roleplay 2

<Subgrl4Roleplay> hey
<Subgrl4Roleplay> 23 f
<Handsome22m> sweet
<Handsome22m> 22/m
<Subgrl4Roleplay> cool
<Handsome22m> WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE?
<Handsome22m> oups caplock soz
<Subgrl4Roleplay> brown eyes and hair, tan, athletic build, 55
<Subgrl4Roleplay> 5'5
<Handsome22m> sexy!
<Handsome22m> 6'1 145lbs blue/gray eyes light brown hair slim athletic fit with a thick 8 inch surprise ;)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> very nice
<Handsome22m> thx
<Handsome22m> wanna play?
<Subgrl4Roleplay> what roles
<Handsome22m> u choose
<Subgrl4Roleplay> friends dad
<Handsome22m> u mean im ur friends dad?
<Subgrl4Roleplay> yeah
<Handsome22m> okay
<Handsome22m> u start ;)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> would you please :)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> and dont hold back. be as kinky as you want ;)
<Handsome22m> k
<Handsome22m> well ur sl**ping over at my daughters placeand you wake up in the middle of the night
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I am only wearing a tshirt as i walk downstairs for a glass of water
<Handsome22m> your walking tothe kitchen when you notice i fell asl**p in the living room in front of the tv
<Handsome22m> you realise its porn as they start to fuk
<Subgrl4Roleplay> my panties instantly get wet from watching and i let out a moan
<Handsome22m> as you get closer to me you realise im wearing only a wide open bathrobe and my meaty rodis laying on my belly as i sl**p
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I get on my knees as i take your cock in my mouth and i begin to suck it hard
<Handsome22m> you can feel it slowly start to get bigger and bigger in your mouth until your chocking onthe thickest 8 incher youve ever seen
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i take it all in my mouth sucking and stroking you hard
<Handsome22m> you feel my hand behind your head as my dik start throbbing in your throat
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i take it all gagging and sucking you hard
<Handsome22m> *i wake up just a lil moment before i was about to cum buckets down your throat and i push you off realising whats happening
<Handsome22m> hey, *ur name* what are you doing?
<Handsome22m> (my cok is still throbbing on the limit of exploding)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Kate
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I saw your porn and got really horny sir. I couldnt help myself
<Handsome22m> what if lucy caught you
*Handsome22m get up and closes the tv
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i shrug "I was willing to take the chance
<Handsome22m> (bad lyier) you should go back to sl**p sweety
<Subgrl4Roleplay> You didn't like what I was doing to you sir?
<Handsome22m> no your great at it but i mean your my daughters friend this isnt right
<Subgrl4Roleplay> She will never have to know. It will be our secret.
<Handsome22m> ah i guess this one time since you already gave me so much im gonna have chronic blue balls if i refuse (my boner nearly looks painful its so hard)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I smile. We wouldn't want that now would we sir
<Handsome22m> oh you surely wouldnt
*Handsome22m kisses you passionatly
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i kiss you back and moan
<Handsome22m> lets go to my bedroom she wont hear us and theres a lock
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i follow you to your room
*Handsome22m locks the door and turn to you whos on my bed...
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i begin to strip and lay there before you naked
<Handsome22m> i startkissing my way up your body
<Handsome22m> with your anckle first
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i moan writh beneath you
<Handsome22m> then i kiss my way up to your knee tickling them with my thongue
<Handsome22m> i make sure tu brush my lips on every inch of your thigh
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i moan so loud spreading my legs wide for you to see my dripping wet pussy
<Handsome22m> making sure to kiss the inside
<Handsome22m> and i make sure to keep the pink fruit untouched a little longer
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i writh and arch my body
<Handsome22m> while my hands discover your asscheek my lips do so with your belly
<Handsome22m> brushing my thongue on your hipbone
<Handsome22m> kissing your belly button
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i grab your hair and brush my fingers through it
<Handsome22m> i softly blow fresh air where i bhushed my thongue to make you feel the lines
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmm i need you so badly i moan
<Handsome22m> then my thongue start spiraling aroung your breast toward your nipple
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhhhh i arch my body into your mouth as i push you harder onto me
<Handsome22m> going around and around reaching your nipples only when there fully erect and pointy
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmm i moan so loud breathing so heavily
<Handsome22m> then i take your nipple sucked in my mouth and my thongue start to nibble on it lightning fast
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmmm ahhhh harder i moan
<Handsome22m> once ive done both nipples i start kissing my way back down your stomach
<Handsome22m> making sure to tease your belly button
<Handsome22m> your ribs
<Handsome22m> your hipbone
<Handsome22m> your pussy mound
<Handsome22m> finnally kissing your clit
<Handsome22m> and sucking it in my mouthto nibble on it even faster than i did on your nipples
<Handsome22m> just stricking your clit left and right with my thongue
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhh my pussy is so wet
<Subgrl4Roleplay> harder i moan
<Subgrl4Roleplay> bucking my pussy into you
<Handsome22m> i slip a finger inside you without stoping to lick you
<Handsome22m> and i move it on the same beat as my thongue
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ah ah ah oh yes
<Handsome22m> when i slip in a second finger i start using my other hand to refrain your hips from bucking too hard
<Handsome22m> my pace never seems to slow just get faster actually
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhhhh i writh under you i am so close i moan
<Handsome22m> my thongue swirling your clit at the same insane pace my fingers rubs your g spot
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhhhi arch and come so hard
<Handsome22m> as soon as im done licking the juices off i come back up to kiss you
<Handsome22m> my face is covered with your pleasure
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i kiss you passionately
<Handsome22m> you can feel my still oh so hard boner now lying on your belly and dripping precum
<Subgrl4Roleplay> fuck me sir. I need your cock in my dripping whet pussy
<Handsome22m> i grab your legs over my shoulder then i wrap my arm behing your shoulder to pick you up and line up your pussy to my rod
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmmm take me. make me your fucking bitch
<Handsome22m> whhen i drop you on my stud you can feel your own weight impaling your pussy around my cock
<Subgrl4Roleplay> AHhhh yeahh fuck my pussy so hard
<Handsome22m> you can feel you inside nearly ripping
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i thust my hips into you
<Handsome22m> as i pick you up just toimpale you time after time
<Handsome22m> lifting you all the way up my cock nearly pulling out
<Handsome22m> and let your pussy ram all the way back down
<Subgrl4Roleplay> AHHHHH fuck me so hard. fuck me like the little whore i am
<Handsome22m> i put you on your back on the side of the bed to thrust my hips into you
<Handsome22m> while my hand rubs your clit like crazy
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmmm oh yeah
<Subgrl4Roleplay> make that pussy yours
<Subgrl4Roleplay> as i thrust and grind my pussy into yours
<Handsome22m> i flip you in doggystyle as i thrust into you even harder
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhh fuck yes. fuck me like a little cunt dog
<Handsome22m> as i still ram your pussy you feel my fingers start to tickle the rim of your back entreance
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmmm fuck my ass
<Subgrl4Roleplay> rip it apart
<Handsome22m> suddenly i pull my whole huge cock out just to shove it all the way in your butt
<Handsome22m> fucking it hard and fast like a b**st would
<Subgrl4Roleplay> AHHHHH i scream so loud as i arch my back
<Subgrl4Roleplay> fuck that little ass
<Handsome22m> i reach around you rub on your clit while my ravaging boner loosen your tight booty
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhhhh so fucking good. hard and faster
<Handsome22m> im gonna cum so hard in your ass your gonna shit white for a week
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmmm yeah cum in my hot fucking ass
*Handsome22m rams your ass like its never been destroyed
<Subgrl4Roleplay> AHhhhhhhhhhhh rip my ass open
<Handsome22m> at the instant you are on the verge of cumming you feel my cum gushingdeep inside your butt driving you another insane orgasm
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i cum so hard and loud
<Subgrl4Roleplay> AHHHHHHHHHHHH
<Handsome22m> i fall on the bed holding you to me without even pulling out
<Handsome22m> as you feel the pressure going out of my cock
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i breathe heavily
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i need to sl**p ove rmore often
<Handsome22m> as you feel my body going numb falling back to sl**p you hear a slight noise on the other side of the door
<Subgrl4Roleplay> what was that sir
*Handsome22m is already deep asl**p
<Handsome22m> (sounds like heavy breathing on the other side of the door)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Gets up and walks to the door and opens it finding Cassie on the other side
<Handsome22m> (sitting on the ground panties pulled to the side and with 2 fingers deep in her pussy
<Handsome22m> she fucking jumps when you open the door in front of her
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Cassie! What are you doing?!
<Handsome22m> she looks frozen in fear
<Handsome22m> speechless
<Handsome22m> only her eyes are running all over your naked body
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Have you been outside this whole time?
<Handsome22m> *affirmative nods
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Sees how you are looking at my naked body. You wanted to join us didnt you?
<Handsome22m> *get up and kisses you
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i stumble back and hit the bed causing you to wake up
*Handsome22m rolls upon my backin a semi sl**p state not even realising im not alone in my room
<Handsome22m> (she is staring in fear at her fathers dick)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Smiles to myself. I know you want it. Why dont you go and take it.
<Handsome22m> (cassie turns tomato red)
<Subgrl4Roleplay> Come on Cassie. He will love it.
<Handsome22m> but its my father...
<Handsome22m> (bites her lower lip)
<Handsome22m> it would be wrong
<Subgrl4Roleplay> The royals used to do it all the time. And as long as you dont tell anyone who will know or care?
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I come closer to her and rub her pussy
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i can feel how hot you are. i know you want to
<Handsome22m> (shes dripping wet)
<Handsome22m> she tries to kiss you
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i kiss her hard and direct her to the bed
<Subgrl4Roleplay> laying her on it next to you as i rub her harder and move down her body
<Handsome22m> *grinding her hips and fighting to stay quiet
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i pull down her panties and begin to lick and suckle on her sweet pussy
<Subgrl4Roleplay> licking her deep and sucking on her clit
<Subgrl4Roleplay> as i reach up and massage her breasts
<Handsome22m> *clamping her thigh around your head in pleasure
<Handsome22m> you start hearing small moans she cant hold
<Subgrl4Roleplay> I lick faster and harder
<Subgrl4Roleplay> sucking hard on her clit as i take it between my teeth
<Handsome22m> her pussy is soo wet shes sripping all over your face
<Subgrl4Roleplay> come on baby i know you want to cum for me
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i lick faster and harder into her
<Subgrl4Roleplay> paying special attention to her clit
<Handsome22m> she start bucking on the bed and gushing all over your face
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i crawl up her body as i kiss you hard with her juices still on my face
<Handsome22m> as your wet lips touches mine you feel her mouth taking its turn on your clit
<Handsome22m> slowly tickling it first
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i moan and writh
<Handsome22m> as she sucks ur clit she shoves a finger in ur still cum dripping ass
<Subgrl4Roleplay> ahhhhh i gasp and arch into her touch
<Handsome22m> you feel my cum dripping over your pussy and in her mouth
<Subgrl4Roleplay> mmmm fuck me sir
<Subgrl4Roleplay> i need your cock in me
<Handsome22m> she moving her finger to make all my cum drip out
<Handsome22m> you realise i have a raging boner again just before i come tokiss you again
<Handsome22m> before you realise it my boner is ripping your pussy out and you see Crissie sitting in my face
<Handsome22m> shes moaning and kissing you

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