It was very dark as Jenna walked down the street,still pissed at her best friend Amanda. She was supposed to stay at her house tonight but, Amanda got pissed because her boyfriend was looking down Jenna's top as she leaned over. Amanda had little breasts and was very jealous of Jenna's 32 C tits.

Jenna did smile when she had seen how big his eyes get when he looked at her firm jutting breasts smelling over the cups of the tiny white lace bra. She loved the way men and boys looked at her body. She always wore low cut tops or had two or three buttons open. Her mother did not approve but her step dad certainly did.

She had just turned eighteen and had broken up with her boyfriend. The boy that had taken her virginity and she thought she loved. He was a year younger and his mom had been against their relationship from the start.

Walking through the path in the woods to her yard,she looked at all the lights on in the house. She had hoped everyone would be asl**p. Getting closer to the house she looked into the f****y room,stopping in mid step.She gasped seeing her step dad sitting in the chair naked. His long,fat cock sticking straight up twitching around. A soft shiver swept her body,staring wide eyed at his massive cock. It was more than twice as big as her boyfriends. She had seen Tom's cock many times and was fascinated with the size.

She moved closer to the window knowing she couldn't be seen in the darkness.Her nipples were hard and erect pressing against the lacy cups of her bra. She was shocked when she seen her mom's best friend Barb walk up to Tom naked. She was a petite woman with small pointed tits and big puffy nipples. Her light brown cunt hair formed a small triangle between her legs.

Jenna covered her mouth moaning,watching Barb take Tom's huge cock into her mouth. She slowly moved onto the deck kneeling behind a bench to get a better view. Her panties were wet from her excitement watching Barb eagerly sucking Tom's fat cock. Wondering what her mom would think of this.

A movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention and she turned her head. Luckily the sounds of the AC covered her loud gasp of surprise. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her mother, Mrs. Soccer mom was surrounded by black guys. It took Jenna a few minutes to figure out what all was going on. She had never imagined anything like this,specially with her mother who was always so proper and so straight acting.

Her mom was on top of one black guy taking his huge cock up her pussy. Another was behind her fucking her ass and slapping her snow white cheeks very hard.Jenna watched in disbelief as another black guy shove all of his giant cock into her mouth. Her mom's eyes were watering as this guy pulled her hair and roughly fucked her mouth. Terri had both hands wrapped around two more massive cocks and was furiously stroking them.

Shiver after shiver swept Jenna's young body watching her mom getting brutality fucked and apparently loving it. She slipped her hand inside her bra and rubbed and pulled on her swollen nipples. Staring at her beautiful mom greedily sucking a huge black cock and jerking her body around wildly letting them fuck her ass and pussy.

She looked back over at her step dad and seen Barb was now straddling him taking his big cock up her pussy. Her husband Dan was now kneeling in front of them holding onto Tom's cock,guiding it into his wife's pussy. He started licking Tom's thick heavy veined cock and his wife's asshole as they fucked.

Jenna had no problem slipping her finger up her shorts and panties. Teasing her excited clit looking back at her mom getting gang banged. She moaned out loud slipping her long finger up her wet,slippery pussy. Wondering what her mom felt like having all those guys fucking her at once.
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very good start
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Nice....hard now need to cum
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Nice story, hope there's more to cum.
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A great beginning, please don't stop now.
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Short but very hot! Thanks for posting.
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Great beginning. Hope there is a part 2. Thanks for posting.
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Great start. Please don't stop now.