like hungry dogs.
She stood up quick and caught us all looking she said put them there and I’ll be right back to pay you. We all said but she said just wait a minute while she was we all looked around she had pottry stuff all over and picture of her f****y with a birthday card that said happy 60th birthday we were like dam she’s sexy for 60 she was about 5’3 180 d cup at least with skinny waste and bubble ass and meaty legs she came back with some beer and radio and being the guys we are we accepted we sat talked with her for about an hour about her work when she got up to get some more beer she stumbled and fell onto bubbas lap bubba look like he won prize when she said you like, he said hell yea, she stood up and went to get some more beer she must have made a pit stop because her blouse was open and skirt was tucked up and you could see her white pantie ass.

Leonard said wooo whoo it’s party time she stumbled over and began to dance with him he made the first move by grabbing her waist pulling her close grinding his crotch into her ass, she wasn’t even aware she was having so much fun she didn’t notice the earl was in front loosening her blouse I got up looked for something to put on floor because we about to fuck the shit out of this old lady found a pile blankets she had and laid them out when I turned to motion the guys over she was skirt less on her knees giving Leonard Bubba and earl a blow job said dam ya’ll can’t wait they helped her up walked to the blanket and laid her on her back she began to rubbing her pussy that’s when I said let me help you with that I got between her legs and took of her panties and began to eat her pussy, the others were grabbing all her bubba put his dick at her lips and grabbed her nose she opened wide and earl was on the other side stuffing his dick in as well after a minute two she started squirt all over my face I got up and said she ready they said you don’t want her fist I said no go ahead I got plans so first earl and bubba each grabbed her legs till she was folded in half. Leonard jump on her and in one hard trust shoved his dick in balls deep she tried to scream but the guys were still shoving their dicks in mouth,I went out to the truck grabbed the camera and came back in set it to film this fuck fest. Leonard was pounding her for a solid 10 minutes before he tensed and dumped into her she was moaning really loud Leonard started biting her tits as he was Cumming in her. He collapsed and traded places with Earl. Earl did same and shoved balls deep and fucked her hard for 15 min he pulled out sat on her face and shoved his dick all the way in her throat she began to gag a little but took it like true slut he pumped her face for a solid 5 minutes until he pulled out soft while fucking her throat bubba was fucking he stayed on about 15 min also until he dumped all his cum into her she looked like she had been mugged they all ok camera man your turn I yes indeed she barley coherent when said to I’m the true pervert of the group I had bubba and earl grab her legs and put them behind her head which raised her pussy high I got my dick lined up and shoved balls deep into her pussy wet and loose from my friend cum I pumped for about 5 min when I said to time for the fun they all looked at me said what r u and before they finish I shoved all 10 inches on my dick into her ass her eyes got wide and she screamed so loud I’m quit sure someone outside heard but that just made me pump like a madd man for at least 5 min in and out I put all of my weight down her ass and shot my cum deep in her ass and collapsed on her for 5 min when pulled my dick was covered with cum and $#!t.

After seeing that earl bubba and Leonard ass fucked her in different positions she had all but passed out by this time but was still loving it after a awhile I regained my erection so I got her off the floor took her to table hung her head over the edge and face fucked her until I was Cumming down her throat after what seem like day we all got cleaned up helped her to her car we asked if she was ok t drive she said yea as long as I can sit on the pillow I’ll be fine I asked her if you sure you want go home with all our cum in and on you she said yea because I might not ever get this again I pointed to the camera and said we’ll be by to see you in a couple of weeks with my all 12 of my work crew guys and two girls who are going to love you.

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perhaps her husband enjoyed the creampie
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