The Sexy Criminal

"What is it this time, General?" Tom asked as he stepped out of his police car, postioned his gun in its sheath and then met up to walk with his boss.
"Same as usual, just a person who thinks they can steal some stuff from a local grocery store." General Patterson sighed, scratched his eyebrow and then turned to Tom. Tom is a young Police Officer who has been working with the department for a couple years now and he has dark brown hair almost black, fair skin, and a lean body. Tom nodded and sighed, hoping he could get some action with his gun. The last time he'd been in a gun fight with a criminal was over a year ago and he was getting pretty tired of the same thing over and over. His job was to handcuff the crimal, push them into the Police Car, and drag their ass to jail.
"I really don't get the point of it. Why steal?" Tom asks as they approach the parking lot that looked pretty normal, a lot of cars but a few Police Cars are around.
"Usually because they have no life and they know they won't make a living off of anything. Just do us a favour and give them a strict talk in the car and tell them I missed my fucking coffee break for this." Patterson joked and Tom smiled, nodding. As he was at least twenty yards from the door of the Grocery Store, a woman with two Police officers standing beside her walk out.
But this isn't any ordinary criminal he was thinking off. Usually they are d**ggies or smokers, but this girl is totally different. She has beautiful long hair down to her waist that is straight, flawless fair skin, bright blue eyes and is wearing a black tank top (revealing most of her cleavage) with ripped black jeans. She looked around 18 or 19.
"Wait- General, I think you've made a mistake... that can't be her." Tom said, pointing to the goddess walking out of the store with a grin on her face.
"Nope. That's her. Go ahead. I don't have all day." General gestured to the girl then walked away with most of the other Police Officers. Tom sighed. Turning around, he faced the girl who had tits and curves other girls with die for. She was f***ed to walk straight to Tom and as soon as they reached him, the two other officers nodded to Tom then walked away.
"Come here." Tom said, grabbed her arm and pulled her toward his police car. She yelped for a second but he tried not to care. She was like any other criminal. Stealing was i*****l. He had to remember that.
"Hands above your head. Good. Put your face on the car." He ordered and she did what he said, placing her long smooth arms above her head and then bent over, placing her face gently on the clean hood of the car.
Damn, he thought to himself as he looked at her ass. Looking away, he grabbed her wrists and handcuffed them together.
"Not so hard." She whimpered and he was about to apologize but he kept his mouth shut.
"You have the right to remain silent." He muttered under his breath and then brought her to the passengers seat and opened the door.
"Get in." He said.
"You're not going to push me in?" She asked, her ocean blue eyes sparkling and she stood up straight and her breasts looked very revealing in the tank top she wore.
"Just... get in." He did his best not to look at her two friends. She smiled and then placed herself in the back seat. Tom shut the door and then opened the door of the front seat and slid in, grabbing a mic from the radio.
"I've got the criminal, I'll be there in twenty minutes." He spoke into the radio and the person on the other end responded with an 'okay'. Turning the keys of the car, he started and drove onto the street. The girl didn't speak at all for a while, she just hummed a beautiful tone while looking out the window. Tom looked at the review mirror and she looked so innocent and kind just sitting there. Without even looking back at him she said,
"Why are you staring at be, Officer?"
"What-" he looked away" "- I'm not."
"Yes you were." She giggled and then looked into the mirror and he met her gaze.
"You're not like the others. They are mean and f***eful. I like you. You're nice." She sighed happily and looked around the car and then back out the window.
"Well, you're not like the others either. Why are you so happy?" He asked her and she smiled.
"I'm not sure." She shrugged. Then, without any notice, she moved forward and rested her chin on his shoulder and he could smell the scent of her wonderful shampoo. Tom knew he should shake her off or something, but he couldn't help look over his shoulder slightly and her tits pressed against his arm.
"Tom." She said.
"How do you know my name?" Tom asked, shocked.
"Your name tag, silly," She tsked and he looked down and sighed, "I have to pee." She giggled and he blinked at her statement.
"We will be at our destination not long from now." He replied, trying to sound as stern as possible.
"I have to go nowwwww!" She whined, moving around uncomfortably. "Please sir. I really need to go now... all you need to do is pull up to the side of the road and I'll use a bush. Please please please please please..." She continued and whined.
"How do I know that you won't try to get away?" He asked, getting annoyed with her whining and she thought for a moment.
"You have a gun, don't you?" She asked.
"Yeah but I'm not going to shoot you!" He protested.
"Why?" She asked and her question made him super confused. What was she doing?
"Fine." He groaned and pulled up to the side of the road behind a Bottle Depot and there was no one around, it was just a completely deserted area. She jumped out when he opened her door.
"Ahem." She held out her handcuffed wrists. He hesitated and knew that she was going to whiz her pants any second now so he undid her handcuffs and she thanked him and then squealed while running over to a bush. Squating and slipping down her jeans, she eyed Tom and he quickly turned around, crossing his arms. A minute later, he sighed.
"C'mon, girls don't pee that long." He couldn't help but smile and then he could hear footsteps. Suddenly the girl wrapped her arms around him from the back and rested her chin on his shoulder again.
"W- what are you doing?" He asked and she smiled.
"I know that you were looking at my rack Officer," Her hand trailed to the slightly hard bump in the front of his pants and he gasped, "And look here. You're already hard. Do you want to see my rack Officer Tom?" She asked and he loved the way she said his name with a musical tone.
"S- stop." He said and spun around and he realized that his arm his her on the stomach and she cried out, stepping back and held her stomach.
"I'm so sorry." He stepped toward her and she smiled, standing up straight.
"I'm just k**ding silly." She giggled jumping toward him and her impact took him to the ground and she layed above him with her legs on each sides of his hips. Slowly, she began to rub herself on the very hard bump now and he moaned out, tilting his head back. Smiling, she reached down, took the police hat on his head and put it on her head and he looked at her. Dammit she was beautiful, wearing his hat and looking like a horny little angel.
"Do you like me rubbing my wet pussy on your hard cock, Officer?" She purred and he was taken back in surprised by her words, but he couldn't help but nod and she began to slip off her shirt, leaving her in her bra and tattered jeans.
"Shit." He said, earning a moan and she found herself unzipping his pants and she slipped down his boxers revealing his hard throbbing cock. She took it in her hands.
"What's your name?" He asked her.
"Serena." She smiled and then bent over, moving her tongue around his shaft and he looked around and surely enough there was no one around and they were completely hidden. She movedher tongue along the sides of his cock leaving him moaning in pleasure and he reached out, unclipped her bra and squeezed her very hard nipples.
"Oh god!" She gasped out and continued to give him a blow job while squeezing his soft heavy hairless balls and his breath began to get fast and heavy.
"I'm... I- I'm going to cum..." He managed to get out through fast breathes and she nodded, licking him in all the right places making his cock twitch. Serena opened her mouth and Tom let out a good load of a warm semen into her mouth and she smiled, licking it and swallowed it. Taking off her jeans and positioning herself on top of his cock, he moaned out.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." He moaned as she went lower and began to insert it into her pussy and it slipped in easily, fitting the whole thing. He began to thrust his hips and he grabbed her waist, moving her fast and rough. She purred.
"Not to rough Officer!" She squealed.
"You wanted this first. You're getting what you deserve." He grinned and then sat up making her fall onto her back onto the grass and he held her legs and placed then on his shoulders and thrusted harder. Serena squeezed her tits and gasped out while he fucked her brains out roughly. She couldn't get enough of his cock, so she grabbed his neck, brought him down to her and pressed her lips against his warm lips and she kissed him. She felt his tongue move into her mouth and he kissed her fiercly as he humped her hard.
Now she was on her hands and knees and he fucked her hard from behind.
"Do you like that bitch? Do you like me fucking you hard like this?" He said as he smacked her ass. She gasped and grinned.
"Yes daddy I love it. Give me more. Fuck me harder you bastard!" She yelled at him and he did what she said and picked her up and held her onto his cock with her back pressed against her chest and he held her body and legs and bounced her hips onto his harder and harder.
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She shrieked and he was fucking her so hard now, she couldn't think straight. After she was at full climax and she could feel his cock twitch, he let her onto the ground and she bent in front of him as he stroked his load and then let out a long fast amount of cum onto her face on her round large tits. They stayed there for many moments, breathing heavily and he fell onto the ground on his back and breathed fast.
"That... was amazing..." He said under his breath and he looked up to see her crawling up to him like a cougar and she smiled.
"We're not done yet." She giggled, pouncing on him.

Hope you enjoyed :)
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I'm making a part 2
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great start