Ex mother in law

At the time Connie was 42,beautiful,and her body a physical delight.Her red hair was shoulder length and natural.She was 5'7" and slender,34B breasts with large dark brown nipples. A flat smooth belly with hips flaring at perfectly.Long well shaped legs and a high set firm ass to die for.Her bushy red cunt hair was trimmed to about a 2 inch strip.Her cunt lips were the biggest I've ever seen,her fleshy clit sticking out even further.My cock would get hard every time I seen her.She always had several buttons open on her blouse showing her tits swelling over the lacy cups of her bra. Much to my delight I found out she rarely wore panties.

Working as a nurse on 3rd shift at the hospital she got away with her being an exhibitionist. The staff and patients always told her how nice she looked as they were looking her over. Her husband had encouraged her to dress revealingly and she did it just for him at first. She started getting very excited and wet when strangers would look at her body. After she caught him with his nineteen year old secretary they divorced.

The night this happened there were two nurses aids off with the flu,so the nurses were doing things they normally would not do. Connie was checking the vitals on a handsome young black guy who had been in a car wreck. With two broken legs and a arm he couldn't do much. She was aware of him looking down her top as she leaned over.

When she finished he asked her to send the aid in so he could pee.Connie said she would do it since they were short handed. Getting the urinal and rubber gloves she sat them on the bed and pulled up his gown. She couldn't help but gasp as she seen his massive black cock. It was like a huge snake twitching around. He said he was sorry as his huge cock grew even more.

Connie's voice cracked as she told him it was okay. Without putting the gloves on she reached out with a shaking hand to hold his big cock. Soft shivers swept her body as her fingers touched his growing flesh. She knew this was wrong,so very wrong but she couldn't control herself. His thick heavy veined cock would not even fit in the urinal and it was still growing.

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3 years ago
Good start but too short. Now, if this is "Part 1" of a larger, longer story that you intend to tell in multiple parts, then great. But, then explicitly label it as "Part 1". Don't be a cock-tease. I mean, c'mon, we give women shit for that all the time, so?

And if you're going to go into great detail about the female lead, then shouldn't you at least give some to the male lead. What's good for the goose, and all that.

Otherwise, good foundation, solid work & intriguing enough to pique my interest. Can't wait to read and comment on "Part 2". Hope there will be one.
3 years ago
a good start
3 years ago
come on buddy dont hold out on us..
3 years ago
Sounds like an unfinished story. I wonder what happens next