My Time Alone With Her <3

Place: College
Age: 19
Sex: Boy

I sat in my dorm, staring at the blank computer screen wearing a pair of jeans and a clean white t- shirt. Today was a Friday night and I had nothing to do. All my buddies were busy with their girls, and there I am, left with no one. Yeah, a billion girls asked me out this year but the only girl I was into was Delaney. A 19 year old, sexy teenage girl, who had long silky brown hair, a fine curved ass, and the most perfect golden skin. She was perfect, but we never got into the contact stage.
Thinking of her started to turn me on, so I looked around my room, made sure the blinds were closed, the door was shut and I undid my zipper. I pulled out my 6"9 cock that was throbbing and warm and I softly started to stroke it.
"Fuck..." I mumbled and leaned my head back. My other hand started to trail to the mouse of my Mac computer and I clicked onto the Internet. Soon enough I was watching porn. I watched a fine looking girl who looked around 18 or 19 fuck the crap out of her 20 year old boyfriend. I watched as his hard pounding cock slid around her tight pussy and my cock started to get so hard, I was at the point of cumming. Rubbing my cock vigourosly, I imagined Delaney's fine pussy bouncing and thrusting against my cock and I closed my eyes, jerking off harder now and a squirt of cum spat out. I held it in as long as I could, but suddenly a HUGE load came out. It went all over my desk, soaking it in a white liquid. Damn.
As if on cue, I heard a knock at the door.
"Hold on!" I quickly said and stood up. The door swung open!
"I told you to hold on you jack-" I began but when I saw her, I froze. She stared at me, cock hanging out of my jeans, orgasm all over my desk and the porn video was still going.
"That desperate?" Delaney giggled and set her lands onto her hips. She wore a tight pink tank top, nipples clearly visible, short pajama shorts, and fuzzy slippers. My face got red in embarassment and she smiled.
"Yeah- well..." I began but she walked over and placed a warm smooth hand on my cock.
"Shhh. Don't ruin the moment. Trust me, when a girl finds you watching extreme porn, cum all over their desk, and obviously knowing they were masturbating, she knows what to do. Go sit on your bed." She whispered in his ear, gave him a quick kiss and he obeyed. Sitting down on the front of his bed, she pulled off her tank top, revealing her huge round breasts and grabbed his cock, placing it between her tits.
"Holy fuck..." He said and she thrusted his huge hard load between her raging tits and started to tittie fuck them. Every time the tip reached her mouth, she licked it and this brought on an orgasm.
"Sorry." He said and she shook her head.
"Don't be sorry. It was fun." She grinned and stood up, walking away! He grabbed her wrist and she giggled, falling over him and they landed on top of each other.
"You aren't going anywhere. We just got started." He grinned and she sat right on his cock as it rubbed against her pussy and she lifted up, inserting it. He bounced her hips up and down, up and down and they fucked for many, many hours.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
wow hot story. loved your page too.