Lisa 3 My secretary my lover.

Lisa flicked out her tongue,licking a cock for the first time.She moaned saying how much she liked the taste of my precum. Her wet,warm tongue explored every inch of my fat seven and a half inch cock. I couldn't help but tug on her thick erect nipples. Stretching the dark brown flesh and lifting her little tits up again.

I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock. She whispered she would.I told her to tell me what she wanted.

"I want to suck your cock Mike.....I want to suck your big cock!" she whispered.
I pulled her towards me so that her head hung over the edge of the desk. Lisa looked up at me with those big brown eyes and opened her mouth.

My cock is very thick and I stretched her lips pushing the head into her mouth.She started eagerly sucking my cock,her cheeks bellowing in and out.I could tell she was enjoying having my cock in her mouth from her little moans and moving her body around. I pushed more of my fat cock into her inviting mouth.

She gagged and I pulled my cock out letting her regain her composure. "Put it back in my mouth,I love sucking your cock. I slapped her cute little lips with my rock hard cock telling her to say it again. Without hesitating she said I love sucking your big cock.

She tried and tried to take more of my cock into her mouth but,only managed a few inches. She was eager to suck on just the head and did it quite well. I thought about cumming in her mouth it was so good but,I wanted to fuck her cute little pussy.

Moving back around the desk and pulling her back so her ass was at the edge of the desk,I pushed her legs up and back. Rubbing the mushroomed shaped head against her wet,slippery pussy. Sliding my fat cock back and fourth over her swollen clit.

Lisa moaned loudly wiggling her hips around,"Fuck me...fuck me Mike..I want to feel your big cock deep inside me.

I slowly pushed my cock between the velvet soft folds of her pink flesh. Her young pussy clamped around my cock. So wet,so tight,so good. With about half of my throbbing cock inside her,I held still.

Lisa had tear streaming down her face mumbling how wonderful my cock felt inside her. She wiggled her ass around on the table telling and wanting more.I pumped my cock back and fourth for awhile,fucking her tight pussy.Then slowly I pushed all of my cock into her.

I don't know who moaned more or louder. The walls of her pussy stretched tightly around my cock.I wasn't moving but it felt like her pussy was.I let go of her legs and she held them high in the air.Sliding my fingers over her wet pussy I rubbed her huge clit sticking straight up.

"Fuck me..fuck me..ooooohhhh please fuck me!!" She cried out.Jerking her body around and putting her legs on my shoulders.

I started fucking her hard and fast flicking my thumb over her swollen clit. She kept moaning fuck me over and over. I held back until she screamed she was cumming,then my load exploded deep inside her trembling body.Falling on top of her we kissed as her pussy milked my cock.

We had sex every day after that,sometimes two and three times.We became very close with our emotions. I loved her and she loved me. The sex was fantastic,she would practice on a cumber at home and became a great cocksucker.She loved sucking my cock and the taste of cum.

She dressed very sexy and revealing now,keeping extra clothes at the office.The guys who worked for me and my customers enjoyed looking at her scanty clad curves.She never wore a bra or panties and we would flash strangers. Truckers driving beside us were our favorite. She would play with her pussy for them.

One customer and lady friend of mine took quite an interest in Lisa. Dixie was quite obvious about looking down her top or up her dress or skirt every chance she got. I had always wanted to fuck Dixie but, she wouldn't because her husband and I knew each other. She did confess to me that she had a lover on the side. She also told me she always wanted to be with a woman.

I took thousands of pictures of Lisa,95% of them x rated,5% R rated. It took me quite awhile to talk Lisa into doing what I wanted her to do. She admitted she was always curious about another woman but never thought she would do anything about it.I promised her she would love it and I was pretty sure Dixie would do it.

The next time Dixie came in Lisa had left a few photos on her desk.Sure enough Dixie seen them and complimented her on how beautiful the photos was. The top pic was down the blouse showing Lisa's small tit and big nipple.Lisa confessed that her and I were involved and I was always taking pics of her. The next pic on the desk was up her short showing her cute little pussy.A blind man could have seen the lust and excitement on Dixie's face.

Lisa asked her if she would take photos of her to surprise me.Dixie said anytime. to be continued.
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very good
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Great story
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More please ... love your stories.