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first orgasm with another guy

I'm a house painter by trade and paint apartments mostly now. I had just started painting a one bedroom and this young guy comes to the door and asks me if I had any quarters for his laundry, and I didn't so I said no. He was slim in his early 20's and blonde. I'm pretty straight but if I'd ever think about being with a guy, he would be my type. He had on very baggy silky basketball shorts and a loose tank top. I did smile at him and we had some small talk and he pointed accross the parking lot showing me what apartment he lived in and told me if I found any quarters please bring them over. He then left. Well, I started painting my apartment and couldn't quit thinking about him so I hurried to finish. I lived about 10 minutes from there so I flew home to shower and come back. I'm 5'10" and rather slim myself so after showering I put on my baggy shorts and a loose fitting tank top too. I'm very hairy. I raced back over to the apartments. I did stop along the way to get a couple dollars worth of quarters to break the ice. It has now been about three hours since we saw each other. I parked my car and went to his door and knocked. He came to the door and had a surprised look on his face but a big smile. I had 4 quarters in my hand and gave them to him. He invited me in and closed the door. I already brushed up against him with my chest to his shoulders. He was about 5'5 or 5'6 , so I was alot taller . Before doing anything else I grabbed his ass ! I couldn't believe I was so aggressive to a guy. Well that was all I needed to do. He grabbed my crotch through my shorts. I was rock hard and so was he because I could see his wet spot on his silky loose shorts not to mention being rock hard himself. I dropped his shorts to his ankles and he stepped out of them . I then got to my knees and started sucking him. He was shorter then I was but he had a much longer cock then I had which was sexy to me for some reason. He had about 9 or 10 inches of circumcized clean cock. He also had a large head which was just dripping of warm precum. He put his hands at the back of my head pushing me back and forth on his cock. He then directed me to the bed where we got on his bed where he had fans blowing on us. He started sucking my cock then and that felt so good I was ready to cum but didn't yet. I wanted to keep sucking on him too . We got into a 69 position and both were pumping and stroking each other. I then told him to cum first because he was my first guy ever to cum with and I wanted to get off a little after him. Shortly after me telling him to cum he exploded all over my face and mouth like a 20 year old who hasn't cum in several weeks. It turned me on so much I came right after he did. It was a huge load because I was so hot. I came on his face and chest. I then licked as much of my cum as I could , not to mention licking his cum off me. It was the first of several more encounters with my hot twink. I'll post them later. I hope you enjoyed it at least half as much as I did.
Posted by mikeyhard 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I wish
2 years ago
your story makes me want to go paint something!