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A facsination with she males

I don't know why I am fascinated by she males but I am. I first saw a she male in the VHS video Viva Vanessa. Vanessa Del Rio took a she male home who she thought was a woman. It was a good scene but I didn't think much of it.

Later I bought a VHS tape called Orgy at Poysinebbery Bar 2 not knowing what the video was about. I was looking for a video that began with the letter O. The video was about she males, men and women who visit a bar. My fascination began with this video. Summer St. Cerly, Dana Douglas, and Heather Holmes were the she males. I bought another video with the same three in it called I Was a She Male for the FBI. A good video, but no women in it except for a post op transsexual.

I started buying more she males videos. Some of my favorites are TransEurope Express, Married With She Males, and She Male Spirits in the Night.I enjoy watching she males with women. I like she males with men but rather watch the she male fuck the man. She Males with she males are also good to watch. Solo she male scenes are also good. I have one solo DVD called Tranny Jerkfest.

I've fascinated about being with a she male. I would fuck her in the ass and she could fuck me in the ass. She could suck me off, but I don't think I could suck her off. I never met one in person. I don't know if I ever will meet one.

I'll continue to buy she male videos when I can afford to buy the videos. I'll keep watching the ones I have, and the ones I find on xhamster.

Posted by mildCDinNJ 2 years ago
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