lifestyle Resort Breeding, PART 4

Eagerly Waiting
Janine with her new found insatiability walked over to Anthon, lifted her veil he leaned forward, and placed her hand behind his head and pulled him to her mouth for a deep k**s. Their tongues played with each other while he stroked her p*s*y and Brendon teased her tits. With her free hand, she reached for Anthon’s big d**k as he returned her k**s with real passion and just took charge. Then, Anthon bent down and Janine d****d her arms over his neck and k**sed his cheek. He slid his arm behind her knees lifted her like a feather and like a new bride carried her over the bungalow’s threshold. He gently laid her on the bed and then stood up got hold of her legs pushed her knees and spread-eagled. Her nipples were erect and stiff with her eager p*s*y slightly open and her eyes were dreamily half-closed.
I moved Anthon slightly to the side. I saw that Don’s c**k was straining in its cage as I told him “Don, go down on Janine, get her wet and loosened so she can take a real man’s baby-maker”. Without a moment to hesitation he shoved his tongue into her p*s*y and without mercy started licking and flipping her clit. Brandon bent down and stroked her breasts, sucked her nipples and without a doubt gave her all she wanted. My hand went straight to Anthon’s semi hard d**k. I could barely get my fingers around it. I started stroking his beautiful d**k. The shaft was jet black and the head, covered with foreskin, was a deep red, almost black, just with a hit of redness. I used both hands to move his foreskin back and forth while sucking on the head. I enjoyed having my fingers play and feel his c**k’s veins and slightly pointy mushroom which resembled a large spear. I wished that it was me who was going to be speared by him.
Janine moans was loud and occasionally muffled with Brandon’s k**ses. There was no doubt that she was ready to be bred. I pulled Don off her and told him “Don, take Anthon’s c**k and put it into Janine”. Wistfully he looked at Anthon’s engorged d**k held and rubbed this large fat c**k head up and down her slit. Janine looked at the top of the black c**k began stretching open the first delicate and sensitive folds of her p*s*y. A tingle started in her groin and spread through her body. Her eyes stared at it. It looked big and felt bigger. Her fists grabbed clumps of the bed sheets as if to brace for the onslaught that was going to split her. "I'm not going to hurt you, baby." Anthon pushed the head of his black c**k slowly into her p*s*y. "I'm going to take you to heaven." And he began slowly moving his virile member back and forth. As he pulled back I could see her p*s*y gripping his c**k and being pulled slightly inside out, as if she didn’t want to take a chance on his slipping out of her. Her initial discomfort dissolved into ecstasy as his c**k started stretching her. “Oh-My-God! F**k me! F**k me deep” She cried. I could see Anthon’s muscled ass rhythmically bucking back and forth and feeding her more and more of his c**k. After few moments like these, he slowly pulled out leaving just the head of his d**k in her. His mahogany shaft shined with her p*s*y juices as her internal vaginal skin was pulled out hugging his oversized manhood as if trying to pull it back in. Gazing at his size, her p*s*y might as well have been a virgin p*s*y. It’ll never be tight to hold a three-incher. "Ooooh Anthon, your c**k is so big! I've never had one so big before!” she moaned. “Take my big black c**k, Janine. I'm gonna breed you”; "You like having my big, black d**k up your p*s*y, Janine. You like me inside you... stretching you... grinding you”. Then in one fast stroke he bottomed out in her as she with all her lungs let out a moan of pleasure and pain. Don moved to the head of the bed, ran his fingers through her hair and caressing her face was whispering how much he loved her.
Just watching Anthon f**k this white p*s*y and stretching it to the limits made my c**t melt. The scene was not lost on Brendon. He yanked my head back hard by my hair, wrapped his large arm around my front, and showed his phallus into my c**t. “You like looking at this pretty little white p*s*y, stretched out, filled with his monstrous black c**k... don't you." I did not answer, just let his thick c**khead fill me and press hard against my cervix. Being so firmly held by him, each thrust liquefied me into his c**k’s power. All I wanted was to milk this b**st, be f**ked into submission and flooded with a Man’s Man cum.
Janine started to moan loudly building to an orgasm. Anthon began to pick up pace, with each long stroke his huge testicles slapped her ass. The whole bed shook wildly each time he slammed his solid c**k deep into her poor c**t. Her body seemed in constant orgasm, as relentlessly stroke after stroke, he took her higher and higher. He was a picture of a big black bull whose giant c**k pounded her fertile pink slit until she would be filled with his sperm. He was an a****l and she was a bitch in heat for his c**k. His short thrusts were followed by long ones and then he would slam her with all his might. She was cumming with every slam and the orgasms were overwhelming her senses. With every thrust of his c**k, the hard ridge of his c**khead sc****d across her clit to the knob deep in her p*s*y. She screamed out in joy at the sensation deep in her p*s*y as she was getting the f**king of her life.
Brandon did not stop; he was almost rough with me. I steadied myself by putting my hands on one of the bed’s posts and tilted my pelvis in synchrony with his rhythm. His grip on my hips got tighter as he was ploughing his c**k in and out of my soaking wet p*s*y. I kept watching Janine writhing in her sexual abandon just as from deep inside I felt my own heaven. His pace quickened and became rougher. "Stop, you are hurting me" I moaned. He grunted and continued to abuse my p*s*y with his massiveness. The hammering made my breasts sway back and forth and hurt a little. "You love my black c**k, don't you slut" He grunted out and briefly pulled his c**k out of my swollen and used p*s*y and a wave of emptiness quickly filled that area and I wanted more. "F**k me more" I begged. He slammed his c**k back into me and slowly pulled it out. I moaned in delight and the fireworks continued in my head and my eyes were closed enjoying the moment like nothing better than before. He continued to slam his c**k home and drag it out slowly and it was hot. My p*s*y never had the beating that it was getting and it made me feel just like a hole for his pleasure. Then it hit me; I knew I was entering a very strong orgasm. It felt like hours of and I felt his c**k’s twitching as if he was about to come. With all my strength I clamped Brando’s c**k and I could feel every bump, curve, and his heartbeat throbbing through it. I did not care, I felt powerful, I had complete control because he was so vulnerable and I held his divine c**k inside my p*s*y, then while he was actually cumming, I lost myself in my own pleasure. I felt his c**k’s every twitch, every spurt as he coated my vagina in his thick seed. In the end, my joy was complete; my orgasm surged through my p*s*y and I squealed and bucked and shuddered with every fiber of my being. As I came down to earth, I could feel his cum leaking out of me as his c**k softened and slipped out. Like a gentlemen he did not walk away but pressed his hot, wet, massive meat into my ass crack and cupped my breasts with his hands. He held me in a strong and warm embrace of the afterglow.
My attention turned onto Janine and it was beautiful seeing Anthon’s sweaty body covering hers and his big black d**k destroying her tiny p*s*y. Like a machine he was pulling out, and sliding it back in. Don was lying next to her touching her hair as she cast her eyes to him. He seemed to soundlessly mouth “I love you” but she could not even pucker her lips.
Anthon, all of a sudden thundered “Look at me when I’m breeding you”. “Don” he continued “Take her nipples and pinch them hard”. Don did as ordered. Then he picked up and put her legs up to his chest, with her feet dangling over his shoulders. His hands grasped her hands and pinned them down above her head. So bent nearly in two it was such a crude position that she was nothing more than a rag doll in full control of his c**k ruthlessly f**king her with a precise rhythm.
Janine’s body was moving to a new plateau. Her breathing got faster, her face and chest got pink as if her heart was racing to fill all her pores. She was moaning like a mare heat, squealing, bucking pushing her pelvis to meet his every thrust. Anthon in a noble tone boomed, “You want my big black c**k in your p*s*y”, "You ready for me to put a baby inside you? You want me to breed you?" he continued. Through her labored breathing “Yesss, Yesss, F**K ME”. This was not enough for him, “Say it ‘I want you to breed me. Make me pregnant’". He slowed his thrusting to a full stop, pulling out with just teasingly leaving the tip of his c**k at her opening, waiting for Janine to yield completely to his will. She clutched at his muscular ass, trying to pull him into her. But he wouldn't budge. Finally, she moaned and gave him the satisfaction he wanted. She k**sed his mouth furiously then stroked his head saying, "Give me a baby!" she screamed. "Breed me. Give me all your black seed!” He turned toward Don “C**k, now you say ‘I want you to breed her Black’”. Don mouthed it. That’s when Anthon in a strong and deep thrust his c**k disappeared in her. There was nothing sweet or soft about it. Anthon f**ked her like an out of control locomotive his balls making slapping noise as they hit her ass. She begged him to hurt her to f**k her p*s*y harder, even harder, she screamed, "OH GOD I LOVE IT!..... DON"T STOP!....... PLEASE DON’T STOP”. Janine, like a woman possessed, was pushing and pulling her p*s*y along his c**k, f**king him hard, ramming onto his massive steel meeting him thrust for thrust. Without pulling his c**k out of her, he lifted himself, separated her legs further by taking her knees in his hands and pulling her so that her mons was off the mattress and in a perfect position for deep pile driving. “C**k hold her legs open, I want her p*s*y open to take my seed”. Don did as directed. Janine dug her fingernails into Anthon’s back, her body movements stiffened; she could not keep her eyes open. Her face and chest became flush with pink in anticipation of orgasmic explosion that was ready to occur. Anthon relentlessly kept his jack-hammerings pace. In his deep voice he moaned “You belong to Big Black C**k, you are my white bitch now and I’m going to knock you up”. This dirty talk simply intensified her sexual tension to a point of no return. “That’s it bitch, squeeze your c**t on my d**k. I want to feel you milk my c**k” Anthon groaned. As he almost pullout his c**k glistening with the juices from her f**k hole, I could see Janine's p*s*y-lips being pulled out with his c**k. It looked as if they were trying to hold onto it, clamped tightly to his p*s*y wrecker. Then Anthon would drive forward sinking his immense shaft back into her pushing her abused throbbing p*s*y lips mercilessly inwards until his huge balls slapped loudly against her wet ass. Anthon continued his savage pillaging of her tightly clamping painful p*s*y. In the same instant their exquisite moment of pleasure and pain came with loud groans and moans. Janine was screaming at the top of her lungs, Anthon pushed deep into her bawling “Take this black baby seed” he stiffened as his c**k started pumping his black baby kernels into her waiting womb. He stayed inside her till he went soft not letting any of his sperm to flow out.

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