I Love Him Part 1

"Haha, you wish." He smiled at me, leaning toward me and took me by the waist, perfect lips leaning down toward my face. I blinked, not knowing how to react and I shut my eyes. His lips rested against mine, then moved a bit and it got more comfortable. I moaned, wrapping my arms around the curve of his neck and he held his body tight against mine...

"Emily! Are you even listening?" My teachers voice pounded against my brain and my head shot up and I could already feel the flush of my face getting hot and red. My teacher shook his head, adjusting his collar and then turned back to the white board, explaining the roots of hte Square Rooting System. I groaned, grabbing my pencil and began writing the millions of notes I'd missed and wished I'd hadn't fallen asl**p. I could hear snickering over my shoulder and I grabbed my 'Guess' watch, tilting it a bit of a 45" degree angle and I could see in the reflection the three most popular girls, Haley, Sam, and Julia W were staring at me, giggling and pointing me out to other people. I just shut my eyes, rested my palm against the apple of my cheek and continued to write the Grade 8 notes, yes I was in grade 8.

Fuck, gym was next and we had dance class. Last term we had basketball, and hell was I glad that that was over, because I'm not that good at dancing. I was actually a little excited for gym because I used to do hip hop when I was 10 and luckily, we were doing Hip Hop/ Waltz/ Square dancing, ugh.
I walked down the flight of stairs, trying to squish past all the people in the way, and I was in grade 8, it was like a small fish being in a big bowl and you always got pushed around. I was a little glad that I was 5'1 because in my grade, that was almost as tall as you could get, aw hell. When I'd got to my locker, I grabbed the silver combo lock and twisted in my combination quickly because this wasn't the time to fool around because you only got 5 minutes to get to your class and preporate. I swung the door open that held a mirror, a few makeup essentials and a hair comb. Grabbing my gym bag, I checked in the large mirror held onto my locker door and made sure I looked okay. TNA black tank top CHECK, Garage Yoga pants CHECK, Adidas runners, check. I quickly fixed my shirt that had shown a bit of my bra and fixed my boobs. M
My friend, Mackenzie said I was lucky to have a 32C bra, even in grade 8 but I found it a bit annoying, sometimes, but not at parties.
I grabbed the purple/grey gym bag, shut my locker and while I jogged down the hall, I ran my fingers through my chestnut brown brunette curls.
I finally got to the girls gym dressing room with enough time to get dressed and I wasn't trying to freak out. I opened a random locker, shoving my pag in, slipping of my pants, revealing my Lasenza black laced panties and I reached into my bag, grabbing my slim and slim black Adidas shorts and I slipped them over, fixing them. I looked over my shoulder to see Hailey whispering something to Alex P and Alex stared at me, bursting out laughing and they bumped hips and I stood up to face them.
"Just forget it, it's a disease for them to be natural bitches." My friend Mackezie H said to me, smiling and Mackenzie face her palm to Hailey, making her other hand look like a gun and she shot each and every finger except for the middle one, fingering Hailey. Hailey stopped smiling and rolled her eyes, walking out of the dressing room with Sam and Alex. I grinned, bumping hips with her and I walked out, checking my tank to make sure no cleavage was showing.
When we walked into the gym, both grade 8 classes (which included 2), and the grade 10 class were hanging out by the bleachers, sound exploring throughout the whole room. The groups were the exact same as normal, the populars with the populars and the lows with the lows. I usually sat in the middle with my friends. Mackenzie and i climbed up the bleachers, going to the top and took a look at the classes. The one thing that caught my eye and made me feel a little grossed out was of course, Hailey, the class slut, and she was only in grade 8 like me for fucking sakes, sitting with Sam and Julia along with Josiah, the most popular guy in our class, with them sitting a bench across from eachother and Hailey was leaning over, showing a huge amount of her tits to him, wearing Yoga Pants, a low cut shirt and her beautiful long brown curls tied back. Josiah only took one look at her, grinned a bit and went back to talking with his formal buddies, Yovanne and Matt Brown. Hailey fist pounded with Julia and they both laughed.
"Oh for shit sakes..." The words slipped from my mouth and I zipped my mouth shut before anyone heard that and Mackenzie gave me with 'weird eye'. I shrugged, not saying anything and the gym teacher walked in, whose name was Mr. Branker. He held a clip board, motioning us all over to the front of the gym wearing the same as normal, sweatpants and a hoodie that had our school symbol on it. He talked about the moves we had to do in dance that we'd already gone over last class about the Waltz, Square Dancing and Hip Hop. He actually said he didn't give a shit about the kind of moves we did, he just wanted them to be good something to dance to. We had two music songs to dance from. 1st option, "Teach Me How To Dougie", and "Dont Stop The Party". Then finally, he said out our dance crew groups.
"Group four, Josiah, Mackenzie, Emily, Matt, Hailey and Sam." I blinked. NO FUCKING WAY, Is what I wanted to say, but was I actually going to say that in front of him? Hell no.
"No way," Hailey muttered, giving me the hairy eyeball and I turned my head back to look at the teacher. I curled up my knees to my chest and pressed my chin against the top of my knees with my breasts tight against my legs.
"Key everyone, pick your songs and moves and first get into your groups." Mr. Branker said and had a Boom Box for each group and Mackenzie grabbed the black one that labeled "GROUP 4". Josiah called for our group to go to the far left corner and so we all followed and him and Matt did a chest pound and grinned, facing us.
"Okay, we're going to have a vote, who wants to dance to 'Teach Me How To Dougie"." Matt asked us, watching us and no one held up their hand.
"Well that makes it straight," Josiah finished, chuckling and plugged in the Boom Box, turning it to the right songs.
"Alright, everyone pick a partner and get ready to practice." Mr. Branker said to our group and carried on telling on the rest of the groups.
"Partners?" Mackenzie muttered in my ear.
"Matt." Julia said, running to his side and Matt grinned, obviously happy with his partner. And right before Hailey ran to Josiah's side, Josiah suddenly stood beside me and Hailey stopped running towards him.
"Her? You're picking her?" Hailey blinked, glaring at me.
"Yep." Josiah said.
"Why?" Hailey and I said at the same time. He shrugged and Hailey was left with no choice but Mackenzie.
"But- you can go with Hailey, I don't give a shit, I swear." I quickly said and Sam chuckled at my choice of grammar. I glared up at Josiah who looked down at me and smiled a bit and I couldn't help but smile sarcastically back and he swung his head back, laughing. Hailey stomped one foot and then Matt explained the moves.
After he did, for Matt was a pretty good dancer himself and we'd gone to the same elementary school and gone out once- it didn't work too well. Most of the moves in our group were hard but all the girls in this group could do these moves because we were all in cheerleading so it would be all right.
"Alright, let's practice." Matt replied walking over to the Boom Box.
"I don't think this is such a good idea." Hailey groaned, glaring at me and looking at Josiah for agreement but Josiah just turned away from her, facing me and we got into stance with me facing him. The first beats went off and I took a deep breathe and when the black eyed peas started singing, I swung both of my hands up and reached back, doing the bridge and flipped my legs over and Josiah blinked and I walked toward him and he swung his hands out, me taking them and he twirled me around. Fergie started singing and thats when Josiah twirled me in against his chest and the wonderful smell of his cologne made me smile a bit and he spun me out and then we all switched, doing the Waltz and I ended up with Matt and we took a couple steps away from each other and Matt did a back flip, landing on his feet and I took a step toward him, doing a handstand and he took both of my legs, flipping me onto his back and I jumped off and then he spun me around. We all got ready for the Waltz moves and I got spun around perfectly to spin with Sam, then Mackenzie and then it came to Hailey and she stepped toward me and I held my hand up, waiting for her to grab it and she leaned forward, elbowing me in the stomach and I coughed.
We all stopped.
"What happened." Mackenzie said. Hailey smiled, focusing on her nails and Sam smiled, knowing she saw the whole thing. I was on one knee, hand to my stomach and Josiah grabbed my arms, helping me up and Hailey smiled bigger.
"Wait, did she do something?" Josiah looked at Hailey and I looked up. I watched Hailey's face and I knew she only did that because Josiah and I were matched partners.
"No, it was my fault, forget it." I muttered, standing up, taking a deep breathe and just then Hailey stopped smiling, frowing at me and I had no idea why.

I was in the gym girls dressing room, alone because it was lunch and there was no need to rush and I slipped on a new TNA shirt and lifted up the stomach line to see a light blue bruise on my stomach, I groaned, feeling like shit but I took a couple drinks of water and was glad no one was in the room but me, until I heard the door of the room burst open and the clicking of heals. I was hoping to god it wasn't a teacher, but worse.
"You scheming little bitch," Hailey said to me, walking toward me and I took a step back. "You're just a too goody- goody, no- one who seems they can be so nice. Why didn't you just admit it today that I did it? Too fucking scared are you?" Hailey took a hard step toward me, smiling and I stumbled back. She laughed.
"That's what I thought, you're just a no good, scared, little whore-"
"Because you were jealous." I asid before she decided to pounce at me and she stopped, smile fading.
"Fuck that, I was not jealous. I just felt bad that you were partnered up with him and he wasn't with me, because he doesn't like you." Hailey grinned and I raised a brow.
"That doesn't even make sense-"
"Why don't you just admit that you like him, I can see the way you look at him and when he twirled you today and how you smiled, you're just a little slut you plays each boy-"
"Says you!" I yelled at her and she blinked. "You have gone out with eleven guys in the last three months, played them all and you say I'm a slut?! What the fuck is wrong with you?" I said, tired with her shit and I stepped toward her and she took a swing of her hand and bitch slapped me and my head slammed into the bathroom stall. I groaned and she grabbed my hair, screaming at me and slammed me into a wall and I grabbed her hair, flipping her over me and slammed her on the ground.
"Don't make me hurt you-" She yelled and we rolled on the ground, with her punching me in the face and the bl**d came out heavily. Then, she grabbed me my the hair, stood up and I screamed and she slammed my forehead into the mirror with it shattering and I felt immediately dizzy. Right when I was about to fight back, hands with around her waist and he grabbed her, throwing her aside and she blinked.
"Matt? Get the fuck outta here! You're not even-"
"Leave." His voice seemed unusually low and powerful and she blinked, tears forming up and she ran her fingers through her knotted hair and bl**d from her nose, lip and forehead dripped a few more times and she grabbed her bag running out. I was leaning on the wall, falling to the ground when he spun around and caught me. He took one good look at me and he could tell I needed stitched.
"Shit." He said, ripping off his hoodie, laid it on the ground and rested my head against it. I breathed slowly and he ran the water from the sink, getting some paper towel and soaked it, pressing it gently against my forehead and I flinched. We sat there, not saying anything for 2 minutes, my head on his lap and him leaning over me, the scent of Axe filling the room and his face was somewhat gorgeous. His dark blue eyes scanned, me, looking at the bl**d that was on my shirt and how my face seemed a bit screwed.
"You look badly hurt-"
"No shit!" I snapped. "Sorry." I sighed and he nodded and looked at me stomach.
"You're bruised." He said and my shaking hand stretching down to pull down my shirt. "She did it on purpose, didn't she." He said and I nodded slowly but that hurt. He sighed. He was staring at me shirt.
"I know this is going to sound peverted, but I need to check to make sure no glass is in your shirt because that could cause some deep shit, if you know what I mean..." He trailed off and I knew what he meant and he helped me sit up and I took off my shirt and a whole bunch of glass fell out.
"Yeah..." He picked up the glass, trying to keep his eyes off of my breasts and stood up, taking the broken glass over to the garbage bin and I stood up carefully, seeing that there wasn't too many bruises, just on my cheeck and lip and I had a bit of a black eye. All the bl**d was gone because Matt had cleaned it up and I looked at my breasts and turned around to grab my shirt and there stood Matt, holding it. I raised a brow, can't help but smiling and when I went to grab it, he stretched his arm back, taking it out of my reach.
"Matt I-"
"C'mon, get it." He grinned, stepping back, dangling my tank top above his head and I raised a brow gentle at him and stepped forward, my arm swinging out but he swooped the shirt away just a second earlier. I felt super embarassed in my pants and black laced bra and he just grinned at me, dangling it farther.
"Oh, it's on." I said and jumped toward him as he yelped and ran around the corner. I snickered and I heard him run into another part of the dressing room and run a little more before he stopped.
"Bow... where did he go?" I muttered, tapping my chin as I slowly turned the corner. Surprisingly fast, Matt jumped out, grabbing me by the waist and he carried me over to the showers.
"Hey!" I yelled hapily and laughed as he tickled the inside of my stomach and my long legs dangled. As I jumped out of his arms, I spun around and he had the shower nose in his hand, pointing at me.
"Don't you-" I began and he turned it on, grinning as warm water sprayed all over me. I pounced at him and he stumbled back as I grabbed the nozzle and sprayed him back and there we stood, like kindergartener's spraying each other. And it was until then, that I put the nose back into the shower holder and he pulled me toward him, leaning on the clean white tiled wall did he kiss me.
Our wet bodies smushed against each others and all that pain, embarrasment and hatred went away all at one. All I could feel was him and our love for eachother. Then he spun me around, so that my back pressed against the wall and he began to kiss me harder, tongue exploring my mouth. He left hand tangled with mine and I held it. With his other hand, it tingled up the side of my waist and back and and I grabbed it, pressing it against my left breast and he moaned and began to kiss my neck as a sensation filled up inside me. The water from the showed was still going on and my soaping wet hair was covering most of my shoulders. Then, both of his hands cupped my butt as we began making out again-
"What is going on here?!" A shriek yelled and Matt spun around, wet hair covering his forehead and he stood in front of me, covering me. Our Vice Principal, Vice. Santanah, stared at us both with unbeleivable eyes and her hands were at her sides. We didn't speak, just blinked. I pushed my hair out of my face and I was about to talk when she interupted me angrily;
"I want you both in my office. Now."

We sat in the office lounge, sopping wet beside each other, shivering like hell but the Vice turned on the heat to almost full volume and a few other k**s stared at us with dispicable looks. I turned my head ever so slowly to look at Matt and he looked at me too.
"You too," Vice. Santanah pointed at the door of her room at the end of the hallway. Matt and I stood up and, walking slowly to the end of the hallway and stepped into her room that had a long large desk, a couch and a closed window. We sat in the two chairs that were set in front of her desk and she almost slammed the door, staring at us. When she sat down in front of us, she didn't speak for a few minutes, just stared at us and I could feel the flush of strawberry red come to my face.
"Yes, you better be embarassed, I can't beleive you two, I don't even want to know what you were doing, but I do want to know what the hell were you thinking?" She said and I swallowed hardly which I knew everyone heard.
"Well- Hailey Montez was beating up Emily and when i came in, Emily was almost u*********s soo..." He trailed off and still shivered.
"That still doesn't explain why you two were in the shower... doing that." She flinched, not sure what to say.
"We weren't doing anything, just kissing, I'm sure that's natural." I said and she frowned at me.
"No sauce talk from you, what will your parents say?" She asked me.
"You'd actually tell them?" I blinked, astonished but not too surprised that she said that.
"Yes, and a matter of fact, I'll do that now- stay here and I'll be back in fifteen to twenty minutes after I've told both of your parents to come here." She said loudly making us jump and she stood up, walking out of the room and shut the door behind her.
We sat there. Quite. Silent. Worried- not to much but a bit.
"I'm sorry, this is my fault, I should've just gave you the shirt back and-"
"I'm happy." I said and my choice of words made his eyes raise to mine.
"Yes." I nodded and he smiled a bit and I stood up quickly to go to him and he stood up too as he pulled me into his arms and I kissed him. We stood there, one of his hands cupping my face and the other resting on the curve of my waist and my lip trembled and light and colours filled my mind with a blast of sensation, love, passion and pleasure.
"I want you." I said and he grinned, playfully pushing me onto the couch and I landed there as he walked toward the door, locking it and walked back to me and ran his fingers through his dark hair before landing on top of me and kissed me more. He arched over me and I pressed my body tightly against his and he smiled while making out with me and before I realized what he was going, he'd wrenched off my shirt and pants. I didn't have a chance to freak out about the fact that he was only seeing me in my bra and panties because he took off his shirt too, revealing his wonderful abs and perfect skin.
Then he lowered more and his lips rested against mine and I had both of my hands ruffling his hair. He sat up and my trembling hands went to his zipper and I undid then and he wrenched off his baggy jeans and he sat there, in his boxers and the hard bump in his pants stood up. He smiled down at me and lowered, rubbing the hard bump against the front of my panties. I gasped at the pleasure and then his lips were on my and he was kissing my breasts and the pleasure was replaced by waves of amazing sensation along with pleasure so intense that all I could do was moan.
Matt tore at my bra, revealing my breasts and his hands went to them and at first my cheeks were pink and red but when his fingers found my nipples, he rubbed them and I gasped, arching my head back and my hands held his back and he knew it was time.
Then it happened. He wrenched off his boxers and showing his massive, perfect smooth cock, I sat up, wrapping both of my arts around his neck and my chin leaned on his shoulder, he held my butt as I lowered myself down, filling his cock in my pussy and is surprisingly went all the way in and the pain was nor angry or sad. It was amazing and wonderful. But all that pain went away when he moved me in his arms and I breathed heavily and he brought me back, kissed me on the lips with such gentle love that all i could do was moan.

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wish this happened after my fights
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Beautiful story..
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Hope there is more