Curvy Baby a real amateur - Woke me up with a BJ


‘Woke up with my cock in her mouth’

I am writing up another episode of sex with the emerging slut Curvy Baby. It’s amazing how slutty she has gotten since we have started to post pictures and vids here. I think she may be warming up to letting me have another photo shoot, but that is another story/pictures/video!

Anyway, I woke up at about 6 am to use the john. Got a quick drink of water went back to sl**p. I was happy because it was only still 6 and I didn’t have anything scheduled until later that day so I was going to sl**p in until 8am (2 hours extra yeah buddy!). And I needed it; I have been burning the candle at both ends since new years. I lay back down and was out in seconds. It seemed like only 5 minutes passed and I suddenly woke up to find Curvy Baby sucking my dick. She was laying on her side next to me; we were kind of 69. All of this was almost too much to process at first sight after just waking up and all I could say was ohhh baby…. I dropped my head back on the pillow and just laid there for a couple of seconds engulfed in the feeling of being instantly turned on, getting really horny real fast, all while having my dick sucked which is what we all want when we are getting horny, all at the same time! It was great. I stretched my arms and legs out and arched my back which pushed my cock up. By the way she sighed, she took it as an offering and grabbed it real hard at the base and just stared at it as she stroked it long and full. I lay relaxed with her hand gripping my cock hard while she stroked it really slow. She watched the base skin stretch as she tugged my cock on the up stoke, then she would watch the head and shaft as she slowly slide her back down pushing her hand hard into me. She moved her hair behind her ear so I could see her kiss the head of my cock. She would kiss it and then giggle. She had this smile on her face like it was her first BJ. She kissed the head and then started from the base and kissed it all the way up finishing by kissing me right on my weenie hole. She giggled and started stoking me again. She then positioned her pussy closer to me and spread her legs. Again all I could say was ohhh baby when I looked at her pussy and saw she had a vibrator inside. It was deep and all I could see was the end where it twists on and off. I slid my hand up her thigh. When my hand got her upper inner leg/body I started to feel wetness. I moved my hand up a bit further and found that her pussy had been seeping juice the whole time. The crack of her ass was so wet from her juice running down it. I moved my finger up and down her crack a couple of times and then grabbed the vibrator and began to move it in and out of her. I was only moving it about an inch either way. I could feel it vibrating. She had it on really low

Well now I am fully awake and horny as hell. I looked back down at her kissing and using the point of her tongue to lick the underside of my dick head. She grabbed my cock again and stroked really slow from the base all the way up. My dick let out a big drop of pre cumm to which she immediately pressed her lips into. She gave it a soft sweet peck and slowly moved her head back. There was a long 8 inch string of pre cumm from my dick head to her lips. She took her finger and broke it from dick and brought it up to her lips. She rubbed her lips slowly with her finger, the pouted them and then slowly open her mouth. She looked like she was wearing lip gloss except that the juice was stringing several times from the top to her bottom lip. She lay there stroking my cock, pouting and playing with her lips to make the cumm string across. She stared at me with her lips parted stroking my cock. When the juice began to drip a little and she began to slowly lick her lips and clean them. I started to drive the dildo further in and out. I could hear her pussy making gentle sucking noises and could see how wet the vibrator had become. I could see her juice stringing from her pussy lips to the dildo. Her lips flapped as it went in and out. She continued to suck me while I worked her pussy with the dildo. I pulled it out and turned up the speed. It was so wet I had to give it a lick to taste her. I started rubbing her clit with it which she likes. She started to moan and gyrate her hips. I dipped the dildo back into her pussy and drove it deep back and for the several times before yanking it out and pushing it into her clit. She started bucking. She closed her legs, trapping it onto her clit and pussy. She came hard. She had my dick in her hand and was squeezing it hard. So hard I almost told her to let go, but she finished cumming just in time and released my cock. She took the dildo off her pussy and just lay there moaning and cooing. I grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I had pre cumm dripping and told her about it, but she just giggled. So I rolled over a bit and milked a long drop of juice on her cheek. She just moaned and said how warm it is. I milked some more on her cheek. By this time she had recovered from her orgasm so I got up behind her. I pushed her on her belly and grabbed her hips and pulled upwards. She assisted and propped her ass up high in the air. She lay there with her belly down and ass up. I paused for a moment to admire how great her pussy looks from behind this way. Her big lips parted and dangling low. I spread her ass and could see her whole ass crack juicy and wet. Her ass hole had wetness all around it. I got a better grip and spread her asshole open and could see the wetness clearly was sucked inside. I pushed my cock inside her pussy and it was instantly wet. I stroked a few times and pulled it out. I love to grab my cock when it is covered in pussy juice. I stoked it a few times and slid it back in. I alternated this several times. Each time I would put it back Curvy Baby would let out a long moan and arch her back. I grabbed her hips tightly and started to ride. I fucked her hard pulling her into me as I thrust into her. I could see her ass jiggling and could her breathing heavy, moaning and whimpering in heat. I listened to the wet sucking and slapping noises in the background. I continued to fuck her and tell her how great both she and her pussy suck my cock. She looked back at me and said that she loved to suck cock and with that she tightened her pussy like a vise. I grabbed on to her and just fucked away. I propped on leg up so I could drive deeper and when I did she began to moan and whimper harder. I must have been hitting her G because she started grabbing at the blankets and mattress. Fucking her this way, hearing her and her pussy was all I could take. I grabbed her ass and spread it. I pulled out my cock and grabbed it tight to buy and extra millisecond of time to position and aim for her asshole. I shot my load at point blank range right on her asshole and could see it twitch right after impact. She just lay there ass up and still moaning. I drained my load and watched it drip from her ass drown her pussy and drip of her swollen clit on the bed.

I looked at the clock it was 6:42

So much for sl**ping in

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1 month ago
Now that's how we should woken up every morning...
Great story