My first time swinging part 2

I entered the porch and like a naughty school boy summoned by the headmistress waited for further instructions. Sensing my nerves Debbie took my hand and said it was OK and led me through a very lavish house and into the conservatory where her husband Bob was sat enjoying the afternoon sun. I was surprised at Bob's appearance he was much older than Debbie I would guess she was forty and he was almost sixty but had obviously kept himself in shape. Debbie offered me a drink and I accepted as she brought it through she had a smile on her face that said a thousand words I knew she was a dirty bitch from that moment. After a brief chat about the weather and general chit chat Debbie said she was going to freshen up as she had been playing golf that day and said to Bob to take me indoors and relax.

Bob took me into the living room and proceeded to tell me what Debbie liked. He said she wanted to walk in on us both sat wanking off while watching some porn . I didn't like the sound of that at all, I mean Debbie was no where to be seen and this old guy wants me to sit next to him wanking off.He went in to ask if there was an restrictions I had, at this point I said I wasn't interested in any sort of gay stuff like bumming or sucking him off. Bob laughed and explained that it was Debbie who wanted to catch us wanking and it was part of her fantasy.

With that all cleared up I began to relax a little as Bob rummaged around his collection of vhs porn asking what I liked I said anything would do. Bob and I sat back and the porn began it was a 80s porn with a chick called viper getting fucked royally by 2 huge black guys. I hadn't seen much porn back then hardcore porn in the UK was hard to get hold of and watching this filthy bitch being fisted at the side of a pool while sucking on a big black clock had my cock bursting to get out of my trousers. Debbie called down the stairs "I will be about ten minutes boys I hope your ready". I looked over to Bob he stood up and got undressed I was embarrassed as he sat back down I noticed his cock was all limp I didn't really want to strip of in front of him was a raging hard cock. I paused for a moment and continued to watch viper choking down some thick black cock and then I thought fuck it he was going to see my cock at some point so I stood up and started to undress. I sat back down and Bob passed me some baby oil I poured some onto my smooth hard cock and balls and jerked my cock just enough to keep it hard I didn't want to wank properly and blow my load the moment Debbie touched my cock. The scene finished and Bob made some joking remark about us blowing our spunk all over Debbie and how much she loved being covered in hot jizz.

The next scene started and as I pumped cock watching a massive titted black woman dress like a red Indian getting her tits sucked the door opened and in walked Debbie. I was speechless. I had many girlfriends up to this point and they were always around my age and some would dress up sexy with crotchless panties etc but Debbie had just walked in and shown me what dressing sexy was all about. Her curly golden blonde hair went half way down her back and she stood there legs apart in a shiny blue basque with matching blue stocking and lacy thong finished off with black patent stilettos. "Well well well what are you two dirty wankers watching" she asked. Not concentrating my wanking picked up pace as I looked at this beautiful big titted slut stood in front of the TV with her hands on her hips. I must have zoned out looking at her amazing body because all of a sudden I snapped back to what was happening and quickly released my cock which was now twitching ready to shoot my cum all over I could feel my balls tightening when Bob stood up and told Debbie to shut her mouth and suck his dick.

And so it began.....
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