Catherines night out 4

Catherine was bright red, realizing the black guys were looking at her and jacking off. She felt her dress sliding up and looked down to see Karen's hand pulling dress up."No"she said without moving to stop her."It's okay just let them see your cute little pussy." Karen whispered in her ear before sticking her tongue in her ear."I'm showing them my pussy too and so is every woman.Its part of the fun.Come on Catherine just let them look."

Catherine's head was spinning as she looking down at Karen's neatly trimmed pussy. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and she had her legs spread.She didn't move as Karen pulled her dress up to the top of her thighs and gently moved her legs apart."This is so wrong so wrong."she mumbled thinking of her husband. Her nipples were so hard and she knew she was making a mess with her pussy so wet.

One of the men stretched out on the bed.His thick heavy veined cock sticking up almost a foot. The tall beautiful blonde moved up on stage,wearing thigh high hose and heels. Her body was fit and toned and Catherine couldn't help but admire her beautiful body. Firm jutting breasts with small light brown pointed nipples,a flat smooth stomach and well rounded hips. Her blonde cunt hair was trimmed to a small triangle.

Catherine's mouth fell open as she looked at the woman's face. OMG she knew her! It was one of the women where she worked. The conservative blonde was up on stage naked with six naked black men.She winked at Catherine as she turned and crawled on top of the young black stud. She took a long drink of her wine,staring wide eyed as Kate guided the head of the huge cock between her cunt lips.

Karen moved her hand over Catherine's smooth tanned thighs." Did you ever think you would see Kate like this?" her finger moving up brushing against the wet fleshy lips of her friends pussy.

"No...I..I can't....Karen..I..ohhhhhhh!" she moaned quietly as Karen's fingers teased her pussy lips. She couldn't take her eyes from the huge black cock sliding up Kate's white pussy. She made no effort to stop Karen's enjoying the gentle touch. She felt more aroused than she ever had,her body very sensitive.

Upon the stage the middle aged blonde woman was moaning loudly taking more and more of the huge cock up her pussy.One of the other men moved in front of her cramming his monster cock into her mouth.Another one moved behind her pushing his fat cock against the other cock fucking her pussy.Slowly pushing his cock up her widely stretched pussy.

Catherine was in a trance watching the two huge cock fucking Kate's pussy. She didn't think that was possible. She felt the top of her dress being untied and the thin material being pulled down exposing her firm cone shaped breasts. Her large dark brown nipples were hard and erect sticking out three quarters of an inch from the snow white flesh. Tom and Karen both leaned over moaning beautiful as she licked her thick rubbery nipples. Karen's finger teasing her thick fleshy clit. It was like a dream and she was watching herself as they sucked her swollen nipples into her mouth.

She was aware that they had stood her up and slipped her dress off.Naked except for heels.They led her up on stage, the crowd was clapping quietly looking at her beautiful naked body.

Catherine's beauty was breath taking and her body a physical delight.Light brown hair with blonde high lights hung down to her shoulders. Her 32c shaped breasts were high set and cone shaped,a flat smooth belly with hips flaring out perfectly. Her firm tight white ass was to die for and her long legs were well shaped.She ahad a deep dark tan all over except where her bikini covered. In a fog she was enjoying the comments on her naked body.

Tom and Karen undressed then laid Catherine down on the big bed beside the others.Karen moved down spreading Catherine's long legs. Moving her head down staring at her beautiful pink pussy. She had the biggest lips she had ever seen and her swollen clit protruded out even more.

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