Layla in the Adult Cinema

When I was in my twenties in the late 1970's I started working in London and soon discovered the delights of adult cinemas. In those days there were about twenty, mostly in Soho, but my favourite one was near City Road on the edge of the business area. I spent many hours sitting in the dark and wanking, always hoping that a couple would come in and allow us to watch them fucking or even better to let us join in. Unfortunately this was very rare. I had once been wanked off by a kind bespectacled secretary out with her boss but most couples left afer a brief interval, leaving us guys high and dry. I had fantasized about taking a young lady to the Willow Cinema for ages but had given up hoping I would find a willing girl, that is until I met Layla.
We met at a local club and on our first date she turned up in a long coat covering a low topped t-shirt and short tartan skirt, her long slim legs encased in black stockings. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, he lovely swish of sheer nylon, the glimpse of stocking top and the unmistakeable outline of a suspender belt showing through her skirt. She ended up sucking me off in the car park an hour later. After this I didn’t hear from her for a few weeks until she rang me up out of the blue one evening and asked me to take her somewhere ‘exciting’. Without thinking I suggested a visit to the porn cinema. There was a pause for a few seconds and I thought I had blown it but she giggled down the phone and told me to give her an hour to get dressed properly.
We met in a pub nearby. She was wearing a long mac done up to the top so I couldn’t guess what she was wearing apart from red stillettos and seamed stockings. I was straining with a fierce erection and very nervous but she seemed calm and relaxed and asked me about the cinema. She seemed very pleased to learn that it was always quite full with mostly businessmen stopping for a few hours before they went home. Often they would be openly wanking and finishing on the floor or in a handkerchief. As I told her this she was gently tickling my cock through my trousers and seemed pleased with my hardness. She then told me that at the age of eighteen she had allowed her then boyfriend to take her to Hampstead Heath one night. tie her to a tree and let her be fucked by five of his friends. Since then she had always been interested in adventurous sex.
The entrance to the cinema was in the basement of an office building. Laylas high heels made sharp clicking sounds as we descended. The guy on reception couldnt take his eyes off her and informed us that ladies were free. We entered the larger of the two cinemas to the sound of fucking and groaning from the screen. It was dark and we made our way to the back. Before we sat down Layla unbuttoned her coat to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath but a PVC basque and her gorgous sheer stockings. We sat down and waited for our eyes to adjust to the dark. I was stroking the smooth nylon of her thighs and she continued to tease my cock through my trousers.
Layla became very nervous when a guy from the front strolled down the aisle and planted himself on the seat to her right. I kneeled down in front of her, parted her stockinged thighs and began to gently lick her, first pushing aside the thin fabric of her knickers and then seeking out her hard little clit with my tongue. I shouldnt have worried as she was very wet already and the touch of my tongue made her softly moan and writhe in her seat. By now everyone in the cinema had noticed us and noone was watching the film. The guy next to her was rubbing himself with one hand and was furtively placing his hand on here stockinged thigh with the other. She wasn’t objecting.
She put her hands on my head and pushed me hard into her crotch, then she asked me to take her down the front where there was more room. The atmosphere was electrical as she walked slowly to the front in only her basque and stockings. I heard a few appreciative comments as I followed nervously. We sat in the middle and the guys formed a semi-circle around us. One of the men was beaming and blurted out that it was his birthday- what a present! I motioned him to sit next to Layla. She slowly opened her legs and began to run her hands over the smooth stockings, then in one action she pulled her knickers down and off, throwing them in the air. She then encouraged birthday boy to take his cock out and soon was wanking us both simultaneously. A guy stood behind her head, rubbing a very stiff cock furiously and she turned and smiled at him, then without any warning she began licking the tip of his helmet in a teasing way. This must have been too much for him as he came immediately, splashing her face with a great gush of cum. She didn’t flinch and continued licking the helmet, tasting the cum and moaning approvingly. This was the sign for the rest of the guys to move in and soon she was surrounded by about a dozen stiff cocks. One middle aged guy with glasses asked to fuck her. He had already put a condom over his cock. She just stood up, invited him to sit on her seat and sat straight down on him. She was bouncing up and down on it when a cock was thrust into her mouth and she was managing to wank two more cocks at the same time. A guy was on his knees attempting to suck her clit as the cock pumped in and out of her. I had stepped back slightly, intending to watch all the action. The guy in her mouth let out a groan and fell back. Sperm was dripping from her lips and her eyes were glazed over in ecstacy. I recognised the next cock to be thrust into her mouth as belonging to the manager, who must have come in to see what the commotion was about.
Layla was now moaning loudly as the two cocks ploughed into her, building up to a climax and then screaming out as she came. The manager pulled his cock from her mouth and let out a huge stream of spunk, which splashed over her breasts and thighs- then the guy she was bouncing on cried out he was coming and began to thrust into her really hard. This set her off screaming again. Someone in the crowd started clapping but if they thought it was all over they were due for a surprise. Layla was just coming into her stride.
"I want you all to spunk over me. Cover me with your sperm, now!" I was in ecstasy as about half a dozen men surrounded her, jostling for the best position. "Where’s birthday boy? I want your cock first", she shouted. He was pushed to the front and soon was pushing his cock between her lips as she slurped on it, looking all the time up to him smiling. When he came she kept it in her mouth and then withdrew slowly. I could see a few sperm droplets on her lips. After that it was a bit of a blur as the guys wanked over her and eventually spraying over her face, her hair, her tits, all over those beautifully stockinged legs. There was even spunk dripping from her stilettos. I was the last to come. I just stood in front of her face and unloaded all over it as she encouraged me. As I spurted she had a huge smile on her face and she was looking straight into my eyes, spunk dripping off her eyelids.
After this the manager was keen to usher the guys out but not before they gave her a round of applause, begging her to come back soon and thanking me. I started talking to the guy she had sat on, intending to arrange to see him fuck her again, when we turned to see Layla in the toilet recess. She was washing the spunk from her body at the sink and bending over, showing her bare arse framed by the black seamed stockings and suspenders which were covered in globs of spunk- it was one of the horniest sights I would ever see and we both shouted "Yes!" in appreciation.

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