My second gay encounter with My Hot Twink

This is a true story.
I had my first gay encounter ever with this twink a couple weeks earlier. He was 23 and I was almost 49. He was 5'5" tall and he said 135 lbs. He was blonde hair with blue eyes. He had a very musclar stomach. He had no hair on it. It looked like a small trail of peach fuzz from his cock up to his naval. I am 5'10" and about 165 then. I've gained a few pounds since. After we finished the first time I cleaned up to leave. He then asked me if we would see each other again. I told him maybe. It depended on the guilt I felt about this time. He laughed and said he understood but please come back. He said he had a boyfriend so be sure to call first. I guess he wanted to keep me secret. I left and thought about it for a week or two. I did feel pretty guilty, but my horniness out weighed the guilt in the two weeks so I called him back. He told when to come and I did. I mean this guy got me hard just talking to him. This was purely sexual ! lol I'm sure most of you know what I mean. I went to his apartment and he let me in. It was around dusk and there was a cool breeze blowing. He had all his windows open and he had his fans blowing too. He had on the same type outfit but these silky shorts were red with a loose white tank top. He didn't waste any time . This time he kissed me which I didn't let him do the first time. It was okay though. He then pulled my shorts down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. (no underware ) He started sucking on my hard cock. It felt wonderful since I hadn't gotten off since I was with him 2 weeks earlier. He was rubbing my balls too and also fingering my ass. It felt ok but wasn't really sure about it. He sucked me for couple minutes then we went to the couch. He sat me down and then raised my ass up high and then started tonguing my ass. I must admit it felt great while he was tonguing me he started to stroke my cock at the same time. WOW ! This sex felt better then anything I'd experienced before. I had to suck him for a minute or so myself. This is the secound time I'd ever sucked a cock but was starting to the hang of it. He had about 9 or 10 inchs so I wasn't sure about deep throating him but wanted to while a stroked and sucked this pretty cock. I did for a short time but started gagging a little and stopped going all the way down. By now my cock was dripping so much I was making spots everwhere my cock went. He then said lets go to the bed. I got up and ran to the bed. He told me to lay down on my back he wanted me to try a new toy he'd just had gotten. I was game. It was all bent up like almost a u shape. He put some sort of lotion on it and started inserting it. He told me to relax it would hurt a little at first but would feel alot better shortly. It did hurt , but not alot. He kept rearranging it to hit a certain spot. Wow, he found the right spot and I starting really moaning with pleasure. He had to close all the windows after that. After he got the spot that was driving me crazy he turned it on. It was also a vibrator. OMG I started oozing out my cock. It wasn't exactly the same but I just loved every second of it. He pulled it out after 4 or 5 minurtes and just started licking everything off my cock and stomach. He said now I want you to fuck me. I that's great, lets go.Now he put a little lotion on my cock and put it in his ass. He also lubed his cock too. I strarted fucking him and I couldn't believe how good it felt and how tight his ass was. I fucked him while we both took turns stroking his long cock. He started shooting cum to his face and then I pulled out to shoot my load too. Mine shot to his nipples. I then started licking off his cum first then mine. He had his cum on his face and that was just so hot licking that off then to wis nipples to lick mine off. We laid there a few minutes and then jumped in the shower together. We washed each other off and then I left. I just told him it would be a while before we could see each other again but I would call him.
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Yeah read ,my next story
2 years ago
So, did you call him?