Lisa 2

Lisa moaned and jerked her ass around on top the desk as I tongued her tight asshole. Moving my head back up I sucked her fleshy cunt lips into my mouth,licking and sucking each one watching her fleshy clit grow even more. Sliding my hands up her smooth body I fondled her firm pointed tits.flicking my fingers over her hard dark brown flesh. Taking her thick nipples and pulling on them,stretching on them to lift her small pointed tits up.

She raised her head again to look at me. I raised my head and rubbed my fingers all over her extremely wet pussy. Smearing her juices all over my fingers,then teasing her puckered little asshole with one finger before sliding it up her hot,tight asshole. At the same time I slipped two fingers up her creamy cunt.

Lisa's eyes widened and she squealing with delight as I moved my fingers around inside her. Her thick fleshy clit protruding out from her pink puffy lips.
She was breathing heavy and moaning,her voice trembled as she looked at me.

"That feels so good...never..never....ohhhhhh I love what you are doing." she whispered, Laying her head back down and raising her hips up as I finger fucked her pussy and ass.

I told her to play with her tits and she moved her hand up to cup her breasts. Cupping the snow white flesh,flicking her fingers over her erect nipples.Watching her rubbing and pulling on her brown rubbery nipples.I flicked my tongue over her slippery clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....ohh....ohhhhhhh..yes...yes..yes!" Lisa cried out as I continued flicking my tongue against her big excited clit. Her young pussy tasted so good,fucking delicious. I increased the speed of my finger fucking and sucked her excited clit into my mouth.Eagerly sucking it and flicking my tongue against it.

Lisa moaned and cried out loudly,jerking her petite body around wildly. Reaching down with both hand to grab my head and grinding her wet pussy against my mouth.She might have been saying something but I could not understand her lust contorted words. She was so loud humping my face like there was no tomorrow.I could tell she was having a huge orgasm at first,followed by several smaller.It was a while before she let go of my face and her body went limp.

I moved around the desk and kissed her lips,slipping my tongue in her mouth so she could taste her pussy. As we kissed her hands found my rock hard cock.Moving her fingers over the head and up and down the shaft. I raised up and asked if she had ever sucked a cock. She looked at me and said she never had a orgasm and never sucked a cock before.She smiled and said she wanted both tonight.

I gently pulled her so that her head was closer to the edge of the desk.She was still exploring my cock with her hands." Your cock is so big!!! Carl's is tiny.she said speaking of her husband. I pushed her hands away and rubbed the head of my cock over her lips.
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very good
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Great second chapter.