When I hired Lisa I wondered had I would ever get any work done with her working for me. She was only twenty two and I was forty. Lisa was a petite girl with a smoking hot body.She was dressed conservative but that didn't hide the curves.

We got along wonderful and she was a great worker.I would work very hard to get little peek down her blouse or up her skirt. My cock was always hard around her and I think I seen her looking at my huge bulge more than once.

Both of us were married but we talked about very personal things and got to know each other. She was not used to compliments and every day I would tell her how beautiful and sexy she looked. She would blush but wear something a little sexier the next day. At my suggestion she would leave three buttons on her blous open so I could see her little lacy bras. Her skirts kept getting shorter as I took her what beautiful legs she had.

She had got pregnant in high school and married her sweet heart. She had only been with him and what a dud he was. When I met him I was shocked that the two of them were married.He had let himself go and was a slob already.

I loved taking photos and took many of Lisa. She enjoyed the attention and the pics became hotter. I promised her I would show no one and they were for my private collection only. She would lean over and let me take down the blouse pics and a few up the skirt.

I even convinced her to go bra less several times. I loved the look of her big hard nipples poking out against her blouse. Her snow white pointed tits were only B cup but her dark brown nipples were puffy and protruded out an inch from the creamy white flesh.

She blushed when she seen had much her nipples poked out of her shirt but we would go out for lunch so others could see. She became very excited with strangers looked at her hot little body.She was also more obvious about looking at my crotch.

Then it happened,we went out for drinks a few blocks from the office. She was wearing a thin little tank top,a very short white skirt and high heels.I would have fucked her at my wife's f****y reunion. All the guys were looking at her big nipples poking out against the thin fabric of her blouse.WE were both having a great time and after a few drinks i had her go to the rest room and take her panties off. She discreetly came them to me when she came back and I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her young pussy.

Going back to the office we went in to get her purse. We kissed at my desk,her tongue sliding into my mouth.My hands sliding up and down her back to her tight little ass. She pressed her hot little body against me grinding her crotch against mine.

Moving my hands up I pulled her blouse up to her shoulders exposing her firm upturned breasts and he big hard nipples. She pulled away looking up at me."No,we can't do this........we are.....her words trailed off as he kissed me again. Her hand moving around fondling my crotch,feeling my cock with both hands moaning loudly. I unfastened my pants and pulled them down releasing my rock hard cock.She squealed with delight telling me how big my cock was compared to her husbands. Her hands exploring every inch.

Leaning over I sucked her puffy swollen nipple into my mouth.Flicking my tongue over the erect flesh as I sucked. Pulling up her short skirt to cup the firm,tight cheeks of her ass. Oh what an ass she had!!!!!! So smooth,so hard,and so tight!!!! I went back and fourth licking and sucking both of her thick nipples as she fondled and stroked my cock.

I pushed things off my desk and sat her on the edge,gently pushing her back. She spread her legs and raised them up as she laid back. I looked at her young pussy for the first time.Her bushy dark brown cunt hair was trimmed to a small triangle. Her pink puffy cunt lips protruded out past the silky hairs. Such big fleshy outer lips,the second biggest I had seen. The beautifil pink flesh glistened with her juices and her excited clit peeked out from the slippery wet flesh.

I knelt down on the floor pulling her closer to the edge,inhaling the sweet aroma admiring her very pretty pussy. She had a dark tan all over except where the small bikini had covered her while sun bathing.

"What ae you doing?"she asked raising up on her elbows to look down at me between her bronze tanned thighs.

"I'm going to lick your pretty little pussy" I moved my head closer to her alluring cunt.

"What...are you serious...why would you do that?" she asked

"your husband has never licked your pussy?" I asked

"No,no one has ever did that." she replied quietly.

Flicking out my tongue I licked the pink wet lips of her puffy pussy,tasting her sweet tangy juices. I slid my tongue up and down the slippery pink flesh.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH.......OH...OH MY....OHHHHHHHHH Mike .....Mike" She cried out jerking her hips upward. I looked up at her lust contorted face sticking my tongue up her cunt a few time then moving down to lick the crack of her ass.Tonguing her little puckered ass hole. much more to cum on this true story.

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2 years ago
Damn! Great start!!!
2 years ago
good start
3 years ago
Great start. On to part 2
3 years ago
Hey, Is anyone interested in some action in kent?
Basically my partner who isn't 20 so still a teen has a fantasy of being fucked in a field or wood or a place of your choice by any age. but she likes it as if its a rape but of course not as she has drept about it for ages. She would also prefer if there was more that 2 people and preferred large. If you are interested send me an email of how old you are where from, where would you like it to take place, anything you are in to and a photo ? Hope you all want to take part
3 years ago
Don't keep us waiting
3 years ago
So far so good!
3 years ago
I agree...more!
3 years ago
good story,let's see part 2...