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Part II - After Drinks

Part II


On the way out of restaurant I find a few feet of emptiness in bustling Hong Kong and pull you close. Our lips meet and we open our mouths full. Neither of us knows for sure who's tongue slides into the others mouth first. My hand moves down your back to your butt. I feel you push your pussy into my leg.

We hear someone coming and get taxi....

Settled in the taxi, my hand resting on your upper thigh. I feel movement close to your waist and can see your hand under your skirt. You tell me to yawn, pull your fingers out of your pussy, and than put your hand over my mouth... Continue»
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[Story] Morning thoughts...evening fun.

Waking up with a hard on here here is what I was thinking.


After a long day - work, exercise, dinner, cleaning up I was tired. My partner was really horny and decided to let me rest while she took the initiatve.

After showering, my partner strips me and ties me up. I'm
lying face-up on the bed with my hands and feet tied to the

She puts on nice music, a candle, and opens some wine. She drinks a glass. She than takes some more and kisses me, passing a small ammount to get my mouth wet. She drinks a full glass while slowly swaying to the music and lig... Continue»
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Head Rush

Head Rush

You are on your back with your legs pointing toward the window. You're head is hanging off the edge of the bed and you can see the back wall. I walk into the room and see you naked. One or your hands is rubbing your pussy and the other is massaging your breast. Your legs are spread wide and slightly bent. I give you a full kiss on the mouth. You can feel my lips strong on yours and with my tongue probing your mouth. I can feel the wetness in your mouth and it reminds me of your pussy. I begin to grow.

I stand up and stand over you. I put my penis in your open, wet mouth.... Continue»
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Cool Fall nights in Hong Kong..

The Fall temperature got me really horny....

You're naked. Clean. Sitting backwards on a chair. The back of the chair is drapped in a towel and your nipples are lightly brushing up against the towel. You are waiting for me and feeling horny. Your butt is sticking out over the edge of the chair and your legs are slightly open so your pussy is rubbing the seat. You imagine me kissing you and fell your pussy getting wet. The towel begins to soak up your juice. The texture of the towel makes you even more horny....

You hear me come into the room. I see your ass sticking over the side of the ... Continue»
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