Lisa 11 The Gang bang

Lisa turned around as John had asked,wiggling her cute little ass around.Looking over her shoulder at his massive cock twitching around.

"Do you like getting fucked in the ass Lisa?" John asked.

"Yes,Mike was the first one to fuck my ass and I love it! I'm not sure I can take your all of your cock up my ass."

"You will take it all with no problem babe,you will be so excited."John replied.
"I think its time to go to the basement now."

The finished plush basement was a fully equipped dungeon. Everything you could imagine for BSDM lovers was down here.

John took us over to a hanging wide leather sling suspended from the ceiling with chains. He lifted Lisa up and adjusted her naked little body on the narrow sling so that her ass hung over one side and her head was just at the edge of the other side. We helped him hold her legs up as he cuffed them to the chains so they were spread wide and high leaving her little pussy and ass exposed. Then he did the same thing to her arms so that she was completely helpless.

Lisa's eyes were wide and she looked concerned about the position she was in."I'm not sure I like this" she said struggling to free herself.

"Trust me Lisa,you will like this more than you have liked anything in your entire life," John told her.
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