Fun At The Pool Part 2

Please read Part 1 if you haven't :) (its the same title without the Part 2)

I look down at Riley jerking off and I give him a "no!" look.
"I... can't... hold it... in..." He whispers, grinning and I can't help but smile. I know that what I'm about to do is completely wrong and I have some bad chances coming my way, but I can always go to the doctors or something. I wrap my arms around his neck which surprises him and I sit on his lap, slipping my bikini bottoms to the side a bit, but no one notices except him. Reaching down, I grab his cock and position it at the tip of my pussy and he gasps.
"Shh." I press a finger to his mouth and I insert his cock, shutting my eyes in slight pain but then he knows exactly what to do and he starts moving his hips around, thrusting.
"Harder... harder..." I whisper into his ear and I know that he can't move much more or people will know what we're doing and we'll get kicked out.
"I'm... cumming..." He almost says a little louder and I smack my hand onto his mouth and then he does. The warm juicy liquid pours into my insides and I gasp.
"Im so sorry Victoria." He says and I shake my head, smiling.
"You have nothing to be sorry of." I grin, smacking a kiss onto his lips and then I slide off of his lap, back into the warm hot tub we're all sitting in. I then realize that I'm in the complete mood to do some fucking and I rub my pussy fiercly.
"Looks like someone's in the mood..." Mason and Matt grin at their friends and I just shake my head, laughing.
"Don't get too excited." I say under my breath and I peek my eyes open and the couple of older guys across the large hot tub are staring at my breasts that for some reason, bugs me.
"Hey perverts, keep you're eyes off the prize." Matt says to them with narrowed eyes the the older guys start to look embarassed and they stand up and leave the hot tub.
"Thanks." I say to him and he nods. An idea bursts into my mind and I reach over, grabbing Matt's hand.
"I know that I shouldn't be doing this, it wasn't too much of a big deal, but I think you deserve a prize for doing that. Come with me." I tell him and his face lightens up so much, I can see sparks coming from the top of his head. As I stand up, I pull him up by the hand and he smacks into my breasts and they jiggle, making him grin. Walking out of the hot tub, we both walk across the white tiled floor toward the changing rooms and I turn to look over my shoulder and the three of his friends follow us. Matt doesn't say anything until I walk over to one of the f****y changing rooms that are pretty big and I walk into one with Matt grasping my hand.
"I need you three to watch the door and if anyone needs to get in here, call out to us." I say to them and at first they look dissapointed they don't get to watch us but I blow them all a kiss and then shut the door with Matt sitting on one of the benches behind me. I face him completely and he grins.
"So... what are we gonna d-" He doesn't get to finish his sentence because my lips are already on his as if I was starving for something. His hands move through my hair and one is on my waist, while mine are both around his neck and my legs are wraps around his legs like ropes. Moving my hips on his, the hard bump he makes rubs against my pussy, earning a low moan from me. He grins and then presses his lips back against mine and he rips off my bathing suit top, revealing my breasts.
"You lil'..." I begin but he presses his lips against my hard nipples and my sentence gets replaced with a gasp and a purr. I can't believe how amazing his tongue feels rubbing and moving around my nipples in his mouth, but I'm already turned on my this and I start to shimmy off his shorts and I toss them on the ground. Sliding onto my knees, I lick the tip of his cock and he moans out, leaning back against the wall. I run my tongue along the sides and then I stick it in my mouth while I fuck him in my mouth for a good amount of time to the point of him needing to erect.
"C'mon... let it out." I whisper and he nods, pushes and then the big white load goes all over my face and I shut my eyes and open my mouth. Most of it lands in my mouth and I swallow and I lick the remainders off my face.
"You're ready." He says finally, reaches down and grabs my waist, lifting me up like I was light as a feather and I smile. I crawl onto the bench and go onto my hands and knees, wiggling my butt in his face. Purring at him, he positions himself and then inserts his cock with an easy fast slide and he starts taking me from the back and I gasp out and I start panting as his huge 6 "2 cock slides in and out, in and out of my wet throbbing pussy.
"Fuck me harder! Fuck me!" I almost scream out since the pleasure building up inside of me is so great and he hushes me gently.
"Do you like that? Do you like my cock fucking you from behind? Tell me you love it." He says roughly to me and I whimper.
"I- I love i- it..." I pant more and I can feel his heavy balls smacking against my body faster and faster. I feel hot inside and my insides start to tingle with excitement.
"Tell me with more confidence. Do you love it Victoria?!" He yells at me and I grin.
"I love it you bitch!" I manage and I turn over my shoulder to see him grinning and he fucks me harder this time and I take his cock out, stand up, position him to lie down on the bench and I sit on his hips with each of my legs on the sides of his waist. Without even letting him say anything, I slide down on his cock and I thrust on his hips fiercly by moving up and down and I lean back, placing my palms on the ground and he rubs my clit with his thumb.
"Oh fuck..." I pant and he grabs both of my breasts, playing with my nipples with his index finger and thumb.
"Do you like being in control?" He grins and rubs my nipples harder, getting a cry from me.
"You're... going to rip them... off." I say to him and I lean forward, pressing my lips against his and he kisses me like there is no tomorrow. Now he begins to thrust his hips so hard that it surprises me how much strench he has in him and I cry out.
"Harder! Harder!" I shriek, not caring if anyone hears us and he obeys, but thrusting harder and I stare right into his eyes as he is about to erect and he flips out his cock and his juicy cum sprays all over my stomach, breasts and mouth. Silence fills the room and I pant quietly and fall back, landing no the ground and I play with his spirm on my stomach with my fingers and I lick them.
"Did you enjoy that?" He grins.
"Yes." I smile and he lays beside me.
"Well good. Because you're in for a good day." He says and I turn to him and I see his three friends standing at the doorway, already sliding off their shorts.
"Life of a party." I grin.

Part 3 will be coming up soon and I'm sorry you had to wait so long for this one to come out. I've been going through a rough time and I just need you all to bear with me. Thank you :) <3
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2 years ago
it just keeps on getting better
2 years ago
very good add
2 years ago
it was worth the wait.
2 years ago
Keep up the great work, You have made my cock so hard I cann't wait for part 3
2 years ago
This is the best story I ever read here