Catherines night out 6

Catherine couldn't believe Karen was licking and tonguing her asshole or how wonderful it felt. No one had ever did that before and she loved it. She had no control over her mind as far as what was right or wrong.She only knew she was loving every moment of what was happening to her. She looked over at all the people watching her and wondered where they came from. She was thinking she should cover her naked body when Karen's tongue slid up and moved over her wet cunt lips."Ohh Karen....Karen....ohhhhh yes ...yes!" she moaned.

Tom wanted to cram his cock in Catherine's sexy mouth but, he knew he would cum right away. He wanted to fuck her sweet little pussy first. For so long he had thought about pounding her cunt while his young wife licked her clit.

Carl, one of the black guys moved behind Karen and pulled her hips upward so her cute little ass was in the air. He knew Tom loved watching Karen getting fucked.Telling him how wet her cunt was,rubbing the huge mushroomed shaped head against her slippery wet cunt lips.

Karen's moans were muffled by Catherine's puffy cunt lips. She was eagerly sucking her thick swollen clit and finger fucking her pussy and ass.She wiggled her hips around feeling his hard fat cock slip up inside her. His big black hands kneading the cheeks of her ass.

Catherine's whole body quivered with excitement.Jerking her hips upward,grinding her pussy against Karen's mouth. She moaned loudly feeling her orgasm building inside her.Her eyes wide open watching Kate beside her,wondering how she swallowed all of the long,fat cock in her mouth.

Karen kept her mouth clamped tightly against Catherine's slippery pussy as she jerked her body around wildly. Feeling her body contracting with her long fingers up inside her. Carl's huge black cock was all the way inside her now.Her husband encouraging the young black to fuck her hard.

Catherine managed to grab Karen's hair pulling her face tightly against her pussy.Wave after wave of pleasure swept her trembling body,her orgasm exploding deep inside her.The orgasm was so intense she thought she would pass out.Her rock hard nipples being rubbed and pulled on by Tom's big hands. He was actually picking up her firm tits as he stretched the dark brown rubbery flesh of her big nipples.

Catherine had no idea that she was being recorded on DVD and that photos were being taken.

Catherine became more aware of her surroundings as her body relaxed.Feeling the hot liquid splash across her face,she turned to see the huge black cock squirting cum out. The guy that had been fucking Kate's mouth was cumming on her face. She licked the thick sticky cum from her lips,tasting a black man's cum for the first time. She parted her lips, letting his hot sperm shoot into her mouth. Swishing it around savoring the taste before she swallowed it.

Kate leaned over spitting her mouth full of cum into Catherine's mouth,before kissing her."We have all wanted you so long Catherine." She whispered to her raising up from the long kiss."You are going to get fucked like never before sweet heart."

Tom picked Catherine up and carried her over to the large leather sling that hung from the ceiling. Carefully putting her in it so that her cute little ass hung over one side and her head hung over the other side.He spread and raised her long legs,securing her ankles to the leather cuffs. Leaving her ass and pussy totally exposed.

"What is this?" Catherine asked raising her head up. Her mind was clear now and she knew that this was all wrong."Please let me go,I should leave." She tried to sit up but couldn't with her legs high in the air. She gasped feeling Tom's huge cock rubbing against her pussy,pressing against her clit.

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very good
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Keep them coming
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so hot keep them coming
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very hot and sexy, good job.