Her b*****rs friend part 1

Emily sat on her bed and glanced around mthe room to make sure no one was looking. It was a pretty good room if she had to say so herself. When you'd walk into her room, to your left were three white pearl shelves filled with books, accesories and shoes. She had a huge king sized bed and her own bathroom and lived in south California on the edge of an amazing beach.
It was a friday night and her parents had gone for vacation to Hawaii and her older b*****r was talking care of her. Good thing it was summer vacation because Emily was excited to all the fun things her and her b*****r, Cameron, could do. Cameron was in grade 12 and was the star quater back in his school and Emily was 13, an A student and the hottest little girl in her school. Cameron was having a party at the huge mansion they lived in and over two hundred people were at their house. Emily went onto her knees to look out the large window on the wall beside her bed.
Cars were all parked out in their enormous driveway. Mustangs, Range Rovers and Trucks were s**ttered all over the place and Emily wasn't sure how they would clean the house in time. But she didn't really care. She grabbed her I Phone 4G that sat beside her and pulled on a pair of Chanel Shorty Shorts and a pink TNA Cami and skipped across the white tiled floor and slammed her Mac laptop down that showed Porn and opened her door.
Loud music boomed into her ears and she found teenagers surrounding the halls, drinking beer and dancing to the music. She ran down the main hallway, down the large steps that was fifty meters long and looked around for her b*****r.
"Who's this lil' hotty?" She heard a voice say behind her and she spun around, bumping into a boy that looked the age of sixteen in a white tee, a black leather jacket and jeans. He held a beer in his hand and he was obviously d***k.
"That's Cam's lil' s****r, Emily." Another boy walked up, in a black polo and jeans and glanced down at Emily. She stared up at them and they looked down at her breasts and she backed up, bumping into someone else.
"She sure is gorgeous if I gotta say," The boy grinned, taking another step toward her and she panted, stepping back again and bumped into the other two boys and they all laughed and she blinked rapidly and looked for an escape but they cornered her to the corner of a wall and the leather jacketed boy reached forward, clasping the front of her Cami and pulled downward, revealing Emily's pink push- up bra and she gasped, pulling her shirt back up. She shrieked when one of the boys pounced toward her, pressing his body against her and reached his hand down the front of her shirts and rubbed her wet pussy and she swung her hand up and dragged her nails across his face and he yelped, jumping back.
"Guys! Fuck off!" Emily heard a familiar voice and a different boy who had dark chocolate brown hair swung to the side, a white polo and jeans walk up, take her wrist and pull her from the crowd.
"Thanks Loren." She stammered and he nodded. "No prob. Next time, just scream and I will come for you, you know I will." He smiled down at her and she felt herself flush and she turned away from him and he grinned. "Anyway, your b*****r wants you in the master kitchen." He finished and she nodded, following him through the heavy crowd that stared at them and when Emily was pushed back by a buch of people, Loren turned around and bent down to pick her up and he carried her through the crowd of loud, noisy people. She wrapped her small arms around his neck and the same with her legs and she could feel at the top of his shorts a soft bump pulsing in his pants and an idea sprang to her mind. She smiled, bringing one hand down and Loren turned a corner, leading toward a few more hallways and soon they'd be to the kitchen but he slowed down when he realized Emily had undone his shorts and his dick throbbed out of his jeans and she'd pulled the zipper down and she was sliding his dick into her wet pussy.
"What are you doing?" He yelped, grabbing the back of her Cami to look at her and her frightened eyes stared into his and she swallowed. He sighed, smiling a bit and still walking, he pushed his hips forward and his dick slided easily into her pussy and she gasped, leaning on his shoulder and as he walked, he moved his hips around and she bounced up and down on him, rapidly fucking him roughly.
"Holy fuck-" He moaned and his grasp around her tightened. When they'd reached the kitchen, Emily spotted Cameron by the bar, handing out drinks and Emily slid down his body, unconnecting with Loren's cock and slight dissapointment struck his face but vanished when Cameron approached them and Loren quickly zipped up his jeans and Emily did the same with her shorts.
"Hey Emily. There wasn't any trouble getting here was there?" Cameron asked.
"A couple of your friends, Dylan, Brock and Erik tried to bang 'er." Loren muttered and Cameron's eyes went wide and he looked at the hallway where the three boys, grinned, waving at Emily slyly.
"Guys! Go fuck your mom!" Cameron yelled at them and when they saw Cameron, they bolted. Emily giggled, pressing her palm to her lips and stared up at her attractive b*****r. Emily looked around and her wet pussy throbbed even more but she knew she wouldn't get any more fun if she stood there. So when Cameron and Loren started to talk and their eyes were off of her, she slipped from their sight and ran away from the bar to the main living room where there was a bunch of tables with pole dancers dancing on them. She ruffled up her hair a bit, sliding down the strap of her shirt and unbuttoned her shorts and ran up to one of the tables, whistling with her fingers and some hot guys turned their heads to see her and they grinned, moving closer to the table with a few glasses of beer and wine in their hands.
"Hey boys. Want some money?" She asked, sliding down her shorts to reveal her small thong and they grinned even brighter and she let them strip her and fuck her. The first guy brought her onto his lap and 4ced his nine inch cock into her small pussy and it hurt a lot but the pain went away and the next boy stuck his seven inch cock into her small ass hole. They both pounded her as she stroked two boys' cocks and they both cummed all over her and a crowd of men surrounded her, wanting more... and more... and more...

The next morning Emily awoke on the table, her legs and arms spread out and she felt bright sunlight on her face and covered her eyes and felt something sticky. She licked her lips tasting cum and grinned as she found cum all over her body.
Moaning, she sat up and found Loren lieing on the couch, his shorts off and his hard meaty cock just waiting for her. She glanced around the enormous main living room, surprised to find no one else around and she hopped off the table across the lightly carpeted floor and crawled onto the couch. She ran her warm fingers along his legs and to his balls and lifted up his cock with her hands and sucked on his balls as he stired a bit and murmered something.
"Oh... Emily... more... more..." He moaned and she flushed, happy by the idea of herself in his dreams, having sex with him. She stroked his warm bonered cock and licked the tip of it and started the blow job. HIs eyes bursted open and he yelped and stared down at her.
"Emily?! What the fuck?!" He said and she smiled, sucking on his soft balls and he couldn't help but lean his head back.
"Glad to find your dream came true?" She smile, sucking on his hard cock and he opened his eyes again to look down at her.
"What do you mean?" He asked her and she frowned.
"Don't lie to me. You said my name in your sl**p." She snapped and he frowned for a second but couldn't hold back the truth and she kept sucking on his dick.
"I can't take it." He said quickly and she felt his cock start to pump hardly and he grabbed her by the waist, lifted her to sit on his and he let he slide onto his cock and she yelped, biting her tongue and he looked alarmed.
"It's fine." She quickly purred, bouncing on him and started to fuck his hard cock. She could feel his warm balls bounce against her ass she she moaned louder.
"I can't beleive it. I'm having sex with Loren... my love... Loren." She cooed and fucked him more.
"What the-" They heard a voice.

Find out who caught the,
Next episode "Her b*****rs friend part 2"

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sweet she is a true slut
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good start