Beginning to become an exhibitionist

Recently, I starting to become a bit of an exhibitionist. Nothing too major and nothing that I have filmed (yet) but yesterday might have been the start of the real thing..

Our next door neighbours had their cleaner in. She is about 24, brunette, Eastern European and has a very tidy little body. I was up in our back bedroom doing something mundane when I realised I could see her at work (our back bedroom overlooks their kitchen extension). This starts to get me horny and before too long my trousers are down and I pulling at my cock at the window, hoping she would see. All she had to do was look up and there I was, hard-on in hand wanking away for her.

In the hope of not being too obvious I was trying not too look too much at her, but instead looked outwards onto the houses that back onto our garden. I was aware that anyone from about five or six houses could see me if they just happened to be looking out of there window at that time. No one was in sight. So, I carried on wanking for the cleaner, hoping she was enjoying the view, when I noticed straight opposite a young woman at her kitchen sink!! I had seen her before and she is nice! Another brunette, but with fantastic legs and ass.

I nearly came. All she had to do was look my way and there I was, cock in hand at the window. I carried on, not sure where to look. Was the cleaner getting an eyeful? Would my neighbour look my way? I was getting close to cumming and wasn't sure what to do when my neighbour looked my way. My heart skipped a beat. She had to have seen me, but she turned away and was suddenly out of sight. Would she come back? Should I carry on? Had she seen me?

My cock seemed enormous in my hand. Thicker and hornier than ever before. My balls were aching, desperate to cum. I decided to carry on when she reappearred at the window! This time just staring straight at me. No pretence. No question now as to whether she had seen me. She was just standing there watching. Watching me wank. I knew I wsn't going to last much longer, so I just stared back at her and got as close to the window as I could. I was furiously stroking myself off, not caring if the cleaner next door was watching as well, this was all about the woman opposite now.

I came against the window. The first spurt was massive. Arching high onto the pane. Then a second good full spurt, followed by a third. The window was covered in cum when I suddenly got very self conscious and moved to my left so neither of the women could see me. My legs were literally shaking from the f***e of my cum - a real knee-trembler - and I waited for what seems like ages before looking back out of the window. She was no longer there.

I can't wait to do it again and can only presume this will start me doing it 'properly' in public. The turn on of knowing she was watching was just too good a feeling to stop it now...
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4 months ago
Great confession, I know what you are describing. Had some great times when I lived in a big city with lady neighbours all around. Any chance you can film the next time she watches you ?
1 year ago
wish I was yr neighbour lol
3 years ago
just love your story!
3 years ago
Not yet, but then it only happened a couple of days ago!
3 years ago
Very recognizable with something that happened between me and my former neighbour. Mentioning the trembling knees makes me believe this story, hope it has progressed?