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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch8

Chapter 8

Next morning, Jerry dived into a heavy breakfast of bacon and eggs and
buttered toast, topped by both milk and coffee and preceded by fruit
juice and vitamin pills. Besides being hungry, he was taking no chances
on losing any strength.

They had gotten Debbie Carter together last night, helping her to dress
and to do something about her hair and makeup, so that she looked
reasonably presentable when she went home to her husband and daughter.
She hadn't really wanted to leave, hut they all knew it was best, and
as she kissed them both goodnight, she'd pr... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch7

Chapter 7

Jerry couldn't wait; seeing his mom tongue-kissing another woman made
him hotter than ever, and as he watched her cup one of Debbie's
generous breasts, he climbed high between the woman's wide-spread
thighs and aimed his swollen cockhead down into the thick brush of her
steaming pussy. He could see the cunt lips now, all greasy and inflamed
by the eating he had given them, looking juicy and appetizing.

His flanged knob pressed down through the shielding fur and snuggled
its blunt, leaking tip against the ineffable softness of Debbie's
labia. ... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch6

Chapter 6

A couple of days went by, or was it three? Days and nights telescoped
into themselves, blurred by eating and sl**ping and bathing, all the
necessary things that seemed at most to be only a background for the
focal point of Jerry's life - the fucking they were doing. They made it
in all possible positions, in acrobatic contortions and the more
comfortable basic methods, his mother's pussy always open and smoking,
her mouth always hungry for the meaty club he fed into her red lips. He
ate her torrid cunt again and again, and found a different thrill the
l... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch5

Chapter 5

They ate again later that evening, downing a rich and hearty stew with
green salad and a chocolate cake. Fucking made a guy hungry, Jerry
thought, more relaxed in this new and sexy intimacy with his mother. He
didn't try to keep his eyes off her lush body as she moved about the
kitchen. She wore her dressing gown open down the front which made her
more appealing than if she was entirely naked. He could see her fine
tits peeping their tips from the robe, and caught glimpses of the
sunshine fluff of her mound, the flash of a burnished thigh. And
always, she mo... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch9

Chapter 9

Debbie's hand drew Jerry around the chair, and he stood uncertainly as
the woman held onto his stiff prick. There on the couch, Lester
Carter's shaft was still embedded to the balls within Angela's golden
pussy, and the guy was panting hard, his red-haired chest rising and
falling almost as fast as his cock had been, moments ago.

But Jerry still felt a little nervous, to be standing naked with the
man's wife tugging upon his swollen rod. He didn't resist though, when
Debbie slid from the big leather chair and pushed him down onto the
sea... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch4

Chapter 4

She had snuggled up to him, her long, slender body more extended than
his own, yet Jerry didn't feel small anymore; he had the length of his
prick to make up for any differences in size. Besides, he loved every
inch of that lush and lovely body, its slender yet shapely legs, the
high, firm tits, and most of all, his mother's impossibly beautiful
pussy, so rich and deep and clinging. That treasure was precious as the
curls of golden hair that shielded it, softer than eiderdown, slippery
as come itself, and Jerry adored it.

He murmured into the muskiness... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch3

Chapter 3

It was some time later when Angela gently disengaged herself from him,
and Jerry felt the soft sliding out of his prick as it left the hairy
wet basket of his mother's buttery cunt. She kissed him lightly upon
the face, upon the mouth, and gave him another lingering taste of her
honeyed tongue, stroking his supine body as she did so.

"I know we both want to just keep screwing," she said, her deep blue
eyes languorous upon his own, her mouth softened and lushly red, "but
we have all the time we need for it, baby. And we're going to take it.... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch 1

BEE-3079 sl**p-In For Daddy by Chuck Selwyn

Chapter 1

Jerry trembled in the closet, quivering with anticipation, because he
had been waiting for this moment ever since his father announced he had
to catch a plane this evening. His old man always came into the bedroom
with his mother, for a goodbye piece of ass before going off on another
one of his long road trips, and this time, Jerry was ahead of them,
determined to actually see what the fucking was all about, instead of
just pressing his ear to the wall and only listening to them screw.

As he crouched in the darknes... Continue»
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Classic Porn Books sl**p-In For Daddy ch2

Chapter 2

He didn't want to ever take it out of her; his prick felt so wonderful,
buried to the balls within the marvelous grasping of his mother's
beloved pussy, locked tenderly into the greasy, hot depths of that
previously forbidden cunt his father had fucked so often, this
deliciously thrilling gash that other men had screwed, too. Now Jerry
was one of them, and he vividly remembered his mom calling out in the
throes of her passion that she had never been fucked so hard and so

The come inundating that precious vagina was mixed, his own bubbling
juice... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 08----End------

I had positioned myself so that my crotch was rubbing against mom’s thigh, humping her thigh as I was sucking on her nipples, in fact I could have sworn that I even tasted her sweet milk as I did as a baby... Then I heard Pam moan as she started cumming, then mom moaned loudly as she does when she is cumming. The tension was getting so great, I fucked my mom’s thigh hard and as I moaned loudly; we all came together.

Like a good slut, Pam quickly came over and started licking my pussy juices clean and then did the same thing to mom. I patted a place next to me on the bed where sh... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 06

We, the girls and I, after having out little parties were going to have our big party tonight. Now you have to understand that we promised her parents that we would not have any boys or alcohol in the house, but like many promises that people make, they usually get broken and ours was no exception.

Other than our close group of eight, we invited another fifteen girls that were friends with the different girls during our years in high school. They were popular, pretty and enjoyed parties that we had during the past years and we all agreed to them being invited.

We already had our school g... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 05

My mom was sitting with her eyes wide open and seemed to be in an animated state. Between last night having sex with Christy, and now watching her sweet daughter being fucked with two other girls; let’s face it I was in shock as well as mom.

“Christy,” mom finally said, “You know, Leslee and I are very private people. I think that Leslee likes you very much, as I do; but you showing us this video while we’re both here is, well, embarrassing; don’t you think?” The funny thing was that mom didn’t say anything about my bald pussy, not even when s... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 04

At the same time I was with a few of the girls from school and we were preparing one of my girlfriends parents house for our graduation party. Her parents were overseas on business and had given my friend , Claudia, an only c***d, permission to use the house, but not to have any alcohol or any sort of d**gs, and no boys. We promised to behave like ladies and they trusted us.

However, one of the girls, Jill, found the liquor cabinet and thought that it would be cute to make some punch and pour some vodka into it. Obviously we couldn’t taste the vodka and in no time we were all feeling ... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 03

“Thank you, Christy, but it’s getting very late and I think that I should be going home.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m going to show you how beautiful you are.” Mom was not really d***k enough to be completely out of it, but she had the sense to know that she was saying things that were quiet personal and inappropriate because of her drinking.

Christy took mom into her room and sat her in a swivel chair that faced a mirror. “Shari, this is where I make myself look beautiful, you may have seen me sitting in this chair, and probably noticed how excit... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 02

“That was pretty weak,” Christy said, again pretending to be a boy; my date. “ I’m surprised that you haven’t been ****d before, but I’ll tell you this, I don’t care what you want, I’ll do whatever I want to do with you, and if you give me any trouble, you’ll wish that you hadn’t.” I think she really meant it even if she was pretending to be a guy date.

She was kissing and licking my body from my waist, to my tits, my neck and then locked onto my mouth; I was aroused more than I have ever been but at the same time, afraid.

... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting. 01

When I was eighteen I thought that I was finally a grown up as much as any adult; I knew it all. I was smart, I was fully developed physically, as well as sexually( so I thought.) I had a slender body with long legs but my tits were large, “C” cup, I was taller than my mom, in fact I was the tallest girl in my graduation class at 5‘ 8“and 120#’s. My name is Leslee, I know but that’s how it’s spelled on my birth certificate; my granddads names were Lester and Lee, they wanted a boy and when I was born they thought that they could create a cute girls nam... Continue»
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[Story] Megan Brown - Generations Part Two

Meg the next generation part two of “Generations”

Hope Springs had changed quite a lot in the previous seventy years.
The British had gone. General Cornwallis had fled from Georgetown. The British had returned for a while and gone once again.
It was eighteen thirty one and Hope had more than doubled in size.
The great estates of cotton plantation were making a fortune on the backs of slaves imported from Bristol and Liverpool and cotton was King everywhere …………… except in Hope Springs.
They didn’t much c... Continue»
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[Story] Megan Brown - Generations

Megan Brown ………. Generations

In which Megan Brown and her descendants are schooled and disciplined
In “Hope Springs” an Anglo Irish Community in Virginia beginning in the year of s*******n sixty one…………………….

This story is not in any way a history of Virginia or “The old Dominion” as it was sometimes called.
It is the story not of slavery or revolution ,rather the daily lives of the good people of “Hope Springs&rd... Continue»
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[Story] Meg Brown - Generations Part Three 1880

Generations 1880

Hope Spring Virginia and with the dreadful civil war over life went on almost as usual . Some of “Hopes” finest boys had been lost to the union f***es. Everyone knew some woman who was now a lonely widow.
Despite the decimation Hope Springs had grown larger than ever.
Fresh bl**d had arrived and the township was doubling in size
Sarah Brown’s dear husband had been killed in the last days of the bl**dy conflict leaving her to bring up baby Meg alone.
How Sarah had managed the small homestead alon... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club 2


It was Friday evening. Bill and Connie sat at their kitchen table
discussing the final preparations for the party. Their son Jimmy, and Kim, his girlfriend
who lived next door, had just left to pick up Angela. She was one of Kim's friends
and was due to be initiated into the club tonight.

It really hadn't been necessary to pick her up since she only lived on
the next block, but it made it easier to tell Angela's parents a convincing story if
they thought a group of the k**s were getting together. If Angela had said she was
sl**ping over at Kim... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club


It was Friday night and there was a break in the action. Bill sat
in a large leather chair, gazing at the three naked women he had
bound in various positions in his basement "game" room, reflecting
over the changes that had occurred in his life the past month. When
Connie had confessed that she had been unfaithful and had discovered
her need to be dominated and abused, he had felt his life was over.
Confused, angry, and hurt, he had confided in his next door
neighbor, Rosie, who seized the moment to both educate Bill and
fulfill her own needs at the same t... Continue»
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[Story] What does it mean

Okay, let me say to the many that might say what the fuck. And ask why I am posting this. Well I know that there are some that don't know everything so to "ABC" the sex words, (Just for the ones that don't have a clue. And the credit goes to the "sex dictionary"). >>> Please note some of the key words were left off for obvious reasons of course as some of them were very taboo. <<< Enjoy........

afterglow - n.
The good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

I screamed as we both climaxed, then he... Continue»
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[Story] What A Master/Mistress Should do to a Slave

101 ideas to make Your slave feel Owned (i.e. loved)

One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master's control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive. The more often a slave is reminded of her submission, the deeper it becomes....and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas You might want to try... And no matter what rules You decide to make Your own, please....be consistent. If You are unwilling to take the time to enf***e the rules You make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in t... Continue»
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[Story] Bdsm Slave Rules

1. Slave should always remove clothing as soon as she/he gets home unless Master/ Mistress has laid out clothing for the slave or submissive to wear.
2. Slave should fold clothes neatly or place them in the laundry whenever he/ she gets undressed.
3. The slave or submissive is to kneel in present posture whenever the Master/ Mistress is due to arrive and wait quietly.
4. Whenever the Master/ Mistress is present in a room, the slave must ask permission to enter in the following fashion: "Would it please you if your slave entered the room."
5. The slave will kneel i
... Continue»
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Taken in Bondage

When Jenny awoke, she was suspended from some complex apparatus looking somewhat like a high gymnastic bar. Her wrists were held in manacles, suspended from the bar. Her feet were restrained, too, a yard apart and there was a loose collar around her throat. She was naked, as well. "Hey!" she cried loudly, blinded by the bright lights in her face, "let me go, or I'll call the police!" All she remembered was the porno store where she went when the pressures became too much. There had been the blonde who handed her the tokens, then the prick in her bottom, and then ... Continue»
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[Story] Broomstick

It had been the strangest and yet the most exhilarating time in Sandy's life, these last two weeks. She looked at her naked body and was pleased with her tall, slender body with her small breasts. It was a good body. She could hardly believe she had been a repressed, inhibited librarian just two weeks ago, afraid of sex and feeling dirty whenever her own strong urges overcame her and she rented pornographic videos and played with her pussy until she came, often eight or ten times in an evening. She touched her nipple and felt it stiffen. Then she was k**napped for the entertainment o... Continue»
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[Story] Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14

"I have something very special in mind for you, dear," muttered Mr.
Dodds, as he unlocked Mandy's door. For a moment, he stared
appreciatively at Mandy's rubber-covered form, held immobile by the
dozens of straps stretched out from her legs, arms, head, and torso.
He watched in silent appreciation as she shifted slightly, trying to
relieve the strain in her limbs and waist induced by the fiendish
bondage suit. A faint moan issued from the thick red rubber helmet.

Mandy thought she heard a faint click that might have been the door
opening. ... Continue»
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[Story] Cell Phone Slave Pt 1 of 14

Cell Phone Slave Part 1

Amaya saw the package in her mailbox and fought to rein in her hopes. More than likely it was for her roommate, Helen. She pulled the package out of their tiny dorm mailbox and looked at the address. It was for her! Amaya searched the package for a return address but there wasn’t one. The young college student checked the mailbox for any other mail, especially for her financial aid check that was a month late. There wasn’t any.

She didn’t open the package in the lobby although she was tempted. Amaya liked surprises and after a harsh three weeks o... Continue»
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[Story] The Slave Girl (Chapter 2)

The Slave Girl
Chapter 2

Her fall from the immaculate had been so great that she rejected middle class scruples about her body. If her breasts and vagina were weapons she would use them. After Achmed had loosed her from the bars, tended her needs and left her chained alone for the night, Miss Corey Gibson sat nakedly on her wooden bunk and ruefully reviewed her second ****. **** was not the right word. Butt all the other terms she could think of seemed equally inadequate.

"You like me fuck you before I go?" A beaming smile.
"Whatever you want, Achmed. I´m naked and... Continue»
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[Story] The Slave Girl (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Upon the rich austerity of David Murchinson´s polished mahogany the silver chrome of the handcuffs were a shining incongruity against the reticence of Corporate good taste. Corey Gibson eyed them with disdain. She was more concerned with what Murchinson was saying.

"On the face of it I should simply shut up, keep quiet. I should allow Planet Oil Corporation to slide down the drain and your father with it. But I don´t want that." He sighed heavily. "This old f****y role isn´t all it´s cracked up to be. I´m going to give you two altern... Continue»
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