Camping Friend 2

I started eagerly on the big head of Ronnie's hard cock,as he put his hands on my head.
"I had no idea you would ever be like this!" he said pushing more of his young cock into my mouth. "Ohhh that's it...oh yes suck my cock.....suck all of it!" he moaned. Jerking his hips back and fourth actually fucking my mouth.Holding onto to my head he shoved his long cock down my throat.he turned the battery lantern on so he could watch me sucking his cock.

My eyes watered and I gagged,his hard cock hitting the back of my throat. But, I kept sucking his delicious cock. Surprised at how aggressive he was,cramming all of his cock into my mouth. His balls slapped my chin and he held it there until I couldn't take it. Then he would pull back and let me suck on just the head,then cram it all down my throat again. Telling me how much he liked fucking my mouth.

I was enjoying him fucking my mouth,loving the feel and taste of his young cock.My own cock was sticky with pre cum and rock hard from sucking his cock.He pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to turn over. I did as he told me and started licking and sucking his balls as he straddled my head.

"Do you like sucking my cock?" Ron asked

I told him I loved it and he shoved his cock back into my mouth again. Leaning forward he took my cock into his wet warm mouth. He started loudly sucking, taking all of my fat cock between his lips. I put my hands on his tight ass and pulled him down. My lips clamped tightly around his heavy veined cock as I eagerly sucked his cock.

His thick,hot cum gushed into my mouth without warning. I gagged and swallowed his slippery seed,my mouth quickly filling and refilling. His cum was delicious and he just kept cumming. Just as I started cumming he shoved a wet finger up my virgin ass and I came like never before. Filling his mouth again and again with my young cum.

Later as we lay talking I confessed that I had sucked my best friends cock too.I also took him I had girlfriend and loved pussy. He told me about getting caught window peeping and being f***ed to suck the husbands cock while his wife video taped it. My cock grew hard listening to what all they made him do.

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3 years ago
Great story great jackoof time thanks
3 years ago
Good story..more
3 years ago
mmm Very good story, enjoyed it very much, sounds like there is more???
3 years ago
very good story. good friends sharing cum
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good story, just love younger guys having fun.
3 years ago
Very hot. Please write more!