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My cock was so hard looking at my beautiful wife letting the black man fondle her body.She kept moving her hips around with the music as his huge black hands moved all over her hips and thighs. His fat fingers moving closer to her neatly trimmed pussy. She gasped as his fingers slid up the shaved part of her mound.Then one hand moved up pulling the front of her dress completely open exposing her firm round breasts. Her light brown nipples were hard and erect sticking out from the snow white flesh.

Carl moved his black hands all over her naked tits,rubbing and pulling on her swollen nipples. His other hands with his fingers teasing her puffy wet cunt lips. Kate looked at me moaning softly that she couldn't believe this.She looked over at the door at Kenny watching them,his hand on his crotch.

Our new black friend turned her around to face him. His massive black cock twitching around as he showed his cock to a white woman for the first time.
Kate gasped looking wide eyed at his long, fat, heavy veined cock. Unbelievable she moaned,watching his huge cock move around as he pulled his pants all the way down and kicked them off.

"Get down on your knees baby!" Carl told her.

Kate looked at me and I nodded. I had wanted this for along time and now she wanted it. I had told Carl what I wanted.She knelt down between his wide spread legs reaching out with both hands to move her finger tips up and down the long fat shaft. Exploring every inch of his huge black cock and balls. Moaning so big,so big.

My beautiful white wife,the typical soccer mom and nice lady next door.When we married she was so sweet, innocent,so straight laced.Her first two marriages had been nothing like this.I had turned her into a bad girl. If her f****y and uppity friends could see her now,palying with a huge black cock she was about to suck. I took at my camera phone to have pics of this moment.

"Tell me what you want Kate!" Carl said

"I want to suck...your big cock." Kate replied.

He pushed her hands away and gripped the base of his massive cock,putting his other hand on her head he pulled her hair moving her head down. He slapped her mouth with his cock." Tell me exactly what you want and that you want me to fuck your mouth.Say it dirty and beg for this big black cock. He looked at me slapping her mouth again.I had precum dripping down to my knees inside my pants.

"I want to suck your big black cock Carl....please,,,I want you to fuck my white mouth." she licked the dark purple head as he kept slapping her mouth."Please fuck my mouth....fuck my mouth with your big black cock...ohhhhh I want you cumming in my mouth."

Carl pulled her down,her lips stretched to the limit around his rock hard black
flesh. She started eagerly sucking his cock letting him cram it into her mouth.My beautiful wife looked up at me sucking his huge black cock and I took several pics.My cock was so hard watching her,she loved sucking cock and it showed. She gagged taking more and more of his young black cock between her lips.Fondling his big balls and loudly sucking.So beautiful and so erotic watching her.Her dress up around her waist with her tight little ass exposed.

"That's it Kate,suck his big,black cock.Do you like that babe?" I asked.

She moaned and wiggled her ass around for a answer. Her eyes watered and her cheeks bellowed in and out as she greedily sucked a huge black cock for the first time.She kept gagging, as Carl f***ed her head down,jerking his hips upward fucking her mouth.

Carl was moaning telling her what a great cocksucker she was.Calling her his little cum slut,asking her if she was my cock whore.He was really getting into every thing we had talked about,roughly fucking my wife's mouth.He asked me if I enjoyed watching my wife sucking a big black cock.I assured him I did sitting on the couch next to them taking a close up pic of her looking up at me.

Kenny was standing in the door way with his cock out,jacking off watching my wife.He was pounding his fist furiously up and down his hard cock. I told him to cum on her ass and he hurried into the room.He knelt down behind her moving his hand over her smooth tight ass as he pumped his cock rubbing the head against the white flesh.

Kate wiggled her ass around pushing back against his hard fat cock.She was bobbing her head up and down taking as much as she could of Carl's huge cock in her mouth and pumping her fists furiously up and down the rest of the shaft.
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3 years ago
Very good.
3 years ago
yep, want to see the sex happen next
3 years ago
It's getting better. Hope there is at least one more, so he can fuck her.