Hunger Games Sex Part 1

I just want all of you to know that this is before Katniss ever went to the Hunger Games. This is the day The Reaping happens, but Gale and Katniss are in the forest...

I walked across the leaves, hearing the crunchy noises echo from tree to tree. Grasping the arrow in my palms, I glanced around hoping for the slightest hint of a bush rustling caused by a dear or a badger or maybe even a branch twitch by the cause of a bird. But as I look around harder, the less hope fills be that I will be able to feed my f****y tonight. Waiting for Gale isn't a big surprise. He's probably hunting along the way as we usually meet in the same area, right int he middle of the forest. I finally spot a rabbit hopping across the ground and I don't act like an idiot, sprinting forward and shooting it with a noiseless arrow, I stay very still.
The rabbit stops.
I raise my arrow as slowly as I can and send a arrow flying and it shoots the rabbit right in the eye. I don't even flinch. This is normal. I smile, walking over to the rabbit and hopped over a trunk. Reaching down, another hand grasps the bunny and I pounce forward, without looking who it was and send the person tumbling to the floor.
"Careful Catnip, you might actually give me a scar." Gale says, his dark brown hair swifted to the side with a huge grin on his face. A squirrel hangs from his belt attached to his pants and I grin back, standing up and give him a hand. I bend down, grabbing the bunny and gesture for Gale to step forward as I attach the rabbit around his belt. His eyes trail to mine and I look away from him, picking up my arrow on the leaf covered ground and we continue farther into the forest.
We end up at the top of a hill, where a long sits and this is usually where we eat what we hunt, but we only eat a small fraction of it because the rest is for each of our families. I brush my brown hair behind my ear, sit down and Gale sits beside me.
"Look what I shot." He says, holding up a loaf of bread and I laugh. (YES this is from the real book, but what ever :) There has to be similarities) I take the arrow from the loaf which was still warm and pop it into my mouth.
"We could do it you know, run away. Just you and me." Gale says and I can't say that I'm too surprised he would say this.
"I wouldn't leave Prim and mom, neither would you but with your f****y." I lean back against the log, staring out into the horizon. It's just more forest but at the very end is a lake, where my father and I would go fishing. There was Katniss plants in the river, and that was what I was named after.
"Would you consider it?" Gale says and before I know it, he's brought me to the ground, pinned both my wrists to the floor and I stare curiously into his eyes, those beautiful, handsome eyes.
His lips press against mine. We lie there for a minute, kissing each other. I never thought this would actually happen, me and him. We were only ever friends, but in this moment, I felt like we were soul mates, I grab at his belt, tossing the a****ls aside and he moans. Running my fingers through his soft messy hair made me want him even more. Throwing his pants aside made him grab at my shirt and lift it up, revealing my breasts. I felt a little embarrassed at first but then he kissed my stomach and I yelped, loving the pleasure inside me, like I'd just swallowed a million of butterflies. Than, I looked down at him amazing cock. It was already hard and stood straight up. I reached down, caressing it in my hands and I stroked it as he put us in the 69 position.
I gently laid my pussy straight above his face and he flicked his tongue out and I purred, bending my head down and took his junk in my mouth. I'd never done this, but I felt confidence in myself. I wasn't going to mess this up. I wobbled my tongue all around the G Spot on his cock and sucked it hard. Finally, when I felt his cock stiffen, a warm liquid blasted down my throat and I blinked and he stopped licking my pussy.
"I'm sorry. Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded.
"Yes, I'm fine." I turn around to face him and I kissed him passionately on his lips and buried my palms in the grass. His hands rested on the sides of my hips and he lowered me down and I felt slight pain, but it went away as soon as I felt how warm and happy he was. His face was staring right at mine and he gave me a questionable look. I nodded.
We began to make love for at least an hour before he couldn't take it any longer and he took his cock from my pussy and cummed all over my stomach and I breathed heavily. Running my fingers throughout the liquid, he smiled, laying down beside me.
"I love you." He whispers in my ear and I giggle.
"I know," I rest my chin on his shoulder and curl up beside him.

We walk back home, spotting the electrical fence but of course it wasn't on, so we slid through the opening and didn't hold hands. We didn't want rumors going around, so we kept our space until we reached my door.
"I'll see you tonight. Look pretty, as always." He smiled down at me, looking around and peered at the windows of my small house and bent down to kiss me. I kissed him back, our tongues meeting and he was the first to pull away, but he kissed my forehead and nodded, walking away. I opened the door, finding Prim stroking her ugly feline.
"Still shoulda drowned you." I mutter down at the cat and Prim frowns at me, but holds out her hand and I take her to get ready for the Reaping.

Want more? Leave a comment and if this gets 4 or 5 stars, I'll make a Part 2 ;)

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good start
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Part 2 please ;)