Fun During Gym Part 1 <3

I stand in front of the mirror with my popular group of friends which stand beside me, making sure their tits are plunged out for the boys and makeup/ hair is perfect. I'm the leader of the popular possy because I'd been friends with them all the time. Sydney, the sexy latina with a curved ass, Meghan, the hot blonde with the smooth stomach, Hailey, the perfect blue eyed sex goddess with the huge tits, and me, Taylor, the beautiful long blonde hair, perfect curved ass and huge sexy tities. (The word "tities" makes me laugh all the time XD). My best friend Sydney comes from behind me after changing, but still in her bra and tight shorts and hugs me. I smile, resting my head on her shoulder and she says to me "Good thing its summer break tomorrow, I don't think I could take another day of the boring school shit." She giggles and I nod in agreement. I pull on my Pink Tight Aritzia Camisole and my black Tna shorty shorts and walk over to my Gym Locker, putting on a pair of white runners and lock it. "Girls." I say and they all nod, getting ready in a hurry and they follow me outside. Now lets talk about boys. First, is Josiah, (I use the same boys name in almost every story, it makes things easier ;) ) who is the hot sunbronze skinned god with huge muscles, the best humour and has a boner over me and my girls (especially me) every day. Than there is Matt, the fair skinned, soft brown haired class clown who has the cutest smile and the warmest feeling when your around him, but his emerald green eyes get you every time. Lastly but definetly not leastly is Jovanne (prounouced Yo- Van) the curly brown hair sweetie with hard muscles and is the most popular guy ever. We are all in grade 10. Us girls step out of the changing room and walk down the scarlet tiled floor toward the huge North Gym and I grab the door, pull it open and there is already a bunch of people in the gym. There is the normal girls, who are athletic and good at sports, the really annoying guys such as Micheal, Jared and Brandon, and than the hot guys such as Josiah, Jovanne and Matt who sit on the bleachers, leaning back. Their eyes trace to us. "Don't look at them, just walk past them. It will keep them wanting you and they will try to get your attention." I tell them and they nod and follow me to the next bleachers that are across from the boys' bleachers. I glance down and my breasts are perfectly pumped forward and I keep my stomach flat and sexy. The boys whistle and I flash a sexy grin at them and they smile back. "I'll be right back. You girls go to the next bleachers. Time to teach these boys a lesson." I turn to the girls, flashing them all a air kiss and they smile, winking at the guys and I walk over to them. Music starts in the gym, the song "Wanted" which is mutual because music usually starts in the gym which was a warning for it was five minutes until gym started. I walked up each step, making myself seem light (which I was) and see the boys staring at me in satisfaction. "Come for the main platter sweetie?" Josiah asks, sitting up and pats the seat beside him. "Sort of. More like to see you gain some improvement muscle man." I glance over at him with my bright sea blue eyes and long black lashes and he puts his hands up in innocence and Jovanne and Matt burst out laughing. "What are you two clowns laughing at? You won't be when I kick your small ass' in Kick Ball." I motion to their cocks and their cheeks get red and I giggle, turning back around and clearly give them a look at my curved butt and I walk back to the girls as they stare off at me. That's when our teacher Mrs. Rose walks into the gym, holding her clip board and I smile over at her. I'm one of her class faves because I actually try to participate in all the sports such as Track and Field, Swimming and such and she smiles back at me, motioning us to come to her. The class follows and we all sit in a bunch. I sit mainly with Sydney and Hailey because they are my bestest friends. "Today, instead of playing California Kick Ball, we are going to walk across the field toward the Park's Forest and play Capture the Flag. I've already set up the cones and such during lunch," (we had gym the period after lunch) "And I will split you into two teams. Lets get our captains." I end up on a team with Hailey, Sydney, Evangeline, Murray, Matt, Josiah and Meghan and a few other people. The forest that we get to has a lot of trees, bushes, hiding places and a straight line of cones that mark the boundary line between our side of the forest and their side of the forest. The flags that we're using are two bright orange cones which I find kind of annoying because anywhere you put it it can be seen unless you stick it in a thick bush, for the rule was it had to be on the ground. "Okay group, over here." I call out for I was the team captain and the team walks over. "The team over there are obviously gonna be dumb asses and stick it in a tree trunk or a small bush. I want us to spread out. Hailey, Matt, you stick near the flag. Don't be too close though because that'll be too obvious. Josiah and Sydney stay with me, we will go for the flag. You rest spread out and make sure nobody gets passed the line. Got it?" I ask and everyone nods in agreement that this is a good plan and we hear the whistle blow, saying that the round has started. We all get into our positions and Josiah comes over to me. "See it?" He asks and I glance around the trees and bushes and I see something a little orange, but it could just be a bench or something. "Maybe. Over there." I point over to the bush and he nods. "Well, we better go and get it." He grins, wrapping an arm around my waist and I chuckle. "Watch it Mr. You might get us caught." I pat the front of his zipper and he sucks in a breathe of passion and I see no one gaurding the bush. "Cover me." I say to Sydney and she nods as I sprint across the boundary line, toward a few trees, I hide behind them as I make my way across the leaf covered ground and I kneel down, glancing around the moss covered tree and see the orange cone. "You've got to me k**ding me." I whisper quietly and thought to myself 'Wow, they really are dumb ass'' and I sprint toward the bush. Suddenly I hear a rustle and I duck behind a different bush and hold my breathe. I turn around, seeing three people sprint over our boundary line toward the flag and I motion for Sydney and Josiah to go and catch them and I mouth "I'll get the flag. Go!". I turn back toward the bush that holds the cone and when I'm completely out of sight from the class and teacher, I step forward a few times ever so quietly and reach down to grab the cone, being covered behidn three bushes and a couple trees when someone jumps down from a tree and stands in front of me. "Hey cutie." Jovanne says, glancing down at me and I frown, smiling and bit and rest my hips on my sides. "Go ahead. Tag me out to jail. Josiah and Sydney will just get the flag after." I say sweetly and examine my hot pink sparkly nails and Jovanne scrunches up his forehead. "I have a better idea. Yes, I'll tag you." He says and reaches forward, tagging my breast but doesn't let go. "Pervert." I laugh and grab his wrist when he jumps forward, pressing hi lips against mine and they are warm, wanting. I bit his lip softly and I cling to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and our toungues mingle, lips not letting go. His hands find my hips, bringing them close and I can feel his boner rubbing against the front of my shorts. "No. Not here." I whisper and he takes my wrist. pressing a finger to my mouth and we sprint off. We get to the baseball field on the other side of the forest and since gym is another hour, we have lots of time. Excitement and pleasure fills me when we're running across the one of thousands of bleachers around the field. What is also good is that the field is enclosed by a huge wall that hides us. How we got inside is we boosted eachother over the high wall and all the doors were locked. When we reached a low hiding bleacher, he turns to me and kissing me, rubbing my sobbing pussy and he whispered "Looks like someone got really wet." "Shut up." I smile and bring him down to me and he lies upon me, as we make out and I pull off my shorts and his sits up, spreading my legs open and rubs a finger against my wet pussy. "Don't tease me." I plead and I bit my finger, as he brings two fingers inside of my pussy and thrusts hard. I gasp, loving the feeling of something warm in my pussy and moan loudly, him grinning and he presses another finger in, than another until finally its his whole fist. "Holy crap." He says and tears spring to my eyes, not in pain but in such pleasure I want all of him. I grab his wrist taking it out and I push him to his back rougly and sexingly and he chuckles as I pull off his jeans (He never wears gym strip) and stare down at his boxers, smiling. "Damn girl." He leans back onto another bleacher and I take off my Camisole and reveal my pink laced bra with my huge tits flashing brightly and his hard cock in his boxers pulse hugely under his boxers and I slip them down slowly and his penis rises straight up. My brows raise at its huge size, being atleast six inches long and the tip is warm and wet, finding he'd already cummed once during our fingering setion. I bend forehead, my ass in the air and he rubs it as I give him an amazing blow job that started as sticking his whole load in my mouth, licking it all around, sucking his balls and than bring my tongue inside of the hole at the top of his cock. I grin and he explodes in my mouth and I breathe in, swallowing. "Bitch, I want you now." He says quickly and strips us both and he puts both of my palms and knees on the bleachers and puts me into doggie style. He grabs my waist and got ready to inject. "Go ahead." I say and he moves forward, teasing me a bit until I giggle and than begins to fuck me. I breath in gasp as he moves in and out and doesnt stop. He leans forward, taking both breasts in his hands and I turn my head, kissing him. Yes, I'd dreamt about this forever. But it was different. More happiness and more pleasure. His cock thrides in and out of my pussy so hard, the sound of the liquid makes wishy washy sounds. "Not so hard, it's embarassing me." I say and he slows down a bit but than the pleasure lowers. "Forget it. Fuck me harder." I say, turning to him and move into a position of him holding me in his arms and my breasts squeeze against his chest and his eyes meet mine. He fucks me hard and I move a lot in his arms, up and down and up and down and I lower to kiss him, our lips becoming so in love that we don't move out of this postion for a while. When I know that he's about to blow. I step onto the ground, go onto my knees and he jerks off, breathing heavily and than the warm white liquid sprays into my mouth in an amazingly huge loud it take three swallows to get it all down. He sits in front of me and pressing his lips once again against mine. "I love you Taylor. Always." He whisperes, pressing his forehead against mine and I'm about to say that I love him back, when I see Josiah watching us from across the stadium and he dissapears. Fun During Gym Part 2 coming soon. Stay tuned lovers <3
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some spacing would help also
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Hey guys, turns out my next Part 2 is gunna be called "Fun During Vacation Part 2" ;)
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