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Part II - After Drinks

Part II


On the way out of restaurant I find a few feet of emptiness in bustling Hong Kong and pull you close. Our lips meet and we open our mouths full. Neither of us knows for sure who's tongue slides into the others mouth first. My hand moves down your back to your butt. I feel you push your pussy into my leg.

We hear someone coming and get taxi....

Settled in the taxi, my hand resting on your upper thigh. I feel movement close to your waist and can see your hand under your skirt. You tell me to yawn, pull your fingers out of your pussy, and than put your hand over my mouth in a feeble attempt to hide my yawn. Your fingers linger on my upper lip, as you wipe your juice under my nose. I can smell you. I lick my lips and put your finger in my mouth. Sucking your sweet cunt nectar into me. I can fell myself grow.

You reach and feel my hard dick straining against the fabric of my pants. You run your fingers along it. You can feel the long shaft, and thick head toward the end. You can feel yourself get wet as you image it pumping deep into you.

As the door to my apartment closes I pull you close and kiss you deeply. My hand around your waste, the other reaching down. Drawing your skirt higher. I reach your crotch and can feel your wet pussy. I play with it. Rubbing my hand all over. Lips wet and engorged.

I can't take it any longer. I need to have you.

I push you back against the wall. You can feel my chest pressing against yours. You can feel your breasts press against my chest. You can feel my lips on yours. You can feel my my tongue dart into your mouth, our tongues battling and fondling each other.

Kissing and rubbing you I somehow take off my pants. I'm naked from the waist down. Wearing my shirt and undershirt you look down and see my hard dick peaking in-between the shirt tails. You can see the light reflect the pre-cum on my dick's tip.

I move my hand from your pussy and lift your left leg. My hand under your knee. You're now balancing on one leg. Still in your heals, blouse and skirt.

I bend down slightly and rub the head of my dick between your lips. Suddenly I thrust deep into you. You feel like you're going to fall over. I hold you close. You can feel me deep inside. My big dick hitting the back of your walls. I wait a moment and than thrust even harder. I almost lift you off your one foot that is till touching the ground. You instinctively let go and let me take over. Your arms around my neck. Hanging on while I start a steady rhythm thrusting into you. You can feel my dick hitting different parts of your pussy and opening you up.

I want you from behind. I take my dick out and turn you around. I place you hands agains the wall and spread your legs. Looking down I look down your back and see where it merges into your nice round hips and ass. Y I tell you to spread your legs some more, lift you ass higher and arch your back. I look down and see your pussy lips. They are wet and open and ready for more. I can see some sweat on your face as you look back at me. Your eyes saying what we both know. You're ready for more.

I'm behind you. I bend slightly and shove my dick deep in you. In one thrust I'm balls deep in your pussy again. Deeper this time. It is a hard thrust and you can feel my hips hit your butt. My balls bang your clit. I reach down and hold your hips. Controlling you.

I can hear your moans and little shrieks as I continue to plow into you. You forget all about time. All you can think of is my cock fucking your cunt.

You can feel me getting even harder and my breathing heavier. My thrusting is involuntary now. You sense I'm about to explode into you. That sends you into a large and loud orgasm. Hearing you I come instantly. As I bang into you one last time you imagine seeing my sperm shoot into you. Your orgasm lasts and last for what seems like forever. Somehow you stay standing with my dick deep in you. We stay there a while. Both unable to move. My sperm and juice dripping out of you.

As we come back reality, I stand you up and turn you around. Our mouths meet and I can feel you press into me.

The night's just begun….

Posted by milesscott 2 years ago
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1 year ago
So sexy and sensual...thank you for sharing. Xx