Lisa 6 more of Dixie

Dixie wrapped her long legs around Lisa's back as the younger woman licked and sucked her hairy pussy. She feasted on Lisa's puckered little asshole for quite some time,then moved down to her dripping wet cunt.Like myself Dixie was fascinated with Lisa's cute little ass.Sucking her swollen clit between her lips she slid her fingers up and down her slippery cunt lips,coating them with her cunt juices.Then she slid one of her long fingers up her asshole.

Lisa had three fingers up Dixie's cunt furiously finger fucking her,sucking loudly on her clit. Jerking her hips around wildly,humping the older woman's face. Both of them enjoying the first taste of another woman's pussy.

They both reached a huge orgasm together that lasted quite awhile.Both of them still wanting to lick and suck other more. I had been with several bi women before,but none as intense as this.

I couldn't take anymore,I went into the conference room. Both women were aware of me but,keep licking each others cunts.Dixie looked at my hard fat cock wide eyed as I moved behind Lisa.She slid her finger from Lisa's ass when I moved my cock closer.I rubbed the head of my cock against the slick lips of Lisa's cunt and Dixie's nose and fore head. Pushing Lisa's ass forward I shoved my hard fat cock into Dixie,s mouth. She started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Her hot wet mouth felt so good clamped around my cock for the first time. I crammed my cock down her throat and she took it all.

Lisa moved off Dixie and turned to watch her sucking my cock. Her face showed jealousy and excitement,She stared wide eyed for a few,then said how hot it was watching her suck my cock.

I pulled my cock from her mouth to keep from cumming,moving so she could lick and suck my balls. I asked Lisa if she was okay with all this and she said she thought so.

" Can he fuck me Lisa,oh please i just want to feel his big cock up my pussy.I'll do anything you want sweetheart. I'll be you sex slave forever."Dixie moaned in between licking my balls.

Lisa didn't say anything for awhile. "Do you love me Mike?' she asked.

"Yes,you know I love you babe.This is just sex."

" I can hook you up with a couple of guys Lisa. You haven't lived until you have had three guys fucking you at the same tome. Three guys with huge cocks honey."

Karen asked me if I would be okay with that and I told her I would.
"Fuck her babe,pound that pussy while I watch!" Lisa said

I got Dixie up on all fours and moved behind her.Lisa knelt beside us and rubbed the older woman's white ass. "I can't believe this is happening."
She said watching as I slid the head of my cock up and down Dixie's creamy cunt lips.

"Fuck me fuck me mike,don't tease me, slam that big cock up my pussy!Treat me like your little cock whore!!!Fuck me hard.

I pushed the head of my cock between her slick soft cunt lips,pushing all my fat cock up inside her.I started fucking her hard and fast and Lisa slapped her ass hard,leaving red marks on the snow white flesh.

Dixie told Lisa to shove her fingers up her ass and she did.First one,the two then three fingers fucking her ass. I could feel them against my cock though the the thin wall.

Dixie came like storm a few minutes later and I blew a huge load deep inside,pulling out to shove my squirted cock into Lisa's mouth.
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very good
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Good chapter
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Nice more please.