Lisa 10 her first gang bang and More

Dixie and I had did all the planning of Lisa's gang bang. The closer we came to the date,the more nervous Lisa became. She talked of backing out more than once.

On the night it was to happen,Dixie,Lisa and I stopped at a bar and had a few drinks to loosen up. Then it was off to Dixie's lovers house.It was a very beautiful huge house in a very expensive neighborhood.

Dixie's lover John greeted us at the door wearing just a thin robe. I noticed Lisa's eye's widen as she seen the massive outline of his cock pressing against the thin material. Dixie had on a little black dress with a open plunging neckline,black thigh high hose and high heels.Lisa was wearing a short little white dress with a halter top. The outline and color of her big dark brown nipples showed beneath the thin material. She was wearing white thigh high hose and high heels.

John invited us in and made drinks for everyone. He was very nice and charming.making everyone feel comfortable. Lisa and I both liked him right away.
I think Lisa was relieved that there was not a bunch of guys there. The couch was huge with room for all four of us. Lisa and John were in the middle beside each other. John told both women how beautiful they were may times and that he was getting very excited already. He had his arm laying across his lap holding the b**st at bay.

Dixie encouraged him to show us his big cock,John asked Lisa if she wanted to see it. Lisa blushed and said yes glancing at me. John pulled his robe open releasing his massive,hard cock. Just as Dixie had said it was over ten inches in length and almost eight inches around. His cock standing straight up was huge. Lisa gasped staring wide eyed at his massive cock twitching around.

"Touch it Lisa,it's like a rock!!" Dixie said

Lisa looked at me and I told her I wanted her to touch it and more.

Lisa's hand was shaking as she reached out moving her fingers over his hard flesh. She moaned, exploring every inch of his long,fat,heavy veined cock."So big...and so hard!!" she mumbled.

"I am the only one who doesn't have clothes on!" John laughed "Let me see your beautiful naked body Lisa.Let me see everyone naked.

Lisa didn't hesitate as she stood and slipped her dress off.standing with just her thigh high hose and heels in front of John.

"So young and beautiful!!!" John moaned and his massive cock twitched around."Show me your cute little ass that Dixie is always talking about!"

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Would love to see more friend
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That's good, but where's the rest?