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My initiation into becoming a BBC Slut came about in small steps. To the outside I was June Cleaver with a pearl necklace. In our bedroom we talked about fantasies that grew into watching videos. That’s how the idea of being given to Black men was born. One summer we decided to take a small vacation without the kids. We packed my daughter with my Mom and went to tour Napa Wineries. As we went from one wine tasting room to another, I noticed a good looking black gentleman who seemed to be with our group. We struck conversation and I learned that his name was Luke and he stayed at the same Bed and Breakfast as we were. After a while we decided to dine together. Obviously, the conversation got sexy and mildly hot and the three of us ended up in our B&B bedroom. My hand did ‘accidentally’ brushed against him and I knew that he sported ‘marvelous’ equipment. My hubby was watching all this and encouraging me to be more forward and then suggested that I model for them my latest Victoria Secret. First, you could have knocked me down with a feather, but I was not about to disappoint them. When I came back into the room in my ‘best’, I was ‘strutting’ like a model on a catwalk. The guys were hollering and then my hubby asked me to do a lap dance for Luke. I started my amateurish bump and grind then I turned my back to him and bent forward putting my butt within his reach. That’s when he reached and grabbed my cunt from the back. I straightened, and he with his other hand grabbed my face and planted a strong kiss on my mouth. Things moved on from there. He got naked and his cock, at least twice my husband’s size was magnificent. Despite his great size it stood up from him swaying from side to side. He picked me up and gently lay me down on the bed and settled on top of me, his hips between my spread legs, his immense cock nudging my opening up and down, teasing me so badly I asked him to “Fuck me, I want you inside of me – now!” . I felt the head of his cock part my lips and push in. His shaft split me as his mighty cock began to penetrate me. I felt my clitoris raked against his fuckpole, every single vein on his rod felt like a tiny finger and I immediately began to come. He let me adjust to his size and finally got his large cockmeat into me and penetrated me fully. My insides stretched around him, I was orgasmic. Luke gently stroked in and out and bottomed out. I was in ecstasy and I urged him to fuck me, and he began a gentle pile driving. I reached under his arms and pulled his back and ass into me. I couldn’t get enough. Luke fucked me with longer strokes and harder and faster, I began to moan loudly and the profanities that poured out of my mouth! “Oh, God, Luke. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me you stud! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck meee!” I finally knew what it was like to make love with a real man; this was what I wanted. After this episode, I became much bolder. After I introduced my daughter to BBC, I realized that my BBC sluthood is sealed with a certificate.

July, 2013
To all who send me mono-syllabic notes such as: Hei; wanna cock; Hi sexy; and other examples of grunts; Please DON'T. If you cannot structure a simple sentence with a noun and a verb, please, do not embarrass yourself and do-not post any notes on my page.
Thank You;

ONE MORE THING: If your info items are like these:

Personal Information
Physical Information

Do not expect to be-befriended.

October, 2013
Why I like Sex with Black:

1. The Black man has a better “Rhythm in Bed” and makes my pussy cum.

2. The color contrast of Black cock in a white pussy is FANTASTIC. (Bareback only)

3. The Black man treats the white woman with right and with respect.

4. A well-endowed BLACK ALPHA MALE makes the white woman feel wanted, loved, sexy, so that she becomes aroused and seduced by his strength.

5. The truth is, SIZE MATTERS. There is no substitute for a big, thick black cock. It just feels wonderful inside, all big and hard and ‘filling’.

May, 2014
Calamity Jane's words were true then and are true today
"The bigger a man's gun the smaller his doodlewick"
This is to say that the NRA bigots, under the covers have nothing to show.

To me, a quick measure of nice cock is this. It is to be attached to a cute, black boy with a washboard for a stomach. His size should be about 8-1/2 inches long. With a foreskin that my little white hands will peel back exposing a cockhead that is 6-1/2 inches in circumference. And it is to be hard, curving up and with knowledge of how to make a woman moan.

June 2014
One day I had mused that no relationship is in absolute black or white colors. Therefore, I’d like to hear from ladies or couples "What fantasy you’d like to live out before you meet St. Peter?"

Inquiring mind would like to know :)

July 2014
Many men have asked for my guidance to help them convince their wives to go 'black'. There are three steps that the husband is to follow.

These steps are:

STEP NO. 1; Talk to your wife and LOVE her.
STEP NO. 2; Talk to your wife and LOVE her.
STEP NO. 3; Talk to your wife and LOVE her.

August 2014
Thanks to WEHNAM, here are additional reasons to like sex with Black men
6. “Confidence” – A black man’s presence is amazing

7. “They are healthy “– Black men take good care of their skin

8. “European men are very feminine”

9. “Never a dull moment” – Black men are entertaining

10. “Good looking” – Black men are sexy

October 2014
This is for the men who think or show propensity to use women as their submissive pieces of meat. Move on to another blog, do not request to make you a friend, or chat, or exchange emails. I will block you.

November 2014
My Re-blogged sentiment

Anonymous asked:
Why are you and your daughter a bunch white trash whores your husband kick you a your slut daughter to fucking curb he must one weak motherfucker I hope you and family plus house niggar derrick burn in hell your lucky I don't know where you are or I make it happen dare you to reply to that

Tell you what…you go back to school, pay attention in English class, learn a little bit about grammar and punctuation…and THEN talk some shit to me.

January 7th, 2015
Today Islamists committed another Murderous act.
How many Islamist atrocities is the world to endure, until it learns that Islam is a “Peaceful” religion but only if you are a Muslim. It is not that they make their women non-persons, but they embrace intolerance and death as a way of life. This is not a civilized way to live. We in the West should not follow their example of intolerance but not let those repugnant individuals go unpunished.
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1 hour ago
very cool profile ... more than sex - kinda cool :)
1 day ago
Thank you, Michelle. You are too kind!
Btw, if I could find an open-minded, progressive, sexy, articulate woman like you, I'd be one of the happiest creatures on earth!
1 day ago
Praise from you is a high praise indeed. Thank you. BTW, if most men were only half as good as your profile says, we women would be the happiest creatures on this earth.
2 days ago
2 days ago
Michelle, you are so fucking awesome! Intellegent, and articulate! For me, that alone, makes you one of the sexiest women here!
2 days ago
When a bully intimidates you in your sandbox, you must standup and throw the bully out.
3 days ago
If you learned your mixology at Jonestown, I’ll pass. But I could mix you a “Trinidad Smash” with Blue Curacao, Kool-Aid, Light Rum and Spiced Rum.
3 days ago
You're hopeless. Drink some more koolaid
3 days ago
By definition a BIGOT is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people or ideas. NRA leadership blacklists and works to unseat all legislators who favor sensible rules that would reduce gun violence. Therefore the hands of NRA are covered with the blood of Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, Littleton, Blacksburg and other places.
9 days ago
As long as you like to quote statesmen, think about this from one of this country's best, Benjamin Franklin "Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety." I stand by my facts. The Second Amendment is absolute as is the rest of the Bill Of Rights. Something you progressives like to conveniently ignore. Long live the NRA!!!! whose members come from every ethnic background and gender. You're slandering of that organizations members is laughable.
9 days ago
Some serious chat for a porn site lol. I normally talk about jizz.
10 days ago
“I doubt the veracity of your claim”: I do not apologize for my views or my life’s events. As Bernard Baruch had said "Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts". If you choose not to believe me, it’s your shortcoming.
11 days ago
Haha, I like your style. Nice play on A Ronald Reagan line from his debate. I doubt the veracity of your claim to have experience with firearms though. Your views would be Somewhat different if you had. You are a spirited debater though. I'll give you that much.
12 days ago
(a) “Liberalism is a mental disorder”: Progressives, in time always win. Basic Liberal ideas are a support for free and fair elections, civil rights, and freedom of the press, religion, trade and individual’s private property. The founding fathers were progressive liberals because they opposed the hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the Divine Right of Kings. When you reduce a position into a slogan, you admit the weakness of your argument. Because when you parrot a slogan, you shut down your own brain and let the slogan speak for you.
(b) “have you ever shot a gun”: I had been shot at and I returned fire. The oldest gun that I used was Mauser 98 whose breach had a Swastika, Czech and a Star of David stamps.
12 days ago
PS Just wondering Michelle, have you ever shot a gun or gone to a shooting range?
12 days ago
I guess Michael Savage is right." Liberalism is a mental disorder." I still think you're a good person at heart and very sexy. We'll agree to disagree. ✌
12 days ago
AU CONTRAIRE. Let me point to facts from your letter.
(a) Events in Paris: The terrorists planned their action for more than a year. In USA they would have obtained their weapons in a fraction of the time and the carnage would have been larger. Witness the NEW-TOWN massacre.
(b) The stats you mentioned are made up: No. The published information is as reported by The Guardian, Jul 22, 2012. The world's crime figures were collected by the UNODC through its annual crime survey.
(c) The “NRA bigots”… They are our best citizens: Standard argument, in all aggregates there are good and bad characters. It’s like saying “Some of my best friends are (fill-in the blank)…”
(d) How many of those neighborhoods would you care to walk.. : I walked through South LA during Rodney King riots. Came out alive and I do not carry guns.
(e) I'd hate to see anything happen.. : Having or not-having the gun will not make you safe. It is “the kindness of strangers” who love will make you safe.
12 days ago
Thank you for articulating your thoughts and wants so well...
14 days ago
How did Paris's gun control work this week with even their police disarmed? These places you mentioned are not safer. Their violent crime rates are though the roof. The stats you mentioned are made up of criminals with firearms not law abiding citizens. The "NRA bigots" you deride are not the problem. They are our best citizens. The worst areas in our country as far as homicide rates are concerned are the ones with the strictest gun control laws. DC, Chicago, LA,. How many of those neighborhoods would you care to walk though unarmed. I'd hate to see anything happen to that sexy body of yours.
14 days ago
These are excellent words. But facts are irrefutable that when measured on “Homicide by firearm rate per 100,000 pop”, it is safer to be in the West Bank & Gaza. Even World’s garden spots such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh or Lebanon have lower rates of Homicide by guns than USA.
15 days ago
As is usual when talking with a liberal about the bill of rights, the second amendment in particular. You always purposely leave out the most important phrase of all, "the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". The individual right is mentioned also in the first, fourth, fifth and tenth amendments. We still love your profile. I hope you never get in a situation where you have defend yourself though, when seconds count the police are minutes away. Love your favorites.
15 days ago
2nd Amendment per Supreme Court is settled Law. The Supremes declared that you have the right to own a 800 Cannon if you wish, even though that need does not exist as a part of a "well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state". After all we do have National Guard and Militia does not exist. So, I agree to disagree. One should not need to have a gun to show how well he/she performs in bed. Or in other words, you'll go to your church and I will go to my church. And if we meet at a sex club, I'd find a way to enjoy you and you might find a way to enjoy me.
16 days ago
NRA bigots??. Another misinformed liberal. It's the original Civil Rights organization. Please do your homework and stop getting your information from MSNBC. Nice profile otherwise.
17 days ago
Love your freedom of speech stand re: the awful tragedy today and Charlie Hebdo
17 days ago
Hot Story, Tx.
17 days ago
Thank you. You have a terrifically wonderful taste. (LOL)
17 days ago
The world is to wake-up and not excuse atrocities against the people who are civilized.
17 days ago
its terrible today in France, same like sept 11 in NYC
17 days ago
18 days ago
Your videos are awesome too great profile
25 days ago
Finally---an Honest and awesome profile page.Thanks!

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