Catherines night out 2

Catherine was surprised at Karen's boldness at showing her body. On the drive to the Winking Lizard she had showed her pussy to several truckers,driving with her skirt around her waist.She was also surprised that she looked at Karen's pussy a little too long.

After a glass of wine and with Karen encouraging her, she moved her legs apart allowing a group of young guys a view up her short dress. Her nipples became hard and erect as three of them obviously looked up her between her tanned thighs.It did excite her showing her pussy to a stranger for the first time.

Karen's husband came in and looked at his wife and Catherine. They were sitting at a high table and his eyes moved under the table. Just as Karen had promised he was looking at Catherine's pussy. He came up to them kissing his wife and admiring the open front of Catherine's halter top dress.

"Nice view of the two of you when I walked in." he said kissing Catherine on the cheek."Always wanted to know if you shaved it!"

Catherine blushed realizing what he was talking about. "I....I..." she mumbled not knowing what to say. She had goose pimples all over as he he looked at her.
She smiled and said Karen made her do it. He had seen her pussy and it excited her. Little miss innocence had did something she had never done and she loved it.

They sat talking and drinking for another hour and having a good time. Then Catherine agreed to go to a private party with them.She had a little buzz going from the wine and was a little tipsy as they walked up to the mansion. She gasped as a black man answered the door naked. His massive hard cock sticking straight out. Catherine had only seen three cocks in her entire life and this guys was three times the size of her husbands.

Tom stepped in knocking knuckles with the well built black guy. Karen kissed him the cheek moving her fingers over his long fat cock."This is my friend Catherine" she said stepping aside.

"My name is Carl it's a pleasure to meet you." he said. His huge cock twitching around as he looked her over.

"A.....a .....nice to meet you." she gasped trying not to stare at his long fat cock. " Karen...... I.....I can't come in here!"

Karen took her hand pulling her inside."You don't have to do anything come on you'll have fun.

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3 years ago
Good storyline, but needs to be longer. Well written. Thanks
3 years ago
Interested to see what happens next
3 years ago
good continuation
3 years ago
too short. get your ratings up by expanding your stories. by the way, your attention to grammar/spelling is better than most writers, just need more flesh.