Catherines night out 7

Tom slapped Catherine's wet puffy cunt lips hard with his big hard cock. Flicking the head against her erect clit sticking out between her pink fleshy folds. Pressing his thick heavy veined cock against her excited flesh and moving back and fourth.Looking over at his beautiful young wife getting gang banged now by the a different group of young black guys. She was looking at him letting one of the black guys roughly fuck her mouth.Her pink oval lips stretched to the limit around his massive black cock. She was on top of another guy taking his fat cock up her pussy as another guy fucked her ass.

Marcia the host of the party was behind Kate licking and sucking the thick white cum from her asshole and pussy. Juan of the the regulars was behind her holding onto her fleshy white cheeks fucking her ass.Her big hanging tits jerked back and fourth as she jerked her body around.

Kate as cum all over her face and was sucking a short fat cock now and jacking off two others. Her fists pumping furiously up and down their hard cocks. Her moans were muffled by the fat cock fucking her mouth,her eyes wide open as Marcia slowly slipped her hand up her cum filled pussy.

Catherine raised her head up looking at Tom's huge cock teasing her pussy. Her clit was so swollen and tingling from his hard flesh moving back and fourth."So big!" she moaned staring at the huge dark purple head.She couldn't control her feelings,it had been two weeks since her husband and her had sex.Tom's long fat cock felt so good sliding back and fourth between her slippery wet cunt lips. She didn't ever remember being this wet.....this excited.

"Tell me what you want Catherine!" Tom said slipping the huge mushroomed shaped head between her soft fleshy cunt lips.

"Ohhhhhhh....ohhhhhh..oh my!" she gasped his smooth hard rubbery flesh like a red hot piece of steel pushing her lips apart.She knew what he wanted and she wanted it to."Fuck me Tom..fuck me...I want your big cock inside me!" she moaned wiggling her ass around.

"I've wanted to fuck your sweet little cunt for so long Catherine,so long. Beg for it Catherine,tell me how much you want my ten inch cock all the way up your cunt!"

Catherine moaned loudly jerking her hips up feeling a tongue licking her asshole.Her ass was over the edge of the leather sling and someone was licking her ass with Tom's cock between the lips of her pussy."OMG!"she gasped as Tom added to the intense pleasure by rubbing her excited clit."Ohhh Tom fuck me,please fuck me!!!Shove that big fucking cock all the way up my little pussy. Fuck me.....just give me that cock and I'll do anything you want" she pleaded. Low a****l sounds escaped her lips feeling his fat cock slowly slid up inside her. Stretching and filling her tight pussy like never before."OHHHHH TOM!!"

"Oh Catherine oh your cunt is so fucking fucking hot." Tom moaned. The wet velvet soft folds of her pussy clinging tightly around his invading cock. He looked at her lust contorted face easing more of his long fat cock into her.

Catherine's insides were on fire as his massive cock went where no one had went before.The slight discomfort was over come with the intense pleasure as he started slowly fucking her. The fingers sliding up her ass pressing against the thick cock inside her. Feeling her hard nipples being both sucked between wet warm lips she looked at the two women sucking her big nipples and flicking their tongues over them at the same time. The attractive older gray haired woman had cum all over her face and was looking at her,loudly sucking her tingling swollen nipple. The other woman must have been in her early twenties and was looking at her too as she stretched the brown rubbery flesh with her lips.

Tom pulled his cock back until just the head remained inside her hot slippery pussy,then slowly pushing it all the way in. Fucking her a little faster as her pussy adjusted around his rock hard cock."Oh Catherine our pussy feels so good,so good.I love fucking you!" He moved his hands up and down the smooth soft flesh of her long legs."I want you to be our little cum slut."

Catherine could feel another huge orgasm building inside her,his big cock pumping back and fourth in her quivering pussy felt so wonderful.His thumb flicking over her fat clit bringing her to the edge."Fuck me,fuck me,fuck me harder Tom....I'll be your little cum slut!.....I'll do anything for that big cock fucking me...anything!"

"Fuck her hard babe,fuck her like the little cock whore she is going to be!"Karen called out after swallowing the cum in her mouth. She loved watching her husband fucking Catherine. Opening her mouth wide to accept another cock into her mouth.

Tom was pounding Catherine's almost virgin pussy now,holding onto her hips slamming his fat cock all the way inside her. Heather was licking his balls now as she finger fucked Catherine's asshole. He knew that she would be sucking his cock the minute he pulled out of Catherin's pussy.Heather was another new member of the club that quickly got into the kinky sex. Just like Catherine would. Little miss innocence Catherine was going to be so different after she was gang banged.

Catherine's whole body erupted with pleasure as she reached orgasm.Moaning loaning and jerking her body around wildly. The intense pleasure taking her breath away. Her skin tingling all over and she didn't realize that she was peeing and cumming at the same time.

Heather squealed with delight as the hot pissed dripped down on her small pointed tits. She moved to catch the golden liquid in her mouth.

Tom slammed his cock all the way inside her, the hot piss squirting up and slashing all over his cock had brought him to climax. His cum gushing out deep inside her,the muscles of her hot cunt milking his squirting cock.
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2 years ago
hope that there is a part 8, 9, 10...
2 years ago
Great series.
3 years ago
Awesome series...It just keeps getting better and better.