There I was on a Nairobi airport’s concrete tarmac. I was happy and with a smile on my face I was ushered from the plane to a stretched Hummer. After all it was my Big-O birthday and I decided to treat myself to a forbidden pleasure of a sex safari. The decision was a simple one. If men can do it, so can women. Only that I had decided to do it one better. I chose a sex safari in Maasai Mara. Here I was bra-less, in white almost see-through, Marilyn Monroe’s halter top dress. With every puff of the warm wind, the dress billowed above my waist exposing my legs and my tasteful pink thong. I did not mind the exposure and enjoyed the help’s lecherous looks. The Sun and the Serengeti wind made it all idyllic and exotic.

My group was guided by Jim the “Great White Hunter”, only he’s was not white; he was big, tough looking and black as the Ace of Spades. As I climbed into the Hummer, he held my hand a little too long for a simple service. His eyes pierced me with a gaze of pure sexual energy. This left me a bit uncomfortable but wonderful. The spacious limousine easily accommodated my group of few men and women. The liquor was served to all in no time all were friends. My mild perspiration made my dress cling to my body and the fabric that was almost see-through is now see-through. This mild exhibitionism made my pussy wet with desire. It must have been the liquor that contained more than the distilled spirit.

After a short travel, Jim spoke. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are having fun. We are about to enter our Maasai Mara Hunting lodge”. He continued, “You, as our guests are quite lucky. This is the time when young warriors have healed from their circumcision and are readied to be married.” “Let me tell you a bit about the Maasai” he continued. “To start, the Maasai are probably the most promiscuous tribe in East Africa and beyond. Their culture allows them to have any woman in the village as a lover, as long as she is married to their age mate or a person of the same age. The married woman is allowed to have one boyfriend as long as she does not get pregnant by him. Many women prefer Maasai warriors as lovers, they like the fact that the Maasai are well lecherous endowed. Size does matter. Maasai warriors literally move around in the nude with only a flimsy bright red cloth covering the front and back. So when you get a side view, anybody will be able to see and inspect a Maasai warrior's member dangling bravely in the wind. Part of warrior’s initiation into manhood, usually involves in the killing of a full-grown lion in the wild. Many European women like the Maasai warrior’s penis. His foreskin is cut and shaped in a way that it resembles a second penis. They will usually leave some heavy skin hanging downwards around the most sensitive part of the penis. This accomplishes two important objectives, it prolongs lovemaking tremendously, but more importantly it allows for much more "friction" and when ‘folded’, with every stroke it rubs the woman’s ‘G’ spot. This is the Maasai secret that makes this African tribe so exceptional in lovemaking. Let’s not forget the Maasai girls. In their early teens, they live in a communal house with adults where they are expected to learn about the male to female life. So they know a thing or two about sex.” All this talk about sex got my nipples all hard and protruding through and my thong was soaked with love juices. “Here we are”, Jim continued, “Welcome to our lodge, happy hunting”.

As I left the Hummer, two very tall Africans picked up my luggage and lead me to a round hut. On the outside the hut looks as primitive as any on the Savannah. Inside it is nothing but Luxury with a capital ‘L’. My ‘hut’ had two large rooms, one for sl**ping and one for entertaining or living. The airy bedroom was lit with sunlight that was falling through the panoramic window. The bedroom walls were adorned with fertility goddess carvings. The room’s center had a king-sized four-poster bed, giving the place a magnificent eroticism. The couch and chairs were upholstered with fine leather. But, the best parts of this accommodation were the full-time servants, a maid and a steward. They were young, attractive and there to meet my every whim.

“It’s time for me to refresh” I told to my maid. She had anticipated my request and answered in a semi-broken English. “Wuld maam prefer a showr or bat?”, “A shower, please” I answered. “Please follw me”. This is where luxury was worth every penny. The bathroom was startling in its sumptuousness. It had huge mirrors, a shower stall that could accommodate six with comfort; a sunk-in spa bath, and a big stack of luxurious fluffy towels. As I gazed at myself in the mirror, I saw how see-through my dress was. My silhouette left nothing to the imagination. The maid loosened my halter-top and turned on the shower jets. All was simply wonderful. “Maam, I will be outside if you need anything” and left me in my own privacy. I had a lovely time soaping myself and playing with the shower massage.

Wrapped in towels I returned to the bedroom to discover that my suitcases have been emptied and clothes put away. The maid said, “Hope you not mind, I took out this outfit for you to wear, we go to Maasai wedding. I hav to braid your hair, men no let you join if you no braid”. “Go and braid my hair,” I said. After some primping I put on the loose light pink shear blouse, a cotton micro skirt, Keds and no panties. It was a good thing that I have had a Brazilian. I looked at myself in the mirror, “A Nordic maiden”. Some makeup touch up, transformed me into “A HOT and Gorgeous Nordic Maiden”. No one could mistake my horny state of sexuality.

The outside door opened quickly and Jim the “Great White Hunter” walked straight into the bedroom where the maid and I were still primping. “How are you Dawn?” he asked. “Quite well, thank you”, I responded. “Tell me please, is Jim your real name?” He looked straight into me, “Not really, my name is KUBWA KISU KUU, it means Big Knife Master, but Jim will do”. He turned to the maid and said something in African. She disappeared into an alcove and come back with a bowl filled with opaque liquid. “Eat this, its Maasai virility soup. It is made with acacia root and other things”; it was not very appetizing and tasted like a bland lamb.

I looked at Jim and noticed that he was looking at me in a possessively sexy way. He walked up to me and through my blouse, with each thumb and forefinger grabbed my nipples. “Say this to me, I LOVE BLACK COCK”, “What?” I ask. He squeezes and twisted my nipples bit harder. “Say it”. “I LOVE BLACK COCK,” I say. “Now say, I want to suck black cock”, he twists my nipples “I WANT TO SUCK BLACK COCK” I say, “now, I want to fuck black cock”, “I WANT TO FUCK BLACK COCK”, with that he pulled me to him and kissed me with an open mouth. His kiss was strong and his tongue found my tonsils. As he kissed me, the man steward quickly lifted the hem of my skirt, pushed my legs apart and shoved his thick man-meat into me. His powerful hands lifted and held me impaled on his dick. His quick, a****listic pounding unleashed my own pent-up sexuality. My tits were squeezed, my mouth was kissed, my pussy was stuffed, and my G-spot was relentlessly massaged with stubby foreskin. With every f***eful thrust, I pushed back to get the full length of his man-spear. In no time, uncontrollably my body convulsed with one huge orgasm after another. The manservant griped me tightly; I felt his cock practically penetrate my womb and spurt hot and endless stream of seed. After a few moments, he softened and slowly pulled his dick out of my cunny. My mind was screaming “OHHH-MY-GGGGOD” Jim relaxed his grip and said, “Do not clean your pussy. Rest for a few minutes, and then go outside and enjoy the marriage ceremony and dance”. With that, he left the hut.

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Thank you for sharing this nice story. I wish I can introduce to the Italian way soon :)