My Moms twin s****r 2

Just so you know,this is a true story.

I was having mixed emotions about my aunt seeing me jacking off.I was excited and embarrassed at the same time. I stuffed mt still rock hard cock into my swim trunks and stepped into the hall. Alica had not closed her bedroom door all the way. She was standing by the bed naked with her back to me.My heart was pounding
rapidly looking at her beautiful bare ass. The firm snow white cheeks contrasted sharply against the rest of her dark tanned skin. I had seen pics of naked women but, I had never seen a more beautiful ass. My young cock was twitching around as I stared at my long legged naked aunt. She slipped her bikini on without me seeing anymore.

I was standing there in the hall like the dumb ass k** that I was when she came out the door. "A.....a...I...I didn't mean to" I mumbled feeling guilty for spying on her."Sorry I didn't know you wasn't dressed" I knew my face was beet red.

"It's okay Mike, I don't mind at all. I don't wear too much around the house anyhow,so you'll probably see more." she laughed looking down at my bulging crotch."So do you like my new bikini?"

"Oh yes!" I quickly replied. The top of her bikini was just two narrow strips of thin cloth covered very little of the center of her firm jutting breasts.The sides and the center of her creamy flesh was left uncovered. The outline of her large nipples poked out against the thin material. The tiny bottom hung low on her hips,the material gathered up showing a wonderful camel toe.The back covered less than half of her to die for ass.

Down at the pool everyone was checking my aunt out. Men and women were obviously looking her scanty clad curves over. Several guys and a couple girls talked with her wanting to set up dates. She told the guys maybe next time but,she did take a girls phone number.

Looking at Alica was like looking at my mom. I wondered if she ever dressed like this. If her ass was anything like her s****rs.

We spent several hours at the pool and I even rubbed suntan lotion on her back, legs, and the bottom cheeks of her ass. Touching her ass had my swim trunks sticky. I couldn't believe she had asked me to make sure I put lotion on where her new bikini didn't cover.

When we went back to her condo she went in to take a shower,again leaving her bedroom door open. I went into my room and left the door open just a crack so that I could see into her room. I slipped my swim trunks off and squeezed and rubbed my hard throbbing cock.

When she finally came out of the bathroom I could hardly breathe. My beautiful aunt was naked!! Her big firm round breasts bounced ever so slightly as she walked.Her erect dark brown nipples were as big around as my thumb and sticking out more than half an inch.The light brown hair covering her pussy was neatly trimmed to a narrow strip leaving the sides of her pussy shaved clean.Her pink, fleshy cunt lips protruded out past the silky hairs.

I had pre cum leaking out from my cock as I looked at my aunt and my mom naked.Looking at Alica was just like looking at mom. My cock was so hard looking at a naked woman for the first time.Watching her every move as she picked out a little flowered dress and slipped it on with sandals,nothing else.No bra or panties. I slipped my boxers and shorts on my still hard cock was hurting.

Alica told me to order pizza or whatever I wanted for dinner telling me she had a date and would be back late.I was very jealous that she was going out with her boyfriend with no underwear on. I walked her down to her car and she kissed me on the cheek. I opened the door for her and got a glimpse of her pussy as she got in. She asked me if I was a gentlemen or if I just wanted to look up her dress. I told her both.

"Just don't tell your parents what all you see okay?" She asked looking up at me. I looked down the front of her dress seeing the edge of her big nipples peeking out.

I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone and that I really like how she dressed.
She told me she loved the way I looked at her before she pulled away.

In the condo alone I slipped my shorts and boxers off releasing my hard cock.Naked I went into her room and went through her dresser drawers,Finding her sexy underwear in the second drawer. I held up the tiny black thong panty. Slipping the sheer material over my cock and stroking it. All of her panties were tiny thongs and I rubbed all of them against my cock.Holding up her sexy see through bras. My hand hit someone different as I reached for another thong. I pulled the packet of photos out and looked at the first pic. It was Alica sitting on her couch naked with her legs spread. Her beauty was breath taking and her body a physical delight.I stared at her glistening pink pussy. It was so hot seeing the naked pic of my aunt but it was also like looking at my mom naked. I wondered if my mom ever posed for pics like this.

I looked at the next pic,almost dropping them.There was two naked guys sitting on each side of her on the couch. One was her ex-husband and I didn't know the other guy but they had huge cocks. Alica was holding onto their big hard cocks and smiling.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
That's one hot aunt. Keep wrighting about her.
3 years ago
Great period in the young guys life, education that is priceless
3 years ago
Thanks for keep your word with this next part of your adventure.
3 years ago
mmm yes nice!!!!!
3 years ago
nice 1..........:P
3 years ago
3 years ago
Got me going-more please!
3 years ago
Please continue ...... waiting with baited breath .....
3 years ago
good start we await more
3 years ago
So you have my interest.. Now continue please
3 years ago
good story .keep going
3 years ago
Great story,,hope we see pics of her soon,,,thanks
3 years ago
Keep it coming!
3 years ago
3 years ago
more and get some pics of her and a vid of use two having sex