Camping friends

Ronnie and I were best friends and were camping in the back of his huge backyard.It was late and his parents were asl**p and and the house was dark.We decided to go for a swim in their pool. Not having our swim trunks we went in the water in our boxers.

Later we hung our boxers up on a bush outside the tent to dry. There was a full moon and I seen his cock for the first time. I tried not to stare but I did like seeing him naked. If he was checking me out I didn't notice.

It was still very hot and late, so we stretched out on top of our sl**ping bags naked. We talked about everything boys talk about and got around to sex. Ronnie was talking about how hot my step s****r looked today when he was at my place. I told him I had seen her naked. He asked for details and I told him about my peek hole into her room. My cock got hard watching his cock getting hard.

Ronnie had a long slender cock that curved upward. The head was about twice as big around as the shaft. I watched his young hard cock twitching around in the moonlight. I had watched my step s****r sucking cock and was curious what it would be like. She always went a crazy sucking her boyfriends.

It started to rain and Ronnie got up on his knees to zip the window closed.Leaning over me to do this his hard cock brushed against my lips. I tingled inhaling the fragrance of his young cock.

He said excuse me,zipping the window closed. His hard flesh still pressed against my mouth. I told him that it was okay I didn't mind. My lips brushing against the heavy veined shaft as I spoke. He started breathing heavy and didn't move away, but pressed his cock tighter against my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...oh that feels so good..I ...I can't believe you're doing this!" he moaned jerking his hips around.

Turning sideways to him and raising up up my elbows I slipped my lips over the rubbery head taking his cock into my mouth.

More if I get enough responses!!!!!!
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3 years ago
mmmmmmmm sexy
3 years ago
Good start..more ..more
3 years ago
3 years ago
what a tease. i'm hard now, lets hear more
3 years ago
keep going great story
3 years ago
Great start. My first time was by accident. My lips at the right place at the right time, between my wife's legs while my friend fucked her from behind.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome more please, x