3 Girls In A Cafe Part 2

Please read Part 1 before this part. It's called 3 Girls In A Cafe :)

It'd been a week since Kaito started working in the Cafe with the beautiful three girls. Hiraki had still remained silent and quiet ever since her and Kaito's little interuption on his first day. Yume had grown very fond of him, always talking and clinging to him like she was his little s****r and Diasuke remained fierce yet kind to Kaito. It was now a Thursday afternoon and Diasuke had given him the spare room in the Cafe so that he didn't have to drive to work everday, he could just stay there if he wanted, she didn't really care.
Kaito walked down the hall with a towel hanging over his arm, expecting to take a shower. He was told he was welcome to do so, and since work didn't stare for another hour, Yume and Hiraki weren't home yet.
Kaito twisted the door handle of the bathroom and the lights were already on. Yume or Hiraki must've forgotten to turn off the lights, he thought to himself and he undressed after shutting and locking the door behind him and them he looked into the mirror. Kaito had a pretty good body, not muscular and buff, but lean. He had a good six pack and his skin was a light bronze/ fair color. The room on the other side of the wall had a huge walk in shower and that was what he was expecting to take. As he was walking toward the door with the towel wrapped around his waist, he heard water running.
What the... He thought to himself as he opened the door without even thinking and he almost screamed. Diasuke stood in the shower, completely naked and beautiful as always. Her soaked long brown hair went to her bottom, her fair flawless skin looked soft and shiny, she had beautiful large round breasts, her bottom was perfectly rounded and she was hairless on the lower area. She turned around and opened her eyes and her eyes widened. She let out a shriek.
"What the hell are you doing in here?!" She yelled and looked around to cover herself but her towel was hung up beside Kaito and without even thinking he grabbed her towel and threw it to her and she covered herself.
"I- I'm so sorry... I d-didn't mean-" He stuttered, looking away and then ran out.
Well... there goes my shower... he thought.

About an hour later, he got dressed into a black polo and some jeans. He was still really shocked that he saw Diasuke naked and the thought of her firing him almost made him choke. He truly did need this job.
While washing the left over dishes from yesterday, he heard a door open down the hall and she walked down the hall toward him. She changed into a nude colored Sabrina Blouse that had a cute bow on the front, a pink flowy Saiki skirt and nude flip flops. Her long, silky, shiny hair was all blow dried out and put back into a high pony tail with a bow tieing it together. She looked like a beautiful goddess.
"If you ever, ever sneak up like me on that, I will have your ass on a cutting board faster than you can run out of this place and cry for your fu-" Hissing all of this at him, she stopped and looked to her left when she saw the front door open with her two s****rs skipping in and her face went from serious and stern to kind and loving. Kaito blinked.
"Welcome home girls. I cleaned your outfits and each is on your bed." Diasuke smiled and the girls nodded. Yume, an eleven year old cute girl, her blond hair put into two pony tails on each side of her head tied with two burgandy bows, indigo purple eyes, soft pink lips and the most adorable expression. Her s****r Hiraki had long blonde hair that was usually straight but today it was curled into perfect ringlettes, emerald sparkling green eyes, bright pink lips and is at the age of 15.
"Hi Kaito!" Yume said skipping up to him and she wrapped her small arms around his waist and she smiled up at him and he smiled back down at her.
"Hey little Monster." He said and he had called her this at the beginning of the week without thinking and she just LOVED it. She giggled, and then turned over her shoulder to look at a confused Hiraki and a frowning Diasuke, but she was only frowning at Kaito. Hiraki and Yume skipped to their rooms and went to go get dressed into their outfits while Diasuke pulled up the blinds to let so much sunlight in it almost blinked Kaito. While Kaito was cleaning down the tables and sweeping the floors, Yume and Hiraki both came in wearing the same outfits. Yume wore a white Ipanema top that had thin straps and a bow that went around the waist and a black pencil skirt that hugged her small curved waist perfectly. Her little breasts popped from her chest creating two small bumps. Hiraki wore the exact same thing except her breasts were much bigger and her curled hair was put up into a high pony tail and her curls bounced in her bow tie softly.
"Get with the program, I'm talking to you." Diasuke snapped her fingers in front of his face and he blinked, jumping.
"Sorry- huh?" He asked her and she sighed. "I'm really sorry." He said again, gentler and she nodded.
"Can you flip the closed sign to open please?" She asked and he nodded, walking over to the door. He flipped the red sign that displayed CLOSED to OPEN.
"Kaito! Kaito!" Yume said skipping over to him and she took his hand in her small hand.
"Yes?" He asked.
"I need your help with something." She said, looking down shyly.
"And whats that?" He asked.
"Its in here." She looked over at Diasuke and she nodded, letting him go with her and Diasuke and Hiraki continued to clean the Cafe. Kaito followed Yume to her room and she opened the door and he looked around. All around her room there were golden tropheys for cheer leading competitions and he was surprised.
"You do cheer leading, Yume?" He asked, looking around curiously.
"Yes! I do!" She smiled and then she almost tackled him and wrapped her around around him, pressing her face deep in his strong stomach. He almost yelped and was taken back a few steps from her impact and his back closed the door shut.
"Kaito..." She whispered. He looked down at her. "I like you." She said, prouder this time but not too loud for her s****rs to hear. He blinked, and opened his mouth in shock.
"I- uh..."
"Do you like me Kaito? Do you like me." She smiled up at him and her cute purple eyes showed his shocked reflection in her eyes.
"Yeah I guess. You're a fun sparky girl." He shrugged and then smiled when he saw how bright her face got.
"Kaito... I wan't you to be my first!" She whispered and his eyes widened.
"Are- are you sure?" He didn't know what to say.
"Yes! Please come over here!" She said kindly and skipped over to her queen sized bed and jumped on it. He slowly followed then sat down beside her. When she looked down at the buldge in the front of his pants, her eyes widened and she smiled.
"You're happy, aren't you?" She asked. He was about to answer but she'd already gotten onto the ground and she knelt in front of him and she pushed his legs open. Then, she reached forward, unzipped his pants and his cock came out, poiting in the air and she gasped and covered her mouth at its size.
"It's... huge..." She whispered and he looked down at her flawless beautiful face. She looked up at him.
"This is my first time Kaito. I don't know what to do." She said casually and after he'd told her what to do, she moved forward a bit and took his cock in her warm little hands.
I can't believe I'm doing this... he thought to himself as her tongue moved around the warm tip and he gasped out and she started licking the sides slowly. With one hand, she stroked his load and with the other, she played with his balls.
"Does this make you feel good Kaito? Does if feel okay?" She asked while pleasuring his cock and he nodded.
"Its amazing. You're doing great." He replied.
"Good! Then I'll keep going then." She giggled excitedly and then se applied his load into her mouth and as she stroked it in and out of her lips, he could feel her tongue running along the tip and sides of his cock. That earned a long moan that escaped from his lips and she could feel his load started to get hard and stiffen up and before he knew it, a big load of warm sticky semen flew into her throat and it surprised him that she swallowed it all then she took his cock out of her mouth, wiping her small little lips.
"Now, I can't just let myself have all the fun, I need to make you feel good too." He said to her, bent down, lifted her up under the arms and laid her carefully down on the soft bed with pink covered and a bunch of pillows. She giggled and he lifted up her skirt revealing her small white panties that were extremely wet and he was shocked to how wet a little eleven year old girl could get. Spreading open her legs, she bit her lip in the cutest way and then looked down at what he was going to do and he pressed a finger to the wet spot. Gasping out, she whimpered and he continued to stroke the wet spot of her panties.
"It... feels warm..." She whispered very quietly and he smiled while sliding down her panties revealing her small pussy and the lips where a soft pink and very, very wet. Setting her panties aside, he held open her legs with both hands and then bent down, pressing his mouth against her pussy and she squealed as he began to lick the small lips and the inside of her little pussy. He was pretty happy that her room was at the end of the hall because if it was any closer, Yume's s****rs would hear them. A warm liquid began to pour into his mouth as his tongue travelled deeper inside of her pussy and she arched her back in pleasure and her little hands grasped the covers.
"Why does it feel so good?" She gasped and suddenly the rest of the liquid poured into his mouth and she almost screamed but covered her mouth with both hands. Panting, she looked down at him and smiled. Taking off his jeans, he positioned himself in front of her and rested the tip of his cock at her pussy.
"I think you're ready." He said. She nodded and then he bent over her, resting each arm on the sides of her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and she looked right into his eyes as he moved toward her and he inserted his cock into her pussy and she squeezed her eyes shut in pain as he continued to slide it in.
"Ow!" She squeals and he looked down and a puddle of bl**d starts to form on her covered.
"It's all the way in." He says and the tears start flowing from her face.
"I'm sorry- should I stop?" He asks worried and she shakes her head fast.
"No no. Keep going, I'm starting to feel better." She said with a bright smile on her face and he nods and starts moving his his hips. A quick gasp escapes from her lips and he continues to thrust his body against hers and she wrapps her flexible legs around his waist and clings to him as it was her life he was holding onto.
"You're... really... tight..." He says through pants and they both smile and he raises his face to meet hers. Yume pressed her lips against his and they lay there, kissing and making love together. A few minutes later after he thinks that he's about to cum, he takes his cock out of her and the warm liquid sprays onto her face as she lays on the covers and she licks the semen off her face. She pants heavily now and then he stands up.
"Did you enjoy that Kaito? Was that okay?" She asks even more excited now and it looks like she had even more energy now. She stands up, jumping around and he smiles.
"Yes. That was really good. But we should probably get back to your s****rs, they are probably wondering why we took so long." He said and she nods, pushing down her skirt and she looks over at the bl**d on her bed. She goes over, flips the covers inside out and she smiles, taking Kaito's hand after he's fully dressed and they both walk out of her room.

Part 3 will be coming up soon and again, the title will be the same but a Part 3 on the end. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.
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