BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher

This is all the character is speaking, not me ;)

Hey. So I'm Emily. I just finished Grade 8, currently going into Grade 9 but it's late June and my younger b*****r is still going to school for the next 2 weeks. I went to his Elementary school throughout Pre-school to the end of Grade 7. They don't have a preschool anymore, so it just starts at kindergarten.
I have soft long blonde hair that reaches the end of my back, bright hazel caramel eyes, and I don't want to brag and all, but my parents are the EXACT FULLY opposite of what you call "Poor." You get the idea. My b*****r who is 10 years old (I am 14 years old) has a very good school. Nice teachers too. But there is this one specific teacher that gets me going ever time I see him.
Mr. Milks. Yeah, I know his name sounds silly, but its cute! He is in his early twenties, the best body ever, abs, fine built muscles, and his hair is brown chestnut color. Damn, he is just sexy. He was my music teacher throughout Grade 6 and 7 and I took band just to see him more, but also because I'm a flute player. And YES, we used to laugh, smile at each other, but I definetly don't think that he thought I was hot or cute. I'd had BUNCH of boyfriends back then and I've been told I have a fine body and a sexy smile, but I think Mr. Milks found out and thought different of me. I didn't really care.
Mr. Milks just got engaged when I was mid- year of Grade 7 and when I heard, I wasn't sad or anything. I can't control his life obviosuly, and people, PLEASE DONT think I'm some kind of p**o or anything, I'm just a young girl who has a crush, we've all been there. Anyway, today I'm wearing a Vintage Rose Bustier top that has my smooth fair large breasts popping out clearly, Cadance TNA yoga pants that are jet black and gives a nice sight of my curve ass, and lastly a pair of Guess beach babe Sandal Wedges. We lived in California so it was normally hot outside, everyday. I also wore a beautiful charm bracelet my best friend made me in the begining of the year.
I run my well filed nails through my long bright sun blonde hair and walk down the sidewalk toward the school. School for my b*****r ended fifteen or twenty minutes ago, but I know that most teachers stay behind to clean and set up class for the next day. I press my soft pink lips together and get super excited to walk into the school.
"Emmy, Emmy!" I hear and I look to my left and my little b*****r comes running up to me. I smile and embrace him.
"Hey buddy! What's up?" I ask and go onto my knees because I'm quite taller than him (not that I'm a tall freak, my b*****r just is shorter than most Grade 5 k**s).
"I made you something," He says and swings his black backpack over his shoulder and starts opening his full bag. He has sandy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a good tan. He's just naturally tanned for some reason, people say its part of my ma's f****y and I'm super (happy) jealous of that. He brings out a little house made of marshmallows and candy canes. "here it is." He smiles and I take it in my hands.
"Wow! This must of took a while, didn't it?" I ask, showing my excitement and happiness. He nods. "As soon as I get home, I will put this on my dresser by the window. But for now, I have to go talk to my teacher when I was your age." I smile and mess up his hair and he laughs and nods, taking the house getting the idea I can't carry it around.
"Thank you so much. Mummie and Daddie are in the parking lot. Look for the big white truck, okay?" I kiss his forehead and he nods, and runs off. I get back up, brush off my pants so there isn't a grass mark and look straight at the front door. I can see a couple of my teachers walking down the halls but I don't spot Mr. Milks. I tale a deep breathe and walk toward the door. Walking toward the door, I open it and look around the halls calmly.
"Emily! So glad to see you again!" Says a familiar teachers voice and I turn around and see my second best teacher (Mr. Milks was me best, haha) who is Mrs. Harmel. I smile and walk up, embracing her. She carries heavy boxes.
"Need help with those Mrs. H?" I ask and a bright releiving smile flashes her face.
"That would be just wonderful. Thank you." She says and I take a couple of the boxes from her tired arms into mine and I know exactly where her classroom is (I had her class for 2 years). As I'm walking down the hall, I turn my head slowly and carefully, trying not to make it clear I was looking for someone and if Mrs. Harmel asked and I answered "Mr. Milks", she would think I was a little weird. Well, not really. Suddenly, when I look right into the big library, I see him. My legs stop for a slight second but I continue on, looking through the many library windows while walking and Mrs. Harmel walks ahead to open her door with the key and I stop. He stands at the library desk, talking to a few adults with their k**s and they all start laughing. I smile. Good ol' Mr. Milks. He wears a white polo and brown summer shorts. Wearing his polo, you can see his strong tan muscles. My mouth starts to water. I glance down and you can just see the bump of his hard cock in his shorts.
Don't get me wrong, I've never had sex but I know all about that chiz about blow jobs, orgy's and shit. A bunch of boys in the begining of school were actually begging me to give them a BJ. I said yes to a few, but that was it.
"Over here, dear." Mrs. Harmel smiles her most friendliest smile, waving me on and I spin around, walking toward her.
"Sorry. Something caught my eye." I say quickly and she nods. I walk into her classroom and follow her to the big table with other boxes but they're a bit different. I set the boxes down.
"I can't thank you enough, you just saved me fifteen minutes of hauling boxes." Mrs. Harmel laughs and I smile.
"It was my pleasure." I say and she nods and I embrace her once more before I leave the classroom. Before I go straight for the library, I just glance quickly in the mirror and he is still there. I run down the hall to the bathrooms and I walk into the girls. Standing in the mirror, I fix my breasts. Back in Grade 6 and 7 I had small ones, but they seemed to grow A LOT faster and A LOT larger this year so I'm hoping this will have some affect on Mr. Milks. I fix my hair, running my fingers through the strands until there is no knots and my hair looks soft and clean (which it is), and then I stand to my side, looking at my body from side- view. My ass is pretty curved, looks sexy and my stomach is flat and strong. I smile to myself and walk out of the bathrooms to the library.
"You're beautiful and pretty. Don't doubt that. He will love you. But... there is a slight chance of him not really caring with him being marries and all... but don't think like that! He will at least talk to you." I say with the quietest voice to myself and look down the halls once more to make sure there was no one who had just heard me. I also saw that most of the teachers were out of their classes, so the school was pretty empty having only a few teachers left. I grip the handle of the library and twist it. The door opens easily and I slip in and none of them notice me. I walk slowly toward them, hands behind my back nervously and I glance at all the new bookshelves. I start to wonder where our library teacher, Ms. Crame is. The adults start laughing again.
A couple sees me and nods to Mr. Milks.
"Well, it was great talking to you guys. Thank you enforming me. It's gonna me great seing you next year." Mr. Milks says and I feel butterflies rise to my stomach just hearing his friendly firm voice. He messes up the little girls hair only a little bit and she giggles. As all of the couples are walking past me and its just my music teacher standing there, reading some files, he turns and sees me. A smile rises to his face and for a slight second he looks down at my breasts but looks quickly back at my eyes.
"Emily! It's great to see you." He says and I can feel my cheeks flush but I take a deep breathe.
"Yeah, same," I say and walk straight up to him. Be strong Em, don't let the butterflies bother you, go straight for it... "I just came by saying hey to my favorite teachers." I grin and Mr. Milks tilts his head and laughs.
"Well, I'm glad to here that I'm on your list, you were quite the good student." That hits me like a boulder. Was that all I was to him, a student? I can feel sadness rising to my face and he clearly notices it. He walks over to a table and sits down on it, rising one leg to the chair and reasts his chin on the palm of his hand. He pats the space beside him and I walk over, hopping up onto the table and my breasts jiggle and he notices.
"So, hows high school?" He asks. I shrug.
"Pretty good. Lots more classes. And douche bags." I say and he smiles again, chuckling.
"Yeah, there would be." He says and I look straight at him when I say this by accident.
"Yup." And his faces changes a bit and I can see that he thinks I meant him when I really, really didn't. I open my mouth less than a second later and go to correct myself but he waves it off.
"Don't worry, I know what you meant." He says and I nod.
"Sorry." I put my head down and stare at the ground. Then he does something that I don't expect. He puts his hands on my shoulders and gives them a squeeze.
"Don't be." He replies and when I turn to look right in his eyes, his face is only 2 inches from mine and I just sit there, staring into his beautiful eyes. We sit there for at least ten seconds, staring at each other and I think to myself, screw this. And I think he did to because we both move at the same time and reach each other's lips. His press against mine and we sit there, kissing each other. His warm soft lips move against mine with his tongue in my mouth (sound gross yes but trust me, it's great XD) and I shut my eyes. After about a minute of making out, I feel us moving apart and I jump back, staring at him. His mouth is open and it seems that I was the only one who pulled away and his mouth is left open from the kiss.
"I'm sorry." I say and I feel embarassment rising to my face and I cover it and my face flushes red.
"I- er- uh..." He stammers and when I look at him, he has confusment and a little bit of dissapointment on his face, and the dissapointment isn't from knowing that he's married and he just kissed a 14 year old hot girl (haha, had to put that in there), but it's from me pulling away. When he finally shuts and opens his mouth to speak, I just stare right at him. I'm facing him now and his eyes lower to my breasts again but he looks away and cups his face in his hands.
"Emily, I don't know what to say." He says softly and I take his shoulder with my hand.
"Don't then." I answer and he sits back up, takes a deep breathe and before I know it, he moves forward. I gasp when his lips press against mine again and my hands raise to rests against the curve between his shoulders and neck. His right hand moves to the back of my head and we sit there, holding each other and make out. The smell of his cologne hits my nose and I moan for a second when we kiss and it seems he doesn't want to stop either because I start to lean back and soon enough I'm lying on the table and he's bent over me. I nip gently at his lips and he smiles and we kiss more. My warm lips against his feels like the best thing in the world and it feel amazing.
That is the only word that can come to my mind right now. I not wrap my arms around his strong back and tilt my back up so his hands can reach under.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." He says against my lips and I giggle.
"How long." I say.
"How long have you liked me." I say and we stop kissing. He breaks the kiss but still holds me in his arms and I stare right at him, waiting for a true answer.
"I- well, the first time I saw you while walking down the hall and you said hi to me, you were actually the first one to talk to me in the school and I just thought you were beautiful, Em," He says and this melts my heart and his left hand runs down my face to my head, "I can still remember you in your black blouse and jeans. I've always likes you Em, but I was an engaged man and I didn't know what to do." He says and I smile. I don't want to say anything that will chance his mind, so I bring his head back to mine and we kiss again.
We just lay like this for a few minutes and then he sits up and I sit on his lap, facing him. My pussy in my pants rests against his hard strong lump in his pants and I cup his hands in my face and kiss him again. He moans softly and when I open his eyes and his eyes are closed, he looks like a teenager. A young teacher that has a crush like me, looking sixteen or so. I smile and shut my eyes and kiss him again. Our lips, tongues, hands move against each others and when my hand finds his, I lace our fingers together.
Suddenly we hear the other door on the other side of the library open and we break apart faster than lightning and we just sit there, looking at each other. Where the door is on the other side of the library, there's a hall that the person has to walk through so we have about thirty seconds to think of something. His hair is a little messy so I clean it him with my warm palm and he smiles. The table that we sit on is covered around with chairs so he glances down.
"They're going to think it's weird that I'm sitting here with a gorgeous girl like you, you should hide." He says and I nod, giving him a quick kiss and I climb under the table and when I bend over to to crawl down, Mr. Milks hits my ass gently and a giggle escapes from my mouth and I sit under the table with his legs over the edge covering me. He grabs the files that were beside him and starts to read.
"Hello Tyler." A few people say to Mr. Milks as they walk in.
They all hold files.
This must me a meeting, I think. Shit. I grab my I phone that rests in the side of my Yoga Pants and quickly but quietly text my mom that I'm going to be late home and not to answer back. She doesn't answer but the little mark on the side of the message tells me that she got it. I turn my phone onto silent and suddenly all the people start to sit at the table that I'm under. I don't breath fast or anything. I just sit there, cross legged. The table is quite large though, so I have a few feet on every side of me to move around. As Mr. Milks and the other people are talking, I hear Mr. Milks writing down something but the other adults are talking so they don't notice. I see Mr. Milks hand slip down and he holds down the note. I take it and read.

I'm sorry you have to just sit there. I will try to make things with them go quickly. Just hold on for a little longer and find something to do :)

I smile and and slim the note into the bra under my Rose Bustier top and I look around at all the people. I think for a few moments, having the choice whether to play a game on my phone or do something else that would hopefully please
Mr. Milks. I slowly and quietly crawl over and when I think that someone heard me and I spin my head around, they move their chair to look under and Mr. Milks quickly says, "I don't think this pen works, can I use yours please?" and the person who had moved their chair stops and I can hear them handing him another pen and he moves his chair back in. I ALMOST breath out in releif, but I stop myself and breath quietly. I sit on my knees right in front of Mr. Milks' slightly opened legs and I grab his knees, bringing them apart. I can hear him talking with two other people and Music Instruments that they can use for an upcoming recidle and he stutters when he feels me moving his knees apart but he corrects himself and continues to talk.
"The k**s would just love that. I was thinking, because their concert is at Morcoside Mall..." He says and I reach my shaking palm out and grab the front of his shorts gently and rub his hard area and he almost yelps out. "We will- (yelp)...- need student drivers." He stops and a few other adults pause for a moment and Mr. Milks hand flies down when they aren't looking and he grabs my wrist. I shake it off and slowly unzip his shorts quiet enough so no one can hear and I stare at the huge, large lump in his shorts.
"No, Em. Please..." He whispers when a few adults laugh and speak to each other and I smile.
"Do you really want me to stop?" I whisper quietly back and he doesn't answer when I stroke his hard cock that wants to burst out from his boxers. I tap the tip and the meeting continues, talking about instruments and stuff. I kind of block out what they're saying when I stare at his boxers. When I stare for a few seconds and do nothing, he can't hold it back. He grabs my hand and rubs it against the hard lump and moans out and I can hear a few weird sounds from the adults and Mr. Milks clears his throat and starts speaking to them again. I grip the top of his black boxers and open it a bit. I reach in slowly, feel his hard warm cock and bring it out and I can feel Mr. Milks slump back in pleasure.
When a few of the adults discuss about how great it was to see Mr. Milks and they were about to leave, Tyler (Mr. Milks' first name) starts talking about something else and this brings their attention and they continue to talk. This means he doesn't want this to end yet.
Mr. Milks' 6' 3 cock is huge and the biggest penis I've ever seen. I stroke it in my hands, bring my lips to its tip and flick my tongue out. Mr. Milks isn't speaking right now but the other adults are very loudly, so this gives him a break to moan out quietly. I run my tongue along its sides and hold his cock with one hand and play around with his balls with the other hand. When his cock is almost all wet from me lubricating it, I plunge it into my throat and start to give him a BJ. The feeling of my hugest crushes warm cock being in my mouth and he is even happy and being pleasured of it brings so much happiness to me. I can't express it enough but when I clearly know he's enjoying this, he becomes so hard its difficult to fit all of his cock into my mouth. I take it out and suckle on the tip and bring my tongue to the throbbing and soft top of his cock and lick around it vigorously. Mr. Milks almost jumps when I do this and his hand reaches down to hold the back of my head and he brings my head down and I continue the BJ.
His hands gently move through my hair as he talks and he sits back up so he doesn't look tired or anything. Just then I feel his cock start to pump. He's about to erect. Mr. Milks stops talking and leans forward to listen to what the people on the other side of the table are saying and he almost chokes out and I feel the warm yummy liquid enter my mouth and I take his cock out to swallow it all down. It takes me five swallows to eat all of it.
"Well, I'm glad we covered that and now we don't have to worry about it next week. It was nice talking to you Tyler." A man says and stands up to shake Tyler's hand and I quickly put his cock back into his boxers and zip up his shorts and Mr. Milks stands up and shakes the mans hand and everyone elses. I lay down onto the ground and just lie there, licking my lips and I stick a finger into my mouth, watching Mr. Milks walk them out. As I'm lying down. I sigh happily and hear Mr. Milks walk around and I hear him lock the two doors of the library and put up a sign that says "closed". I shut my eyes, smiling to myself and lay there. I hear him move a chair and lay down beside me, staring at me.
"Em," He says.
"Hmm?" I say back and don't open my eyes, I turn toward him and wrap both my arms around him and the front of my body pushes against his and I rest my head on his chest.
"That was dangerous. If one of them saw you, I would have been fired for sexual activity with one of my students." He says.
"Yes but I'm not a student here, am I?" I grin and I look up and him and he has a stern sexy look on his face. "But yes, I'm sorry. Did you enjoy it?"
"Emily, I haven't felt that good in my life. My wife isn't into that kind of stuff. But yeah, thanks." He plants a long, loving kiss onto my lips and he wraps his strong muscle arms around my shoulders. We lay there again, in each others arms and I rub my hands on the much harder now cock in his pants and he moans out, tilting his head back.
"Wait, I have a better place to do this." He says quickly.
"Oh, so now you're in the mood?" I smile devilish and he chuckles, nodding and takes my hand. We crawl out from under the table to a door by his desk. He takes out his keys and I hum, looking around to make sure no one is watching us through the mirrors. I hear him open the door and inside of the large room is a large couch, a huge table in the center of the room, a few lamps and some chairs. I smile and I walk in, holding me hands behind my back and he shuts the door. He closes the blinds in the two long windows around the room and pushes all the pillows off the couch and the papers on the table. I walk to the couch, lay down in the corner and watch the most hottest, sexiest, well built with the best cock in the world teacher get the room ready, just for me.
"Mr. Milks?" I ask and he smiles to the sound of his name. "Have you done this with anyone else?"
"No," He says and then turns toward me with the room is ready for our use. I reach down and grab my phone, check the time which is 4: 13 p.m. and I glance back at him, setting my phone onto the ground and I slide it under the couch so it won't bother us. He walks toward me slowly and puts a knee on the couch and bends over me, our lips meeting again. I arch my back and he slides onto the couch with me and we make out longingly. I've always wanted this moment to come, I just didn't actually think it would happen. Just think of it... having your biggest crush kissing you on the couch even though he is taken. Haha.
I feel his warm palm slide up my shirt and I reach down, grabbing my shirt and I pull it off, throwing it across the room and he stares at my breasts.
"May I?" He says and I smile in response. He starts kissing them gently and I lean my head back and feel his warm him not only explore my lips but now my body. I unclip my bra and he slowly takes it off, seeing that my nipples are big and hard. He presses his lips against them and I moan in complete pleasure. Holds both of my breasts in his hands now, kissing them and suckling on them and I rub my shaking palm through his hair and I think to myself.
"I have an idea." I say and he grins at me, knowing that he's thinking the same thing. I notice he has his shirt off and that shows his hard abs and muscles and my mouth waters. His body is larger than mine, but not in the larger way as in fat, larger as in tall and more built. But if he turned around, you would think he was like s*******n or something around there. I bring my palm up and it rests against his chest and I can feel his heart beating fast. I smile and push him back and he lands on the couch and just lays there, smiling back at me. He helps me pull off his jeans and boxers until he is fully naked and I take my pants for more flexibility. I holds both of my breasts a little shy but he brings me closer to him and the look on his face is full with trust and compassion so I let go of my tits and give them in full sight to Tyler and I bend over to his cock and give his cock a few kisses and licks along the sides before I place it between my breasts. He then thrusts his hips up and down so that his cock slides between my breasts and he moans out in pleasure and every time the tip of his cock reaches my mouth, I lick the top and he when he starts to slow down of so much pleasure and weakness, I let go of my tits and then I grab his cock and start stroking it. I place it into my mouth and give him another BJ and he deep throats his cock into my mouth firmly but gently.
When he feels as if he's had enough (not exactly enough, but he knows that I want some contibutation in this), he comes toward me and picks me up and I wrap my legs around his body. He carries me, holding my body smushed against his, (and I'm now only wearing my panties) until we reach the table and he lays me down gently, holding his hand behind my head until I rest it onto the table. He climbs onto the table, bends over and starts rubbing his finger against my pussy. I gasp and I stick a finger into my mouth to suck on while he rubs the delicate super wet spot and he starts to pull down my panties and I arch my back to make it easier for him.
He then licks his pointer finger and rubs my pussy and it then slides in because it's so wet and he looks at me and I nod that it's okay. He starts to slide his finger in and out of my pussy and I moan out.
"Jesus, that's amazing..." I say and lead my head back and moan out in pleasure and longing. The feeling of his strong warm finger inside of my tight pussy makes me want him even more and he slides in another finger as if on cue and I grab my tits and start squeezing them together and moan. I look down at him and he's smiling up at me and when I see that he's so hard to the point of his cock sticking straight into the air, I say,
"Can I have you now?" When I say this he smiles gently and takes his fingers out, pulls my body closer to his and his cock rests at the tip of my pussy. He bends down so that his hands rest beside mine on the table and we stare into each other's eyes. "Mr. Milks... it's my first time..."
"I'll be gentle." He nods and I smile. "Could you... kiss me while you do it? It will take the pain away." I say and he bends down and our lips meet. His tongue migles against mine as I feel his hips lower and when it starts to insert into my body, I gasp out and Mr. Milks' kisses takes the gasping away and soon enough, half of his cock is in my pussy, then a third... and then all of it.
"Oh maw god." I breath out and he moans out.
"Damn, your tight." He smiles and I giggle. He starts to thrust his hips slowly and I look down to watch his huge cock slide in and out of my warm sopping pussy. I wrap my arms around his back and I stare straight into his eyes.
"I love you." I say and I don't hesitate or anything when I say this.
"As I love you." He says back and he sits up, not taking out his cock while doing this and he holds my back and easily brings me up with him and my breasts rest against his hard chest and I start to move up and down, up and down on his hips and he grinds against me which makes me scream out in pleasure. Every time I scream, he either covers it with a kiss or plants a finger in my mouth. As I bounce on him, I can feel his balls move against my clit and I lean my head back as he suckles on my nipples. He kisses them in ways that makes me want to die in pleasure and I hold the back of his head and run my fingers through his hair. He takes me to a position where I'm on all fours and he takes me from behind. He thrusts his hips and holds my hips with one hand and then holds my breast with the other. I plant my palms firmly on the table and lean my head down. I turn back to him and he plants a soft, warm kiss against my lips and I smile.
"Can we do this tomorrow?" I ask and he smiles back at me.
"We can do this as much as you want." He says back to me and thrusts harder this time and I breath out heavily and he takes out his cock and I spin around, lay down and he starts to jerk off and breathes heavily. I smile, waiting for his moment and when his cock starts to pump and the liquid sprays all over me, I hope my mouth and it lands into my mouth and my body. I lick my lips and I lay down on the table with him and I rest on my arm, facing him. He watching me while I rub my pussy.
"I love you."
"As I love you."

Part 2 MIGHT be coming up. It will have the same title except a "Part 2" on the end. Hope you enjoyed ;)
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I wish that happened to me. Sounds nice.
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I can't hardly wait for the next one.
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very good
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very well written