Lifestyle Resort Breeding PART 1

Eagerly Waiting
My name is Michelle and I am Janine and Don’s friend. I met them as they were checking-in at a “La Dame de Pique Manor” a Lifestyle Resort whose name, literally translates from French to “The Queen of Spades Manor”. I was there by myself so as to kill my ‘itch’ and happened to stand discretely behind them and quickly realized that they were newbies. Gloria, the front desk hostess was a gorgeous blond woman that was simply poured into a tight fitting Chinese cheongsam of diaphanous red silk that barely covered her hard nipples. Her dress’s slit was not at the thigh but in front and it went from below her navel, showing perfectly tanned long sexy legs. Her mons pubis was baby-butt smooth and adorned with a black ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo that was decorated with tiny roses and her labia was pierced with a gold c**t ring. To her side stood a tall black man that every white woman would devour with her eyes and then ask for more. His waist was covered with a minimal Polynesian style loin cloth that hardly covered his nice looking bulge. The Hostess introduced herself as Gloria and said she was the manager of the special events and hoped that Janine and Don will enjoy their introduction to the lifestyle. Then she turned to me and said “I’m glad to see you here, Michelle, you and this young couple should become friends. After all, you had been initiated here, and these lovely people are here to commence a new phase in their commitment to each other.” I looked at them and saw that Janine was fidgeting while holding Don’s left arm. You could see that outwardly, she wanted to show bravery, but on the inside she was holding on to Don for reassurance of safety. Don was doing the paperwork but his eyes floated from the Gloria’s boobs to the man greeter’s pile-driver. For a moment Janine turned her head and we made eye contact. To ease her apprehension I touched her arm with a gentleness of a feather and without losing our eye contact I said “Do not worry, you will be safe and you will have most divine time.” With this little exchange of pleasantries, we became friends. Then Gloria said “Would you have any objection to share adjoining suites in the same bungalow?” to which I replied “Absolutely not. It would be lovely”. With that two strapping young bucks, dressed in only a loin cloth picked up our luggage and directed us on a path to the bungalow. With every breeze and step, the young men’s loin cloths would lift and show their magnificent c**ks with an obvious f**k power.
The muscular boys took a pathway that wound through breath-taking manicured a pure garden of paradise. The trees were mainly short, not very tall at all, but there were a few tall trees around the edges of the gardens. The rich colors of the flowers struck her, and many of the bushes had flowering shrubs of various types. The grounds had semi private patches with comfortable lounge accommodations. In almost all of these areas we saw clusters of adults; usually the woman would be flanked by a white and black male. The white man, probably her hubby or boyfriend would hold her gently as the black man dominated and carnally use her. Watching these little clutches where the women were gratifying their bodily desires with pure sexual appetite. The black men would take them in all manner of positions. From the front, back, missionary, cowgirl, doggie. You name it; all women seemed to be happy to have a black c**k in their pussies.
I looked at Janine and seemed to be gaining in self-confidence. Her walk was more assured and she let go of Don’s arm. Her face seemed happier, no doubt the combination of her seeing the porter’s young c**ks, the happily mounted white wives, and the visual beauty of the grounds simply melded into a powerful aphrodisiac. No wonder she betrayed her intoxication with the sights and fragrances made her horny. The trade-winds made the tiny bits of nothings that we the porters were wearing flutter in the breeze showing off their uncut and erect penises. Janine and I looked at each other and in a wordless communication that only women can have with each other, we showed our approval of these specimens of manhood.
We entered one of the prettiest of the bungalows. It had a high ceiling, pale bamboo wood floors, tropical colors and little accommodations simply tailored toward meeting the desires of women. In the center there was an enormous four post bed and to its side black leather upholstered breeding bench. The spacious windows and sliding doors opened to the resort’s grounds and there didn't appear to be d****s or blinds, such that the whole suite was open to view by anyone.
The porters walked about the place and brought awe to our eyes. Their stiff phalluses pushed the thin cloth to the side pointing almost straight up from between their legs and swaying like a pendulum on a C**koo clock. The older of the two, went to the little bar and he handed to Janine and I a golden challis and Don got a silver one. “These are special mixture of mead wine and herbs, I’m sure that you will enjoy it” he said. Our drink in the golden challis was spiked with Tunaria Aphrodisiaca, a female version of Viagra. The silver challis that Don had was spiked with Haloperidol that assured him to be impotent at least for the time that we were going to be at the resort. I looked at Janine and she was looking hungrily at the black boys as her hands were down her panties and playing with herself. I knew that I was going into overload. My p*s*y was fire and my nipples got stiff and aching, and all over my body I was flushed with a need for sex. “Janine, get on your knees and make these boys ready for me” I ordered her. At the same time, I pulled off my panties, walked over to the breeding bench and with my ass in the air assumed the position to be serviced. In no time the older boy’s c**k entered me from behind and slid easily into my wet p*s*y until it could go no deeper. I moaned loudly as with both hands I gripped the breeding bench’s edges. He thrust hard against me. My p*s*y convulsed around his c**k as I came almost instantly at the sensation of a large c**k deep inside me. He paused allowing me to come down from the orgasm. Then rhythmically he started to pump me mercilessly. I pushed back against him and lost in the moment was yelling “f**k me baby, f**k me hard” and banging my p*s*y against his c**k. At the same time the younger black boy came over and looked at me for just a fraction of a second and with his large black hands and tenderly held my face while bent down to k**s me. My lips met his as I flicked the tip of my tongue across his lips. His mouth opened and gave me access to his mouth and tongue. His hands went to my boobs and with his fingers he twisted and pulled my nipples. I loved the rough masculinity of it all, where they just took all without asking. The one in my c**t picked up his pace, thrust deep and unloaded his cum and pulled out. Just as fast, his friend took his place and in one thrust, showed his massive d**k into me. He was rougher than the first guy. He pulled my head back by grabbing a fist of my hair and pulling my hair with every stroke of his c**k. When he was about to cum, he pulled harder on my hair, pushing his c**k into my cervix and simply flooded my vagina. As his d**k softened and he pulled out, I tried to stand up but, my legs were wobbly and I lay down on the bed. I was a sight of pure sexual exhaustion.
I looked at Janine and she was standing in a corner watching me and with one hand kneading her breasts, and the other between her legs. She looked as if she was ready to cum. Don had taken off his pants and was jerking his pecker. I moved to the edge of the bed and facing him spread my legs even farther. "C**kold, I want you to get down on your knees and look up at me." I ordered him and waited for him to get on his knees and continued "C**kold, I want you to touch my p*s*y with the end of your nose and wait until I tell you what to do next." When he was in position, “Now, suck the black men’s cum out of me and do not stop sucking till I’m all clean.” He sucked as he was told. His tongue extended even further into me, sucking and savoring the mixture of my juices and the black man’s seed. I reaching down and pulled his head tighter against my horny hole. "Suck it, Suck it all out” I moaned. With his mouth in my c**t and his hand were pulling his soft d**key I came within moments.

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