Inexcusable Love Part 1

Chapter 1~

Cranbrook Secondary.
1:17 p.m.

"Hey Cranbrook Secondary. Here are your daily announcements. Cheerleading squad needs to be at the Lions football game at four thirty for practices before the B.C. Lions play Chicago. If you want my advice guys, bring a camera-" laughing in the background- "and now for the choir. Hey Choir students, wondering if there are any extra try outs? Fortunately, yes! Try outs start after school at three o' five so be there sharp! Lastly,grade twelve drama singing tryouts-" I straightened my back to listen carefully- "will be held in the north gym after school so don't be late or there are no extra try outs. That wil be it for Cranbrook Secondary school. Have a Frenzy Friday!" And the announcements ended.
"I thought I said that there should be no talking during announcements, Brandon Turner." Madame Laoube said, raising a brow at him from the back of the classroom. He shut up and quickly took his hand away from June Mayers legs. My friends laughed and shut up.

Cranbrook Secondary North Gym.
3: 02 p.m.

I walked down the hallway, holding my Choir singing sheet try out paper in my hand, memorizing the lyrics carefully in my head. I`d waited all year for these try outs and I wasn`t gonna screw up, atleast I hoped not. I opened the big door that leaded into the hallway of the gym and thought about going to the washroom first. I turned to my right towards a door labeling- ladies room- and swinged the door open, ignoring all the girls sitting on the counter, checking their makeup. I went to the farthest mirror and examined myself. Me, being a regular size, had long blonde hair, hazel eyes, a crop top with a tank top under and jeans with Ugs. I made sure my makeup wasn`t smudged and checked my vocals quickly.
"Oh please, she`s trying out for the Choir, give me a break." Kamara Jenkinz glanced over the counter, while her friends giggled and I rolled my eyes. I hated to be mean, but Kamara was a slut. Almost every day, she wore a shirt that reached down to her mid- half boobs and skimpy shorts. She whispered other things that included- give me a break- and- she`ll never stop.
"Sure, I`ll give you a break, as soon as you have a diet, bitch." I snapped at her and she blinked, looking at her wide hips in the mirror and I walked out. Shit, I`d done it again. I hated acting like that, kind of. I walked into the gym, noticing the stage. I bump"ed into something tall and hard.
"Whoa there doll, careful where you`re going." Said Josiah Micheals, the schools football quaterback. He leaned against the bleachers, staring at me, noticing the slip of paper in my hand. "Whatchya got there." He grinned, leaning forward to snatch it. I raised a brow, swiping my head back.
"Careful b*o, she`ll kick your ass." I recognized that voice and Daniel Movan, my trusty sidekick and best friend walked around the corner, glaring at Josiah and took my arm, leading me away.
"Thanks." I said and he nodded.
"Tryin`out for the Choir," He grinned and I smiled.
"Ive been waiti`n-" I began but he cut me off.
"All year I know, just go." He smiled at me, pointing toward the sign up table and I nodded. I walked over, noticing a woman dressed in white, a necklace around her neck and lots of rings.
"I`m here to try-" I began.
"Yeah I know. Just put your name down." She interupted at me, not even looking at me and she smacking the paper on the table. I stumbled a bit when she smacked the table and took the pen attatched to a string and wrote my name down - Sydney.
"Now go and come back next week to sing." She muttered and pointed toward the door.
"But I thought we were going to sing today," I sighed.
"Oh well." She muttered and I narrowed my eyes at her. I stomped out and Daniel jumped off the bleachers to join me.
"What`s up." He said and I groaned.
"She`s acting like a total whor- nevermind." I corrected myself and shrugged off the madness.
"How about this, Meagan, Jessica, Emma and I are going to the clid tonight, wanna join," He smiled and I raised my eyebrows at him.
"Dude! You`re- we`re only s*******n!"
"Not according to the fake ID Emma got us." He chuckled as we turned the corner to walk outside toward the parking lot.
"Um, I`d rather not."
"Oh c`mon, why not!" He frowned, looking totally drowned.
"Because, I have... homework." I lied.
"Lies." He tsked me and now it was my turn to frown.
"I`ve never drank before." I admitted and he bursted out laughing and I felt a flush of pink rise to my cheeks and I clicked the remote control of my keyset and my red mustang clicked. `
"Well, that`ll change tonight, plus I`ll pick you up." He begged and I sighed, shutting my door, turning off the engine.
"When did you and Emma start hanging out!" I grinned and he opened his mouth to speak.
"Don`t change the subject- yesterday." He grinned and stroked his hands threw his dark chestnut hair and his blue eyes twinked and I chuckled, rolling my eyes sarcastically.
"See you at ten, I`ll pick you up then!" He said and jogged off. Oh god, this was going to be a long night, I muttered to myself and drove away.

Chapter 2.

My house.
9:50 p.m.

"That is so not fair." Martina frowned, staring up at me.
"She`s three years older than you, it`s completely fair." My mother said. I`d told my mother Daniel was taking me to go bowling and I was hoping to god she wouldn`t call Daniel`s parents to make sure that was the plan. My mother walked around the corner, glanced at my scarlet red dress and curled hair.
"You look nice!" My dad said, beating my mom too it and made a scoring sign with his arms and I laughed.
"He`ll be here any minutes, he`s always ten minutes early-" The doorbell finishes my moms speaking. I grinned and jogged over to the front door, sliding on my Stilettos and Daniel had a white t- shirt, leather jacket on and jeans.
"You look like Micheal Jackson." I grinned and he grinned, muttering something. I said goodbye to my mom and Daniel turned to look back at my house, which he called a mansion but I called it a jail. Then he opened the door to my mustang, gesturing me in.
"You`re an ass hole." I snarled at him but couldn`t hold back a smile and then, I regretted giving him a key to my car and he jumped into the front seat. He pulled the key outta his pocket, turning on the egnition and roared the engine and I leaned against my palm on the door, sighing and he grinned, elbowing me and and turned on the radio, blastic the rock music and raced down the street.

An hour later, we were at the club and parking in the parking lot, with stripped and girls in way too slutty suits walking down the street with their pretend bartenders who were probably their boyfriends.
"There you two are!" Jessica said, short black hair straight, dressed in a tank top and jeans, then Emma, her long brown hair curled a bunch dressed in a violet dress and then Meagan, short blonde hair the way it normaly was and dressed in a strapless white shirt, bra showing threw and shorts.
"Nice dress!" Meagan smiled and we all walked toward the door surrounded by body guards with deep black glasses on.
"ID." They said in a deep voice all at the same time.
"Shit, this is like a fucking sex room." Meagan muttered, and Daniel pulled out his and mine ID and the rest showed them the ID. They glanced at all of us, one by one then nodded and Daniel opened the door, blasting music filled us and we walked in.
"Holy fuck." Jessica said and we stared at a three floor club, dancing floor shining silver and gold and a huge, twenty foot disco ball in the air and atleast a thousand people were in here, dancing, talking and drinking. No super vision at all, like I gived a shit and what freaking me out the most, there was a porn area where you could fuck our your couple as long as you wanted.
"I`m going to the bar- you`re having your first drink." Daniel grinned, taking my wrist.
"We`ll be in the middle of the dance floor." Meagan cheered and took Jessica and Emma down the long stair case. I could barely here Daniel`s directions for where to walk so he just grabbed me, pulling me toward the bright yellow sign that said BAR. When we sat down at the booth, a bartender walked up, glancing at Daniel. `
"Two Teguilà`s please." Daniel yelled over the loud noise and I felt a shiver ride down my spine. A minute later, he came back and Daniel handed me the tequila, grinning. It was in a really small cup, cherry bobbing on the top and Daniel gulped down the whole things. I raised the glass to my mouth and gulped down the small amount and my eyes squinted and my mouth puckered.
"Soo..." He waited for my reaction and I stopped squintering and puckering.
"That`s... really good." I glanced at him and he grinned and ordered a few more.

Little did I know I was d***k. It was like, an hour later and we both had like twenty three shots. We sat at a table, a crowd surrounding us and cheering us on. Daniel grabbed his fourty third shot, gulping it and looked like he was going to barf. I started at my fourty third shot and grabbed the cup, feeling like barfing also but I felt a rush of pleasure and I slurred something and gulped it down. All the guys and girls around us cheered then stared back at Daniel. He looked at his last shot, squinting and pressing his fist to his mouth then grabbed it, and it fell out of his hand and he coughed, leaning on the table.
"Whoo!" I chanted, standing up and he grinned up, taking mine and gulped it down.
"Hey!" I burstedout laughing and he took my hand, leading me toward the dance floor and the crowd danced with us. We all danced together like a little Brady Bunch and I felt dizzy, hyper and crazy all at the same time. While we danced, he stood behind me, pressing the front of his body against my ass and we went low to the Pop/Rock music. I grinned, turning toward him and Meagan caught up and his blue eyes stared at me and I never noticed how tasty his body looked. I lowered myself, doing the sexiest move (probably not exceeding) I could do and he grinned, taking me up and we danced some more. Then soon enough, when I turned toward him because he tapped my shoulder, I heard the song- teach me how to dougie- and he grinned, taking my body and brought me so close that I could smell the tequila in his breathe and I pressed my body against his and my breasts were tight against his chest. He grabbed my ass and Meagan cheered, chanting to kiss. So he brought his head to mine and our lips met, my tongue roaming against his.
A vibration sent threw me, telling me this was the best moment of my life. I no longer felt like throwing up, nor did I feel dizzy, because I was in his arms and I felt myself getting wet and hot. I slurred something and he looked at me.
"Pardon." He asked.
"I want you. Now." I said and he smiled, taking my hand and I tripped over something but I got back up and I then knew I was d***k but I didn`t care anymore.

Chapter 3

10:42 p.m.

He took me to the bathrooms and the bright lights made me blink and we headed into the girls bathroom. Then we walked around to the end of the stalls and the room smelt like soap and perfume. The room was empty. He took me into one of those large handicap stalls and pushed me against the wall, rubbing his warm and pulsing body against mine.
"Ohh..." My mouth muttered as he kissed my neck and cupped my breasts. The hard bump in his pants brushed against the front of my jeans, almost making me drool and I pushed him back, leading him toward the toilet. He shut the flat lid and I made him sit down and he unbuckled his pants, chuckling when I went onto my knees and and pulled out his cock, stroking it in my warm hands. He leaned back and moaned in pleasure and I licked the tip and he pulled my head down, inserting it into my mouth. I carefully licked the round smooth surface as I brought it up and down, up and down. Soon enough, it was well lubricated.
"Your turn." He quickly said and I felt he was going to erect and he did, filling my mouth with its warm, sticky cum. Then I laid down on the ground and slipped off my dress, red bra showing and panties all wet and soaking. He took off my panties and I smiled.
He laid on top of me, lowering down and sticked its tip to the surface of my vagina.
"Do it." My mouth watered and he lower in, putting its whole shape into my body and I felt its pulsing heat go threw my body. I felt no pain, only pleasure. He moaned, telling me how tight I was and how good it felt. Then, he grasped my back, bring me up and he sat on the toilet as he held my body and I bounced up and down. I screamed in the pleasure and he laughed, liking the sound of my desire and he grasped my neck, kissing me hard and a few minutes later, he set me onto my feel, pushing my hips forward, making me lean over and his cock pulsed like crazy through me and he helf my ass with out hand and pulled my hair with the other.
"Do yo like it! Do you!!" He yelled at me and I grinned.
"You better...!" He said and I felt the warm fluid pour into me against and I shrieked. Then, he did something unexpected and took his dick out, slapped my ass then he took me in the ass, literally. He flew his dick into my ass hole and I blinked, feeling shock and pleasure. Then he thrusted, slapping my ass and I grinned and he thrusted back and forth. I felt the warmth inside me but I liked the other way better and I took it out, and he spun me toward him. I did something that made him blink and I lifted my leg straight up in the air and since I was in the cheerleading squad and I was the captain, I was flexible. My pussy stared eye to eye at him and he grinned so sexy, throwing his cock into my pussy and thrusted, holding my leg straight up into the air and fucked my brains out...
Part 2 to be continued...

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