Lisa 12 the gang bang

The door opens across the room and six naked black men come strolling into the room. Their massive cocks are hard and erect sticking straight out.

"Ohhhhhhh......oh I didn't plan on anything like this! Mike let me loose,please!!!!" She begs, staring wide eyed at the huge black cocks heading towards her. She struggles with her restraints to no avail.

I move to kneel down beside her to tell her everything will be okay. Kissing her on the lips and running my hands through her hair. John tells Dixie to get Lisa relaxed and ready for the injection. Dixie kneels between Lisa's raised and wide spread legs. Kissing and licking the inside of her tanned thighs,sliding her long tongue up and down the crack of her ass. Lisa moans jerking her hips around as Dixie slides her tongue up to lick her wet,fleshy cunt lips.

"You don't want all these guys to fuck me do you babe,their cocks are huge,they will kill me!" she said. She was very frightened as they circled her rubbing their massive black cocks all over her tanned flesh.Their huge black hands moving all over her snow white tits,rubbing and pulling on her large dark brown nipples.

I reassured Lisa everything would be okay and she would totally enjoy it.Promising I would still love her. She squealed with delight as Dixie sucked her huge clit into her mouth greedily sucking it,feeling it grow in her mouth.

John move down beside Dixie with the syringe. It was filled with premixed saline and GV-ED chemical. This is for male erectile dysfunction,but when injected into the female clitoris it has even more of an effect. Keeping the clitoris hard and erect and the woman wanting more and more sex.Having multiple orgasms and wanting more.

Dixie raised her head up,Lisa's large fat clit sticking up like a small cock.

Lisa cried out as the needle went into the sensitive nerve ending of her swollen clit. Her pussy becoming very warm and her clit swelling even more.The pain from the prick of the needle subsided as the warmth swept through her pussy.

Dixie's flicking her fat tongue over Lisa's enlarged very sensitive fat clit. Lisa moaned quietly asking if this is what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to be our little cock whore tonight."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..the way I feel right now I'll be anything you want."

Lisa didn't see or hear the large panels slide open to reveal the large group of people seated. All of them looking at the beautiful youg lady.

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