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Cool Fall nights in Hong Kong..

The Fall temperature got me really horny....

You're naked. Clean. Sitting backwards on a chair. The back of the chair is drapped in a towel and your nipples are lightly brushing up against the towel. You are waiting for me and feeling horny. Your butt is sticking out over the edge of the chair and your legs are slightly open so your pussy is rubbing the seat. You imagine me kissing you and fell your pussy getting wet. The towel begins to soak up your juice. The texture of the towel makes you even more horny....

You hear me come into the room. I see your ass sticking over the side of the chair and can feel the bl**d rush into my penis. You look in the mirror and see me starting to grow. I come over, bend down and play with your butt, rub my penis on your back. Small drops of my penis juice flow down the small space where your spine is located as I massage you.

I can't help myself and drop to me knees. I crawl under you and put my mouth on your pussy. You stick your ass back more and open your legs sligtly. I play with your ass with my toungue while moving my fingers into and out of your pussy. My mouth kisses you from below. Your back is arching more making your ass stick out further. You move it around - teasing me - knowing my mouth NEEDS to drink your juice. It doesn't last long as your puffy lips need my mouth. I make contact and you relax as I continue playing with you. You come, and I feel your juice filling up my mouth as your hips shake.

I can't take it any more. I stand up and put my dick in front of you. You suck me and get me rock hard. You look in the mirror and see your hands on my ass guiding my penis into your mouth. I play with your hair. I look over and see that your pussy is still on the edge of the seat. I go to the back of you, squat and put myself in. Your back arches more. I rub your ass and put a finger in as my penis continues to move in and out of your pussy. You are relaxed and their is pussy juice on your ass as my finger easily slides in. The towel is getting wet. You're seated but still open for me as I move in and out. My hand reaches around and feels your breast. I come strongly as my dick goes deep into you...
Posted by milesscott 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Very sexy x