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Head Rush

Head Rush

You are on your back with your legs pointing toward the window. You're head is hanging off the edge of the bed and you can see the back wall. I walk into the room and see you naked. One or your hands is rubbing your pussy and the other is massaging your breast. Your legs are spread wide and slightly bent. I give you a full kiss on the mouth. You can feel my lips strong on yours and with my tongue probing your mouth. I can feel the wetness in your mouth and it reminds me of your pussy. I begin to grow.

I stand up and stand over you. I put my penis in your open, wet mouth. You can instantly taste the pre-cum fluid. Your pussy gets more wet as I grow in your mouth, and you suck me deeper. I begin moving my hips back and forth. You can feel me fucking your mouth.

You continue to play with your pussy. I bend down and massage your nipples. I take my dick out of your mouth. I need to reach for your pussy and try to feel your juice. My dick slides down your face and you start licking my balls. I start playing with your pussy along with you. You later reach your hands behind me and start playing with my butt. You massage it slowly. your hands move closer to my hole. You reach down and grab a lot of juice from your pussy and use this wetness to massage and gently push a finger into my butt. I respond to your pussy juice on my ass. You can feel my dick getting bigger and balls start to draw closer.

I really get excited and need to put my dick in you. I stand up quickly, move back and put my dick back into your mouth. You're still massaging my butt. My fingers are wet with your juice. You feel the wetness on your breasts as I begin to massage them again.

I am really excited and very big as I fuck your mouth. I can't take it anymore and explode in your mouth. Lots of cum flies out of me. You can feel it hit the back of your throat. It's too much and some spills out the side of your mouth and trickles down your cheeks neck and ears. You swallow the rest and can feel its warmth running inside you...
Posted by milesscott 2 years ago
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