Catherines night out 3

As Karen pulled Catherine through the doorway her arm rubbed against Carl's huge black cock. Shiver after shiver swept her body,feeling the smooth rubbery flesh against her skin. Passing the huge living room she seen people sitting around having drinks. She gasped seeing a attractive older woman sucking on a much younger guys fat cock as the other watched."Karen I can't do this!!"she said knowing she should leave this place.

"Just one drink and all you have to do is watch. No one is going to make you do anything." Karen replied."Aren't you just a little excited?" she laughed.

"Maybe just a little..........okay one drink and we leave" she said looking into the kitchen as they walked down the hall. Several of the naked people having drinks said hello to Karen and Tom saying how beautiful Catherine was. Catherine couldn't help but look at all the big hard cocks twitching around as they looked at her,commenting on her little black dress. She was surprised at how excited she was from all the attention. Never had she ever even imagined a place like this.

A cute naked redhead made their drinks as they stood in the crowed kitchen.Catherine was very nervous,the young woman looking her up and down and licking her lips. She was shocked when her and Karen kissed on the lips.

"Come the big show is in the basement." Tom said putting his arm around Catherine.

The three of them went down the stairs into the huge open room. There was maybe twenty people sitting in chairs around a large raised platform with a bed on it.
The bright lights shined down on the bed.Tom led them to seats right in front and Catherine ended up sitting between them.People close by said hello in hushed whispers. Catherine sipped her wine and thought it had a different taste to it."I can't believe I'm doing this Karen.I have never seen or thought about anything like this.I'm little miss soccer mom." she whispered to Karen.

"Do you like it?" Karen asked.

Catherine smiled and took another sip of her wine. Just then six naked black men got up on the stage.Her mouth fell open as she looked at their massive hard cocks.She couldn't get over how huge they were,all of them as big around as her wrist and so long. Her pussy was very wet watching them slowly stroke their cocks.

Karen leaned over and whispered into her ear,"They are looking at you Catherine."

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3 years ago
damn this is getting good!
3 years ago
Fine for openers, now let's have the story proper.
3 years ago
i take it that this is just the 1st chapter
3 years ago
yes nice
3 years ago