Initiation Into BBC Sluthood

Initiation Into BBC Sluthood
By: Me
Written on April 3rd, 2013
My initiation into becoming a BBC Slut came about in small steps. To the outside I was June Cleaver with a pearl necklace. In our bedroom we talked about fantasies that grew into watching videos. That’s how the idea of being given to Black men was born. One summer we decided to take a small vacation without the k**s. We packed my daughter with my Mom and went to tour Napa Wineries. As we went from one wine tasting room to another, I noticed a good looking black gentleman who seemed to be with our group. We struck conversation and I learned that his name was Luke and he stayed at the same Bed and Breakfast as we were. After a while we decided to dine together. Obviously, the conversation got sexy and mildly hot and the three of us ended up in our B&B bedroom. My hand did ‘accidentally’ brushed against him and I knew that he sported ‘marvelous’ equipment. My hubby was watching all this and encouraging me to be more forward and then suggested that I model for them my latest Victoria Secret. First, you could have knocked me down with a feather, but I was not about to disappoint them. When I came back into the room in my ‘best’, I was ‘strutting’ like a model on a catwalk. The guys were hollering and then my hubby asked me to do a lap dance for Luke. I started my amateurish bump and grind then I turned my back to him and bent forward putting my butt within his reach. That’s when he reached and grabbed my cunt from the back. I straightened, and he with his other hand grabbed my face and planted a strong kiss on my mouth. Things moved on from there. He got naked and his cock, at least twice my husband’s size was magnificent. Despite his great size it stood up from him swaying from side to side. He picked me up and gently lay me down on the bed and settled on top of me, his hips between my spread legs, his immense cock nudging my opening up and down, teasing me so badly I asked him to “Fuck me, I want you inside of me – now!” . I felt the head of his cock part my lips and push in. His shaft split me as his mighty cock began to penetrate me. I felt my clitoris raked against his fuckpole, every single vein on his rod felt like a tiny finger and I immediately began to come. He let me adjust to his size and finally got his large cockmeat into me and penetrated me fully. My insides stretched around him, I was orgasmic. Luke gently stroked in and out and bottomed out. I was in ecstasy and I urged him to fuck me, and he began a gentle pile driving. I reached under his arms and pulled his back and ass into me. I couldn’t get enough. Luke fucked me with longer strokes and harder and faster, I began to moan loudly and the profanities that poured out of my mouth! “Oh, God, Luke. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me you stud! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck MEEE!” I finally knew what it was like to make love with a real man; this was what I wanted. After this episode, I became much bolder. After I introduced my daughter to BBC, I realized that my BBC sluthood is sealed with a certificate.

I’d like to share another moment of my BBC sluthood. Before meeting my new Bull, I told my hubby to shave his pubes and he done it perfectly. That special Sunday, my daughter, hubby, Bull and I were in the bedroom. First I told my hubby to get naked and stand at the head of the bed. The Bull was a real African with skin as dark as coal. He started stripping off his clothes. My arousal and curiosity were on edge. My daughter’s eyes were on the bulge in his trousers. In our hearts we knew what we wanted. He had no underwear and when he dropped his trousers his black pole even when semi-flaccid was of glorious size. Then he walked to my daughter, pulled her big T-shirt off her and since she wore nothing else, he picked her up in her nakedness and lay her down in the center of the bed. Then he came to me, he slipped the shoulder straps of my floral see-through lace gown and let it drop to the floor exposing my taut breasts with stiff nipples. I was certain that if I did not control myself, I’d orgasm without so much as a touch to my burning pussy. Then he placed his hand on top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. I kissed the large uncircumcised black head. I took the monster in my hand, pulled the skin back, and began sucking. In no time his cock became the size of a coke can. I took my mouth off his cock, reached into the nightstand and took out the cuckold chastity cage. Like a nice cuckoldress, unceremoniously grabbed my hubby’s cock, fitted the device on him and locked it. “From now on”, I said “you will watch how a real man with a real cock will fuck me and our daughter”. The African onto the bed and grabbed my daughters ankles, lifted them high and spread her open. She, using both hands took his thick, lengthy cock with the most perfect dome and pulled it into her. The head of his cock went in; ever so slowly he was pushing himself in one long stroke. “Oh, GOD! I’m stuffed full of his cock. I can feel him hitting my cervix,” she yelled. I could see that with every stroke her face will contour in a pain of pleasure. He did not stop and increased his tempo of thrusts. After a while my daughter started yelling in slutty gibberish and cumming. With that he unloaded his sperm in her and I could see the white cum just covering her splayed legs. When he pulled out and her pussy was still wide open, I pulled my hubby’s head, pushed him into her hole and said “Clean her good”.

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3 months ago
Oh I want this for my wife! I am so ready to serve!
5 months ago
This is a beautiful story. I'm just like that husband, I would want my wife and daughter to have the best sex possible will a large-cocked bull or bulls. I have so much respect for the love this cuckold husband and cuckold father shows his wife and daughter...very touching story.
9 months ago
Holy shit that's a great story. Especially the second half!!!!
10 months ago
i have to congratulate you for this story, i like it so much. It's nice to see how mother and daughter share sex :)
11 months ago
Cuckold story allways get me going,.
Always hate to lose a white woman to a black man but like you said on your profile they treat you better and make feel sexy and wanted. There's nothing wrong having a husband wear Chasty and orally satify you after the real man's had his way with you. Thanks
11 months ago
love the story