More of my Sweet

I was really becoming attached to this person. From the waist up a she, from the waist down completely a man. In the past, I had given thought to the attraction I often felt toward men, but I would never have taken it any further than the dark corners of the peep shows. I would never have openly dated another guy. It was always completely sexual. I enjoy sex, always have since an early age, and always will till I hit my grave.

Now, along comes this person that is satisfing both sides of my sexual desires. Someone who wanted to be with me and it was confusing to say the least. After confessing my deep desires of nursing it became a daily activity. In the morning before work. Then, I could slip out of work to run home for lunch at noon. I'd lunch on her nipples and the more I did the bigger she got and she began to produce more. She was always extra full in the evening if I hadn't made it home for lunch. Sucking on one nipple till it went dry and then empty the other while still squeezing the first. There was always more.

I'd love her to set on my cock and then bend forward so her tits were over my chest. Giving a gentle squeeze and the milk would flow, spraying my chest with the warm liquid. Feeling it role down my side to the bed. Spraying my face and catching what I could in my mouth.

Three months had gone by in what seemed only an instant. I had a friend and a lover. Someone for me to satisfy and that special someone to answer my fantasies. I was living a dream. There were extra special times we'd share when we went out on a date. We had a sign only the two of us recognized. It was always a trip to the back seat of the car. Sucking her breasts dry and if she was really in the mood, I'd suck her cock until she'd cum.

We'd hang out in department stores watching the rest rooms or a fitting room until the coast was clear. Slipping inside a stall together, my pants around my ankles and her setting on my lap. When the time was right she would find a way to have her lips around the head of my cock when it exploded. She would always message my balls until they were completely empty.

Before I knew it, the time had come. She wanted to complete her journey to becomeing a woman. She left for California with a promise to call me once she was settled. It seemed forever before I got that call.........
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