Catherine's night out 5

Tom's rock hard cock twitched around as he looked at Catherine's beautiful naked body. He had wanted this for so long and Karen had finally made it happen.Catherine was naked and spread eagle on the bed staring wide eyed at her co worker letting the black man roughly fuck her mouth.

Karen inhaled the sweet fragrance of Catherine's pussy,her mouth just above her smooth shaved pussy.Flicking out her long tongue she licked the creamy wet lips,tasting her juices.

Catherine moaned jerking her head to look between her thighs. Her vision was a little blurred but,she could see Karen. Shiver after shiver swept her body from the gentle, wet touch of her tongue.

Karen moved up laying on top of the older woman. Rubbing her slippery pussy against hers.Her small pointed tits pressing against Catherine's full round tits.She looked at her husband as she moved her head down to kiss her.

Catherine closed her eyes and parted her lips as Karen's soft lips pressed against hers. Moaning softly sucking her tongue into her mouth. She had never kissed another woman before and this was so exciting.She put her arms around her pulling her tight, loving the feel of their bodies pressed together.Her pussy was so hot and so wet from their cunt lips mashed together.

Karen finally raised up from the kiss and moved down,kissing the smooth white flesh of Catherine's firm breasts. Flicking her tongue over the her large dark brown nipple,teasing the excited flesh before sucking it between her lips. Moving back and fourth giving each nipple equal treatment.

Catherine's eyes moved to Tom standing next to her watching them. His ten inch cock sticking out and curving upward. Wondering what it would feel like to have his massive cock inside her. Her husbands cock was no where near the size of Tom,s long fat cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....oh Karen...Karen!!" Catherine gasped as she slid her wet tongue down her flat stomach and licked the sides of her shaved pussy.She jerked her hips around as her soft tongue slowly moved all over the sensitive flesh. She raised her long legs up and back as Karen pushed her thighs upward.

Karen moaned kissing and licking Catherine's firm,tight, little ass. Sliding her tongue up and down the crack of her ass,licking her puckered little asshole.

No one had ever licked her asshole before and Catherine was lovinf=g
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Hope you keep writing
3 years ago
always cutting it short! write more
3 years ago
you tease